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Ecole P @Damansara Uptown, PJ.

Nestled in a fast-moving town, Ecole P is an unassuming little cafe situated on the first floor. 
I went there during lunch time and it was already packed, though they just started their business not long ago in the beginning of Dec. The decor of Ecole P certainly makes me feel as though I am back to my primary school life again. You'll see why as you continue to scroll down .

The nostalgic memories, where there are still blackboards and chalks, the carefree, stress-free life. Everything is pay into detailed attention here even the desk, chairs, and hot flask !
After placing my order for a set lunch menu (Chicken Chop and salad )I then begin to reminisced a little by looking around the place. It really made me smile (awkwardly to myself) when I see the words that we always used when we were young, to be laminated and artfully use as a thingamabob to not just embellish, but also to stir up a little of the classroom 'commotion' .

''Don't want friend you! ;
老师他打我 (teacher, he hit me); 
老师来了! (Teacher is coming!) ; 
Bangun semua, se-la-mat-pagi- cik-gu ''

Their service was really efficient, it takes no more than 15 minutes for my food to arrive. 
What amused me the most will be when the friendly waitress( who I took to be also the owner) gently unzipped the bag that's hanging on the side of the desk, and popped out with this steel-made pencil case and opened it, revealing the eating utensils. I laughed uncontrollably , I thought it was an exceptionally adorable concept to store the forks and spoons. 

My salad comes with a bed of lettuce, tomatoes, orange segments, dried cranberries and raisins. The highlight of this salad would be the haw flake( from a type of fruit named hawthorn ), better known as 山楂餅.
The sauce they used on the salad was remarkably citrusy and sweet, and I quite enjoyed this dish until the end.

Their Chicken Chop was delectably deep-fried and was wonderfully accompanied by nicely chopped granny smith apple salad. This, is literally the most delicious Chicken Chop I have ever had. I swear to you, it is not the ubiquitous chicken chop coated with thick-battered; they creatively incorporate our childhood 'fish biscuit' into their batter, which makes it crunchy and crispy at the same time after deep-frying and the chicken remains moist  inside. I love that they serve the sauce separately ,else I guess my chicken chop will be soggy by the time I start eating because it took me some time to photograph them. 

The crisp, tart , and slightly acidic apple salad goes along very well with the chicken too as it was not covered with thick mayonnaise. They also added some dried cranberries, apricot and raisins to the salad to sweetened it. The flavour undeniably melded delightfully with the rest of the components of the dish.

Not to forget to mention the mash potato, they were absolutely yummy. Not the usual creamy-smooth mash that you always get to eat outside, there's still bit chunks of potatoes to bite on together with the inviting cheese flavor in every mouthful. 
Bliss. Bliss.

Hi, meet my smoothie, namely Pokemon.
Made with real fruits Mango, Pear, Lemon, Raspberry, Orange and passion Fruit. Very refreshing drink for only RM8.90 , you get to sip on bits of the pulp/fiber which packed with all the immune boosting nutrient. Very worthy drink I must say. If it wasn't for the name, I would probably go for their coffee. 
They are just too creative! There are more beverages such as Johnny Bravo, Spongebob Squarepants, Doraemon, Powerpuff girls, Power Ranger . . .

Coming here to Ecole P, I found that I loved the food as much as the surroundings ; I was amazed by the combination of food and flavours each dish had to offer( though I just tried two dishes). The service, once again, was wonderful and I couldn't help but leave with a sense of contentment. I’ll be back again for their coffee and more items on the menu and I am utmost sure it won’t take me too long to return!

Ecole P
Jalan SS21/37,
Damansara Utama,
47400 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

03-7732 9711

Business Hour:
11:00 am - 10:00 pm
Except Thursday

Facebook :

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  1. The food here looks interesting but the decor even better.

  2. Floppy disc! It has been ages since I seen those things. Thanks for the intro. :)

    1. Indeed! Even if u have the disc, I doubt u have device tht can still read it. Hahaha!!! #moderndays

  3. Love your photos! You really perfectly captured the colorful playfulness of this place, and you sharply and thoughtfully noticed all the wonderful details that the owners placed in the decor! :D

    1. Thank you so much, Sean. Thanks for the compliments, and thanks for introducing this place to me ( thru yr blog) ... hahaha.. you are really fast like thunder. . . Jio me next time when there's new cafe like this? We be the first to review? Haha!!! ^^anyway, I hope it's not too late to wish u, Merry Christmas!!!!!!

  4. Such a cheery the combo of chicken chop and apple salad! =)

  5. I like the concept... reminds me of my school days! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to u! :D

  6. Looks like a very cool place, definitely like their little touches here and there. :)

  7. They've just opened a similar place here and they call it "Back to School". Have not dropped by to try yet. Hope to do so soon...


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