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That Latte Place @ Ampang Hilir

For those who are looking for an outdoor spot for breakfast instead of the usual kopitiam, for those who wish to get closer to nature while sipping a cup of their favourite hot coffee,That Latte Place is definitely an ideal choice for you.

If it isn't because of the hype of social media, I think I would never know the existence of this hidden gem. 

 Yes, under that little cottage is where everything is made. Breakfast and coffee. 

 Pancake with fruit salad. RM8.90

 Mocha. RM9
Hearty breakfast. RM17.90

Hot Chocolate . RM9
House egg Benedict. RM12.90 (single) ; RM17.90 double.

I love the plating of these colorful pancakes and fruits, it really stirred up my appetite; However, taste wise, the pancake does not meet my expectation. It was slightly too dry and dense . 

 Mocha was averagely good. I enjoy every sip of silky smooth milk and the chocolaty aftertaste.

 The big breakfast comes with crispy hash brown, baked beans, sausages,half toast with egg mayo and salads. Typically delightful breakfast for me. ;D
The highlight among dishes I've ordered would be the House Egg Benedict. The Hollandaise sauce were marvelous, creamy and rich yet does not cloys ; The fragrant sauteed mushroom are also added beneath to prevent the thick toast from collapsing too quickly. 

 Croissant Egg Sandwich. RM8.90

 Crispy, flaky and buttery croissant - I have nothing much to elaborate because croissant are perfect on their own. 
What's more when you eat'em together with a thick slab of  sinfully-delicious mashed egg mayo and wash everything down with coffee? 

I enjoy this quiet place as much as I enjoy the food. I hope they will add more items on their menu sooner because I am sure this will not be my last time here. 

That Latte Place

Address : 
333, Persiaran Ritchie,
Off Jalan Ritchie, 55000 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 016-8503546

GPS: 3.159108, 101.74026

Operating hours: 
Tue - Fri: 08:30 - 17:00
Sat - Sun: 08:00 - 18:00

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  1. I've seen other bloggers posted on the place before too. I especially like your photo of pancakes, frangapani (nice addition) with newpaper. It looks like the breakfast provided on a holiday resort.

    1. Thank you Cheryl~ Thanks for the constant support and positive comments you'd left me each time! ;D really appreciate it... ;D

      Yeah, this place is indeed very unique,they have the 'kampung-style way' of serving American breakfast.. Ah.. feels so grateful to live in Malaysia.. ;D

  2. Seen other blogs that post about this place too but I prefer yours with simple, brief and straight forward elaboration and also the attractive photos. Makes me feel like am on a vacation with nice breakfast and coffee served. Can't wait to visit this place!

    1. Thank you so much , Xin, for the feedback. Im so glad that u enjoy reading my post.. Do drop by more often.. wish to see more of you in my blog! hehe! ;D

  3. lovely photos...I would love to visit this place real soon!!!!!!!!!

    1. HEY THERE!! <3 so glad that u love it.. hehehe! I cant wait for yr turn to write abt this place dear! ;D

  4. The Eggs Ben looks lovely...thanx for the GPS coordinates! =)

  5. fantastic shots! and the place looks so dreamy.. loads of shade.. i like:D

    1. Thanks Cheeky!! <3 my advise for you is to wear long pants ...hehehehehehhe!

  6. very quaint & peaceful... love to try their breakie here... looks reasonably priced. You photos are getting beter and better... keep up the awesome works dear!

    1. Thank you for leaving me a comment, dear. <3

      I am so glad that you enjoy those pictures that I took... I'm still brushing up my skills tho, hopefully I'll be able to capture brilliant food photos like you. (I love your photos immensely !)
      You are a professional food blogger and I really look up to you. Hope to catch you up soon ! *winks* ;)

  7. The food looks good! Would be great if they have air conditioning section. :P

    1. yEAH.. I totally agree with u! Hopefully they'll expand and have a air-conditioned outlet .;P

  8. I love all your photos of the eggy dishes, they're really perfect! I want to print out your pics and hang them on a wall somewhere =)

    1. HAHAHAHHA! So farney la u , Sean.. ;P hang them in your living room perhaps? HAHAHAH! thanks anyway! very kind of u ..;P


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