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Chinese New Year 2014 Set Menu @Tai Zi Heen, Prince Hotel, KL.

Chinese New Year is around the corner once again so giddy up and make way for the loud galloping sound of the horse as this year we celebrate the Year of the Horse! Chef Michael Wong and his talented team at Tai Zi Heen will be spicing things up a little with 3 of their masterpiece set menus namely Spring and Happiness, Everlasting Prosperity and the Wealth and Fortune which ranges from RM1288++ to RM1988++ per table of 10 person. Each set menu has its own valuable treasures (taste, smell) waiting to be unearthed!

Four Seasons Prosperity Yee Sang
(Butterfish, Salmon, Tuna, Jellyfish)

The Chinese New Year Set menu that we had was the Four Season Prosperity Yee Sang.
The Four Seasons Prosperity Yee Sang is served with crispy treasures and blackcurrent plum dressing.
That aside, Abalone Yee Sang, Salmon Yee Sang, Hamachi Yee Sang and Canadian Surf Clam Yee Sang are also available at Tai Zi Heen.

Next, we had the double boiled fish maw with chicken and dry scallop vegetable soup. 
Do not be fooled by the plain-looking and clear broth, you can literally taste the essence of the extravagant 
ingredients in every sip, very palatable. 

Braised Japanese sun dried scallops, dried oysters and fatt choy

Oh dear, my fave dish of the night. The fatt choy itself is tasteless, but chef is able to transform it totally and make the best out of it by pairing it with other dried seafood ingredients. 
The other ingredients were able to retain their very own flavor and complemented by the superior gravy, even the bed of iceberg lettuce at the bottom taste marvelous. I was absolutely delighted . 

Crispy prawns coated with lemon dressing

Deep fried until crispy , coated with a thin layer of tasty mayonnaise with a squeeze of lemon to enhance the taste. 
Very inviting fusion dish to have during Chinese New Year. 
This dish is also garnished with tropical fruit salsa (mango and kiwi) and tobiko to make it look more appealing . 
Trust me, they taste as heavenly as you can imagine!

Baked Salmon fillets with honey and onion rings

Though the black colour teriyaki sauce does not make the Salmon look any better, but do not judge a salmon by its appearance.I actually enjoyed having baked salmon, though some of my friends complained that they thought it was slightly overcooked. 
I in fact found it just nice and not oily at all compared to pan-frying it.

If your tummy still grumbles, fret not, this glistening starchy stir-fried glutinous rice with salted duck will definitely fill you up. 

Ready for some desserts?
This year chef had shifted his focus area on their dessert. According to chef, he found that there is a better opportunity to broaden his creativity in making desserts in comparison with the traditional dishes.  He came out with the Crispy deep-fried Chinese brown sugar sesame balls, better known as  deep fried nian gao .
Crispy on the outside and chewy inside.  He purposely made them into round shape because the 'round' shape figuratively illustrates the 'togetherness' in the Chinese beliefs. Very well done, chef!

 Chilled pumpkin puree with sago cream

The best dessert was being served last that night.
 Topped with vanilla ice cream and pistachio nuts, a creative and beautiful dessert that out stand from the others. The sago pearl at the bottom of the glass goes extremely well with the pumpkin puree and they are utterly super delicious, I savored them till the last bit. 

These auspicious Chinese New Year menus are available from 9th January till 14th February 2014. For those seeking Chinese New Year private gatherings at the hotel's function room, the Chinese New Year set menus are available from 1st Jan 2014. 

Tai Zi Heen @ Prince Hotel and Residence 
4 Jalan Conlay,

Kuala Lumpur

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  1. I'd like to try that chilled pumpkin puree with sago cream

    1. Hahaha.. sure sure... try them when you visit KL!;)

  2. I haven't had Fatt Choy for ages! Seeing your photos just make me drool here. *slurp*
    Can't believe CNY is coming. Soon, we're all going to be older and wiser.
    Your angle is nice as always but becareful with white balance, especially without the aid from flash. :)

    1. Thank you dear for the compliment.. I was thinking to invest in one.. any recommendation? ;P
      what type of flash r u using? mind sharing your opinion?^^

    2. Hmm...I'm not using flash for reviews and travel. save the weight in my case, boyfie always complain cos he's the one carrying them. :P
      But I do have a YongNuo565, pretty cheap for its specification, about RM500 I think?

  3. Lucky you... yee sang already! Hehe. Happy New Year, my dear. :D

  4. Happy New Year! Wishing you a great 2014.

    1. Same goes to u Monica! :) Happy blessed year!

  5. Replies
    1. Happy new year Mei!! :D have a joyful one! ^^

  6. Time flies! Chinese New Year is just around the corner! but before that, let me wish you Happy New Year first :P

  7. yummy food! happy new year 2014~ hehe~

  8. Wow....Lou Sang starting .....Da Jia Huat Ahhhh !!!!
    Happy new year to you & family.

  9. hi Eunice, i would like to invite you for a food review. May i have your email address or how are you contactable?


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