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The Gastro Project @ Seksyen 17, PJ

Whether you are looking for fine dining downtown , a burger, cocktails, an exciting ethic dish or anything in between, this is the spot where your food cravings can be fulfilled. 
The Gastro Project has a elegant and sophisticate in-house design, embellished with photographs of the well-known film stars;
The black and white mosaic floor tiles with a burgundy finish also provides uniqueness to the restaurant. 


Our dinner started off with some cocktails created by the mixologist (aka the operations manager Jason Koven ) named 'Hmmmm' . Made with fresh strawberries, brown sugar, midori, dark rum and almonds. 
Strangely good-tasting. *Recommended*

AC Martini ( ‘apple crumble’)
Robustly flavored with butterscotch syrup and garnished with a sliced caramelized apple, 
this potion is really capable of giving you an instant boost of energy by creating a sugar rush in the body. Pretty good though.

Japanese Style Salad 
Pine nuts, edamame, pomegranate, avocado and a varieties of greens! 
It was undoubtedly a wholesome salad with lots of flavors, textures, and colors. I found that it is unusual to find such tasty salad in any other restaurants. Every morsel on the plate was generously coated with sesame oil, thus it explains the extra 'punch' of the fragrant sesame aroma aside from flavor that each ingredient itself possesses. By the time you finish your salad, don't be surprise to find your lips gleaming under the yellow-hued light. 
If you think that the salad is too plain for your liking, you can also opt to add tempura prawns and that will be a surcharge of RM5.

Next, came the King Prawns flash fried and then cooked in a rich and flavorsome buttercream sauce. 
I fell so quickly in love at the first taste. The king prawn was fresh and bouncy sitting atop of the thick and luscious pool of buttercream sauce , the sauce was viscous enough to bind in all the flavors and essences of the ingredients. I love the potent piquancy of the curry leaves and the mild-but-detectable spiciness from the birds eye chili in the sauce itself. 
Both spices were indeed the souls that help in elevating the dish.
This dish is served with deep fried golden mantau buns and I guess both of them really complemented each other. The buns were crispy on the outside, but remains pillow-y soft on the inside, it also plays a role as a 'sponge' in this particular dish, to help mopping up all the palatable buttercream.Ugh. Such sinful yet delighting dish...How much I adored'em ! 

Australian Black Angus Steak. RM45

For the meat lovers who can't live without a well-cooked steak, I am sure you would not want to miss this. 
I also love that they used mashed pumpkin instead potato as side dish to serve with the steak mainly because the of the extra saccharine taste. 
Lamb (RM40) 
comes slow-cooked with carrots and apricots, served with fluffy , buttered couscous and a side salad 

Spaghetti -Crabmeat Aglio Olio
Generous amounts of Crabmeat , Parsley, garlic and chili flakes come together to make this their 'Most Popular' pasta dish. 

From left - right :
Classic (RM15) - English strawberry trifle, layers of fresh cream, custard, fresh strawberries and strawberry sauce - my fav among them. 
Decadent (RM15) - Chocolate Cake Balls covered with decadently rich rum cocoa sauce.
The Satisfying (RM15) -Cardamom Pannacotta with Fruit Coulis.

If you are thinking of having family gatherings, private parties, company nights out, corporate events or club gatherings, you can try considering TGP as they can accommodate 45pax downstairs and 30pax upstairs (with lounge seating). 
There is also a very cool concept that you can find on the first floor of TGP - A place where you can savour your food and drinks while enjoying a movie after a long day's work. The movies are projected on a big screen with a home theatre system with soft cushioned lounge chairs, creating a relaxed environment for a total movie experience. (Ladies night on Tuesday)

For the full menu and price, you may refer here.

Disclaimer : 
All pictures in this post (except beverages) are taken in taster portion, 
which explains why it looks so dainty.
For actual serving size of the menu, you can refer to Chasingfooddream's post or  Sarah's Post 

The Gastro Project

25 Jalan 17/56
Section 17
46400 Petaling Jaya

Tel No : 
03.7931 6465 

Website : 

Business Hour:
Monday-Thursday 11am-11pm, 
Friday 11am-12am, 
Weekends 8am-1am

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  1. That's Julia Roberts from "Eat.Pray.Love"! I love the presentation of your post! :)

    1. Thank u Cheryl! ^^

      Exactly! Ps: shhh.. I can only recognize julia robert... ahaha.. I rarely watch movie. . :P

    2. Thank u Cheryl! ^^

      Exactly! Ps: shhh.. I can only recognize julia robert... ahaha.. I rarely watch movie. . :P

    3. I guess having photo of her eating pizza would make us wanna order pizza too :P
      Have you read the book? It's interesting! (except the "pray" part)

    4. Hahaa.. I didn't read the book,but i watched the movie.. hehe.. quite draggy.. :P

  2. Beautiful photos as always! too bad we missed this. was at Chef Choi that night LOL

  3. Oh! Can watch movies too? By the way, that's Section 17 and not SS17 right? : )

    1. Oh yea.. thanks for correcting me.. Foong. :( yeah, there's schedule though. .. u can check out their fb page to know more.. :)

  4. Love the food presentation, shouldn't blog hop at this hour, so freaking hungry right now T.T

  5. I like them salad with avocado, yum yum, fattest fruit of all!

  6. Their decor looks like the owners have a good sense of fun.

  7. Hi Eunice! Notice your pictures are getting more improved now and I really love them. Good job!

  8. Gastro looks like a nice name~ =D

  9. i wanna go the gastro project! :D

  10. Beautiful photos as always....Loves it!

  11. great seeing you there dearie... it was indeed a lovely night! super in love with the spicy buttercream sauce and spicy pizza... lol....

    awesome photos as usual.. keep up the awesomeness!!


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