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D'Cuisine @ The Plaza 33, Section 13 PJ.

I was here after having my lunch at Senya Izukaya last week, specially thanks to my foodie friend( you always know who you are ;P ). 
I am always attracted to places as such, I love stylish restaurants, I love going to places which is not too crowded so that I'll be able to talk without raising my voice. Dining in such beautiful place also calms me down, it was like drawing me out from the fast-paced city , leaving me momentarily serene.

So we were here after lunch, so we only left limited space for desserts.

 Mommy's potion. RM13

Thick, creamy, strong punch of berries kick - very refreshing. 
 Salted Caramel Latte. RM10

Surprisingly good. I love the thick froth on top, and the peculiarly good combination of sweet and salty taste.
  Caramelised Banana with Screwpine(Pandan) Infusion. RM15

You'll be amazed on this dish, it may sound simple, but it was very well executed I must say. It goes well when paired with their homemade vanilla ice cream. It has a the just right amount of sweetness, I have no doubts of finishing them by myself! 

 Salted egg pudding with homemade Vanilla Ice Cream. RM19++

This particular dessert is very similar to the Chinese dim sum 'lao sar pau' (Salted egg custard pau) and I reckon that this taste far better than that. It has a three different types of textures : The outer layer crust is crumbly,enveloping the inner layer which is moist and has a dense cakey texture , and lastly, the core - molten form of salted egg yolk. It is a hybrid dish of Western and Chinese, instead of using chocolate to make the common Chocolate Molten Lava Cake , they uses salted egg yolk which makes this dessert so unique.
*highly recommended*

It tasted sweet and fragrant . I guess the salted egg yolk is the soul of this dessert. 
It's served hot and it comes with a complementary scoop of homemade vanilla ice cream.

They do serve main course but we were too full to take it, I guess I might come back next time to try out their mains.
Or you can drop me a comment if you have already tried them out... do let me know what you recommend ! ;D

D'Cuisine @ Plaza 33
Ground Floor, The Plaza@ Jaya 33
Jalan Semangat, Section 13, Petaling Jaya.
Business hour :

Mon-Thurs : 
11am- 3pm

Fri - Sun : 

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  1. I like the decorations too... it's so welcoming and peaceful.

    The desserts that you and your mom ordered are definitely tempting. =)

    1. ahaha! Indeed! I got hooked when I first saw the photos that my friend showed me. ;P

  2. Let's revisit for their mains and for more desserts! =)

  3. Salted egg pudding with homemade vanilla ice cream? That sounds weird enough to try!


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