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"Balik Kampung" Ramadhan Buffet@Eccucino 2013@ Prince Hotel, Kuala Lumpur

"Oh~ oh~ oh~ balik kampung- oh~ oh~oh~ balik kampung..." This Ramadhan, Prince Hotel & Residence Kuala Lumpur will be featuring a "Balik Kampung" buffet dinner with over a hundred kampung-style dishes across Malaysia from 9 July until 8 August, 2013. 

Executive Chef Donald Donald Pezar and his team has carefully prepared the menu in order to provide a traditional "Balik Kampung" experience to everyone. 

Diners can anticipate the following mouth-watering Ramadhan dishes:

2. Kacang panjang tumis telur
3. Ayam Kampung masak kari
4. Fish head curry
5. Ribs
6. Oxtail

Sometimes, it may be hard to put all the dishes into your stomach at one time but, there are some MUST-TRY dishes as listed below which you could never ever miss!

1. Roasted Lamb with Tumeric and coconut gravy
2. Ketupat
3. Beef rendang
4. Chicken rendang
5. Kebab with Briyani rice
6. Laksa - comes with choice : Laksa Kedah, Penang Laksa &Curry Laksa

These are the Chef's recommendations for the Ramadhan buffet spread. 

1. Nasi Briyani
2. Ayam Kampung masak Briyani
3. Kambing Masala
4. Ketam masak Kari
5. Ikan tenggiri masak acar kuning
6. Daging masak gulai

On top of the Ramadhan buffet dinner, Eccucino also serves other cuisines such as Chinese, Indian, Western and Japanese to satisfy everyone's tastebuds. 

1. Assorted Sushi & Maki Roll
2. Rojak
3: Kerabu Taugeh dengan udang

1. Popiah basah & goreng
2. Kerabu ikan dengan ulam silum
3. Seared Tuna loin, Red Onion and Avocado

Finally, nothing is complete without the dessert. Take a bite on the local pastries that specially created by Chef Donald and the team.
 1. Kuih Muih
2. Aneka Biskut Raya

The hotel has invited a band from Seri Nusantara II to enhance the dining experience. The band consists of an accordion, acoustic guitar and "Gendang" (Percussions) and they will play 3 different sessions of music- Ghazal, Asli and Modern. the band will be playing from 7pm to 10pm everyday during the fasting month at Eccucino. 

The "Balik Kampung" buffet dinner is available every night from 6.30pm to 10.30pm. It is priced at RM78++ per person from 9 to 15 July at Prince Room (Early Birds specials) and RM108++ per person from 16 July to 8 August at Eccucino. Children under 12 years of age receive complimentary dinner for every one paying adult. 

Eccucino is located on the ground floor or entrance of Prince Hotel & Residence Kuala Lumpur. For reservations, please contact 03-2170 8888 or visit 

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  1. musstttt ressisstttt theeeee renddddangggggg :(

  2. Waaa....sudah sampai masa balik kampung lagi, masa lalu banyak cepat ohhh!

  3. Food collages are great, I like the musicians.


  4. In a blink of the eye, it's time for lemang and ketupat to make its entrance again. *winks*

    That shows how fast time has flown, don't you think, Eunice?

  5. One thing which i mostly like in ramadan Allah send blessings on people and we made different recipes in this month.
    Ramzan android apps

  6. What a terrific spread! I wish I had four stomachs when i go to buffets. I feel pretty useless as a hardcore buffet eater! haha


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