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+Wondermilk @ Publika

I had no idea why or when or what makes me step foot into this stylish cupcakes cafe a month ago ,guess I was just pretty much attracted by those fancy colorful cupcakes that are laden with coloring, flour,icing and sugar.

Though I pretty much adore the simple and minimalist indoor decor of Wondermilk, I still couldn't find a reason to be in love with their cupcakes. 
Hot Peach Tea. RM6

Tea and some of the beautiful yet forgettable cupcakes.

Hot Banana Milk . RM7 
-Warm and artificially flavored banana milk, which I do not really like it. 

Mix 6 cupcakes -RM25

Rocky Road 
Oh My Peanut Butter Chocolate
Foxy Red Velveet
Oh My Choc
Choc Marshmallow Surprise 

Blueberry Cheese

 I found out that their cupcakes are too greasy, sweet, lack of flavor ,not fragrant and definitely,  o.v.e.r.p.r.i.c.e.d. 

However , I do enjoy sitting in front of the window, staring at every passerby who's try'nna peek in this fancy cafe. I particularly love huge glass window because it is capable of letting enough daylight to penetrate into the cafe, assisting me to frame better quality pictures and this is definitely what every photographer always ask for. 

On the left : My potential model-to-be course mate. Caught in drinking action. ;)

Wondermilk - lovely ambiance and surroundings; typically acceptable tea but their food is otherwise. 

Address :
7A & 8A Level G2 Publika, Solaris Dutamas, Jalan Dutamas 1,
50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Tel: 03-6211 1092

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  1. Not sure if i would like to enjoy a cuppa milk with sweet cupcakes. Still prefer having cheesecake and good coffee for tea time or breakfast :)

    1. true ! Maybe hop to Secreet recipe for their choco banana cake .. I think it'll be more worthy than this.

  2. Hahah most ppl I guess are just there for the design and brand.

    1. You are right! It was the very first reason why I want to visit this place.. heheheheh!;P

  3. Unfortunately the frosting on cupcakes are too sweet for I pass :P

  4. ok I admit, I was there for photos only :P

    1. HAHAHA... Same here, just for photos, not the food.. but their beverages not that bad la.;D

  5. Would go there for lunch... sometimes.

    1. What do u order? how's their main course? ;)

  6. Ya I agree the place is really pretty.. but the cupcake don't quite cut it la. didn't like em!

    1. Yeah.. feeling the same here! ;D prefer to go for Secret recipe . ;P

  7. I've tried their cupcakes, and they were just too sweet.
    After spending an afternoon with LDG's pastry chefs, I've learned to distinguish artificial flavours vs. natural flavours in desserts and Wondermilk's pastries fall in the former.


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