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Imperial Pot Dim Sum@ Publika, Solaris Dutamas

Weekend is the only opportunity for the working people to sleep as long as they want, but still get to wake up and have a complete breakfast with their family members. You do not have to agree with me but this is actually an undeniable fact.
The ubiquitous selection for breakfast would be nasi lemak for Malays , roti canai for Indians and dim sum for the Chinese!! 

I lost count on the dim sum I had since the past few years. I used to have dim sum with family on every weekend and sooner it became a culture in my family. 
The team behind Imperial Pot was from the House of Tang(Bangsar) , and that is why their dim sum quality is assured. 

Simple and minimalist antiquated decor.

Tea Pot Soup (Black Chicken). RM8.80

Tea pot soup (Ginseng Chicken) .RM8.80

Both were equally tasty. The black chicken soup was luscious and light, it gives a sweet aftertaste followed by the ambrosial of red dates. Chinese herbs can easily be detected in the soup too; Similarly, the ginseng chicken was packed with a potent flavor of chinese herbs such as dang gui and ginseng, the only difference was the strong ginseng piquancy as the aftertaste. Both soups were absolutely tasty and it aids the blood circulatory system in our body too! 

It is a must try item! ;)

Unagi Puff in BBQ sauce. RM12.80

Next was the unagi roll that has a slight japanese twist in this chinese cuisine. 
The sweet unagi went well with the flaky puff pastry , each bite was a bliss. 
  Oinky Custard Bun. RM5.80

This two little creature is too cute to be destroyed. 
The custard was not what I had expected, it was a drier version instead of the watery-molten-salted-egg custard as the picture you will see below. Buns were fluffy and steamy,it taste ordinarily good though. Wish they can substitute 'char siew' instead of custard in it because it suits the piggy more.

 Egg Custard Bun in Charcoal Grilled Skin. RM6.80

To die for! To die for! 
Caution , it'll explode. 

Need me to describe more?
They speak for themselves. Runny, piping hot, salty and sweet at once. To die for. 
Must try!

Steamed bah kut teh soup dumpling. RM8.80
New item for me in the dim sum world, I never had bah kut teh xiu loong pau before. The soup was alright, it brings out the complex broth of herbs and spices such as cinnamon, dang gui, garlic and more . There were minced meat in it too! Stuff them all in your mouth at once to savor this miracle parcel. 

Charcoal grilled skin prawn dumpling. RM6.80
Pretty black beauty stuffed with prawns and some minced meat. 

Leopard Skin Prawn dumpling, which its skin basically made with seaweed. RM6.80
 I love their creativity in creating different types of har gau skin. The seaweed flavor was subtle, it can still be identify by the palate yet not too overwhelming, very well executed dish. 

Enoki Mushroom wrapped in bacon. RM6.80

Springy enoki mushroom , flavorful and juicy minced meat all wrap within a strip of bacon , then lightly seasoned with sweet soy sauce and oyster sauce . They taste yummy but it doesn't awed me. 

Hong Kong Style steamed rice roll with crispy meat floss. RM6.80

Does hongkies eat this way? Well, I didn't know it until I see this in their menu. 
Very fusion dish to me.. The soft and slimy rice roll paired with the crunchy and chewy 'yau char kway'with sweet sauce and chicken floss and chili, a carb-laden dish. 

Fresh Prawns in organic red rice roll. RM8.80

The red yeast color does stirred up my appetite a bit I must say. 
The crispy rice roll beneath the red skin adds a little crunchy texture to the entire dish , very remarkable dish I must say! ;) 

Stir Fried Hong Kong Kai Lan with Garlic. RM10.80

Deep fried Avocado Roll with Crispy Silk Wrap. RM7.80

Creamy avocado enclosed in an ultimate crispy and delicate silk wrap. The avocado has been added with some custard, hence you can literally taste the firm but smooth texture of the avocado.
 Psychologically you know it is avocado since it's in green colour,but the avocado taste can merely be detected though. I would mistakenly think that it was lotus paste if I did not read through the menu. ;P
I recommend this anyway! ;)

Do be careful while you're having this. It is extremely hot and it might burn your tongue. 

Salted Egg Prawn

Looks like salted egg prawn, smells like salted egg prawn, taste like salted egg prawn. The salty and sweet , creamy and sandy prawns were absolutely delicious, credits goes all the way to the egg yolks - the soul of this dish. 

Tau Foo Fah. RM4.80
A simple dessert to denote a sweet ending 

Imperial Pot Hong Kong Dim Sum @ Solaris Dutamas (not exactly Publika),

A1-UG1-03, Solaris Dutamas, Kuala Lumpur.

Facing the same main road as Pappa Rich.

Tel: 03-6412-6188
Open 9:30am-9:30pm daily, with break between 2:30pm-5:30pm.

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  1. wow, steamed bak kut teh soup dumplings sound very creative and unique to me! Looking forward to try these :)

    1. yeah!! It's very unique, u should try it someday!;)

  2. Drooling at that egg custard bun!!

    1. hahaha.. im dying for that each time I makan dim sum!

  3. Wa the soup looks really authentic! Can keep refilling hot water till the taste is all gone? hehe

    1. ER... I dont think so.. maybe they'll charge u extra?;P

  4. Haha...looks like u beat me to tis place! :p

  5. such interesting creative Dim Sums... BKT dumplings, Unagi puffs ... I am so gonna try this cos its quite near my house!!

    1. Yeap.. something slightly different from har gao and siu mai..;P

  6. Oooh, those buns look scrumptious.

  7. A number of items are exactly being served at Sheraton Imperial's Celestial Court, though its halal version but just as tasty:)
    D prices in Imperial Pot are exactly what I am paying in Sheraton albeit after a member's 50% discount haha:-P....should give this place a try then:)

  8. lol, the piggies bun looks so cute~ would like to eat here one day~

  9. I see some of my favorite types of dim sum there.

    Gosh, the dumplings are making me salivate at the computer screen. >.<

  10. I went there last week too!!
    I can say that their quality is really good! :)

  11. Avocado Roll?! Sound mixture of east-west, but it looks great!

  12. Everything looks so good! I'm going to try the unagi puff and salted egg prawn. I'm a huge fan of unagi and having it in a puff pastry looks so good! :)

  13. It makes me drooling . .... although having my dinner just!


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