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Greek Style Buffet Spread @ Prince Hotel, KL.


''What's for lunch and dinner?'' This question always comes to mind.

''Japanese! Korean! Roti Canai! Char Kuey Tiao! '', the usual answer that you've always expected. Rarely you will receive replies such as Greek food, Arabian, Mexican ,Sze Chuan and etc...

As an epicurean, I do not bound myself with certain cuisine, though I am more prone to embrace Western Cuisine... I am glad that I finally had a chance to expose myself to try an extensive menu of Greek Food at Eccucino.

This is the second time Chef George Diakomichalis is back to Prince Hotel to pamper our taste buds with more Greek food, he's back by popular demand. 
The Aussie-born Chef has picked up a good skill from his Greek Mum and Grandmother, the wide buffet spread was packed with authentic and mouth-watering Greek flavors. I've seen and studied numerous dishes from the telly, books and food science notes but never try experiencing how does Greek food taste like. Eccucino at Prince Hotel had previously ran a Greek Food Buffet promotion that was available for only 10 days, from May 9- 19 and the fortunate me was there to indulge .

There was an array of fresh seafood at the appetizer bar ,they were toothsome even if you eat them plainly; but for me, I tried them with some of the greek-styled condiments,they really opened up my adventurous taste buds. 

The pepper crusted tuna loin with pulpy pomelo, capsicum relish and arugula greens was absolutely delicious. Condiments such as pepper feta, olives, marinated sardines, skordalia, domato, tzatziki goes very well with....... basically everything. 

There were plenty of other choices on the cold table too, such as marinated sardines and chickpea cakes along with several salad options.

Khoriatiki salata - Greek country salad with loads of crunchy veges such as zucchini, tomato, olives, onions and more feta cheese!

Move on to the mains- pilaf rice. There were copious amount of herbs and almond flakes added in to jazz up the ordinary fluffy rice.

Next, I had the Greek-style moussaka (baked eggplant and meat casserole), which was my favourite dish that night. Cheesy and creamy at once, a must-eat dish for me!

Tomato seabass with oregano herbs.

Oven roasted baby potatoes and grilled zucchini with herbs. 

Stuffed Squid with rice and Revitha Fou Tourno (baked chickpeas).

Another dish to die for was the Beef kofta. The beef balls were remarkably bouncy and juicy; chef had properly seasoned them with black pepper. Make sure you coat them with enough sauces and juices when you eat them as they were packed with rosemary scent in each mouthful! 

Feta cheese and spinach enclose with filo pastry that goes well with the  tzatziki .


In Greek , it is pronounce as Fah-keess... Not quite a nice name but definitely worth remembering. 
It is a type of lentil soup, usually made with or without tomatoes. It's a heart-warming dish for me and I personally thinks that it goes very well with the pilaf rice I've mentioned earlier. 

Local  dessert. 

Almond cookies.
French pastries. 


Prepared by using lots of nuts and syrups, topped with layer by layer filo pastry, be prepared to have a sugary rush in your taste buds!

Loukoumathes: fried honey puffs. 
A sprinkle of cinnamon powder and honey makes this a wonderful dessert. 

Custard puff.

Rizogalo: rice pudding which was creamy and sweet. . . 

Finikia - A walnut shortbread with citrus honey.

Custard in filo pastry.

Eccucino, an international all-day-dining restaurant at Prince Hotel &Residence Kuala Lumpur - an ideal place for early breakfast, quick lunch, relax high-tea , a late night dinner or anything in between.
 Hopefully I will see Chef George Diakomichalis to showcase his Greek cuisine again next year. 

Prince Hotel & Residences
4 Jalan Conlay
50450 KL
03.2170 8888
Open: daily 6am-10.30pm, 12pm-2.30pm, 6.30pm-12am

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  1. I have eaten baklava before; it really did give me a sugar rush that sent me running for water.

    Cheese and salad? Me will definitely love it! =)

  2. Hope Chef George comes back again next yr, I didnt make it this round cos too busy schedule.

  3. Wahh macam byk high class haha never had Greek food before T_T

  4. Yorrr !!! everything looks so delicate and yummieh, too bad I cant join u ... :'(

  5. wah... I m a huge fan of Greek cuisine... all those desserts remind me of what I use to eat all the time when I was overseas...


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