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Senya Izakaya@ Jln P.Ramlee, KL.

Another round of Jap cuisine since the first one I had with KC at Ichiro Sushi Bar months ago, he's literally a walking food directory and dictionary to me (and everyone around him, I suppose) ,and this time, still, he insisted to go for Japanese food and I gave in. ;P

Senya is just situated above Menya Musashi at Jalan P.Ramlee ,and it is just roughly 5-10 minutes walking distance from KLCC main entrance. 
The decor inside is simple yet contemporary,you can easily spot arrays of Japanese beer bottles in every corner.

This sushi bar provide every customer with an iPad Menu to place down their orders, just like Ichiro Sushi Bar , very sophisticated system you can find in advance restaurants nowadays.

Sashimi Salad. Rm25.80

I adore this salad to my very core and I guess photographing it is the only way to capture the beauty and immensity of this salad. Oh, the crisp of those fresh greens paired with a variety of my fave sashimi -All in one bowl! Every morsel I took was simply delightful .

 Oh dear, I can come here for this over and over again. 

 Next , the carbs killer - Senya Special Sushi Roll. RM21

Just one or two of this huge cylindrical sushi can easily stuff you up.However, I relished the complex texture in this sushi -crunchy japanese cucumber, the melt-in-your mouth salmon and tuna, chewy butter fish  and bouncy texture of egg roes- really sushifying! Oh did I forgot to mention that the outer part of the sushi was wrapped with thinly sliced radish too, a very skillful dish I must say!

Grilled Hanpen Butter . RM13

Some sort of Japanese fishcakes . 
It's slightly less bouncy than those local fishcakes but it taste so so good. 
It was smeared with garlic butter then pan grilled till fragrant , best snack to go with beer.

Hokkaido Grilled pork with BBQ sauce. RM19.00

The evenly distributed fats and lean meat makes this a perfect dish. 
The sweet bbq sauce makes it tasted even better when it's coated on the crackling charred edge of the pork and the overall dish did not taste greasy or sinful at all! Big love for this! ;)

Green Tea. RM2

Senya Izakaya 

50250 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Tel: 03 - 2181 4299

Business Hour: 
11.00am - 2.30pm
5.00pm -2.00am 

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  1. hello darling! long time didnt visitt here ad! *guilty!!
    anyway ur photos still the same! super niceeee!

    1. hahahahaha! THANKS HENRYYYYYYYY! Guilty lar now.. visit me more then! hmmph!;P

  2. Hey...we gotta revisit tis place at night for a more mighty selection of items...juicy n smoky yakitori for example...hehe =)

    1. oooh! OKOKOKOKOK...... i want saladdddddddddddddddddddd! ;D

    2. Can ask Cheryl Chan to join cose she's been saying to me 'Bo jio!' :P

    3. sound like a good idea! ;D hopefully she will notice this..;P

    4. Eh? I wanted to leave a comment then saw my name here xD That sashimi salad seemed so worthy OMG! With that amount of sashimi, I'm even ready to fork out more. Sure for dinner! :)

    5. Oi!! Yakitori? What about that bbq pork slab?

    6. Oops...terlupa abt tat Kevin Tan...hehe :P

  3. nice photos!
    can't wait till my turn to come here

    1. Thanks Ivy! ;D

      Yeah.. you should ask KC what to eat here!;D

  4. Wow!! I want the sashimi salad!!!

  5. itadakimas! love those sushi pic!

  6. I love all of your sushi pictures! =)

  7. Hello Miss, your photography skills getting more amazing each time I visit your blog. Great job capturing the beautiful food.

    1. Ahahaha!! You flatter me too much dear MIL... !!! And im really glad tht u enjoy my photos, more to come, ok? :D

  8. Super pretty photos! Makes me feel like going there just for that salad. :D

    1. Thanks for the compliment! !!! :D I jz had my second round there today. .. heheheh

  9. first time come here,nice...


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