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Botanical @Bangsar Village II

Captivating the attention of gourmands on the prowl for meat-free dining options, Botanical presents a new take on garden fresh produce. Located within the trendy enclaves of Bangsar, this innovative new restaurant aims to introduce an insatiable and breath taking experience to the palate.

Just a quick glance of the surroundings ,I am sure everyone will love this place. I decided to come here on a fine weekday afternoon because this is the time where the mall is not so crowded compared to weekends. 

Botanical represents a revamp of the former Bistro 42. Maintaining the former brand's charm, grace and elegance, Botanical's decor is reminiscent of an outdoor courtyard, refreshing the eyes of many a weary shopper with scenes of greenery and peace.

The surroundings is indeed very conducive. Three of my glutton friends and I opted to sit indoor because we wanted to own the entire restaurant for a tête-à-tête session! Frankly, it was nothing but gossips, tons of it, incessant topics flowing throughout like waterfall. 

I beg your pardon, I do not remember exactly what type of tea that we had chosen, but I recalled something that has a fruity name. The tea has a mellow and pleasurable balmy piquancy. It goes very , very , very well with the desserts ,I kid you not! 

Pretty and dainty sugar cubes, comes in duo colours. 

You are allow to choose any two beverages from the beverage menu, so we ordered a teapot of Fruity tea and another glass of Mocha.

Botanical High Tea Set is served from 3pm – 6pm only.

It comes with Savouries like Cucumber & Cream Cheese Finger Sandwich, Cheese & Branston Sandwich,  Mushroom Bruschetta, Egg Mayo Sandwich on Baby Cuboid Loaf, and Mini Pumpkin & Ricotta Quiche.

As for the Sweets, there were Freshly Baked Scones with Pure Cream & Berry Preserves,  Baby Raspberry Jam Doughnuts,  Macarons, Medeleines, Marshmallows, and your choice of dessert from the display.
Here comes the start of the day that pampered not just our palates, but also the eyes. 

Botanical's High Tea set scores high in their overall presentation. Fresh pastries and confectioneries proudly parading themselves on their respective tier. Needless to say, they tasted as inviting as they look. . . I must say I am very satisfied with every single element here, though the scones were slightly too buttery for my liking (for perfect scones you can read this post), but it was still acceptable.
Their macaroons was sweet and crumbly, marshmellow was soft and cottony, madeleines was cakey and eggy, all in all they were simply faultless. 

It's too hard to choose which is my favorite so I'll just go the other way round. My least favorite was the sandwiches because it was too bland, with just butter and thinly sliced zucchini. . . The rest was very well executed, I am totally delighted with it. If you are complaining why desserts are so sweet then why would you choose to have high-tea in the very first place? Although some of the desserts were cloyingly sweet (if you eat them all alone), but here comes the magic of the  'Fruity Tea' that I had mentioned earlier. The marvelous fruity tea will harmonize everything together, bringing it back to a balance; You can rinse them in your mouth and have another bite of the dessert, it will wash away all saccharine taste, leaving you a sensual,balmy incense... 

If something is pleasurable, or rewarding , you will definitely come back for more, and when I return, I'll be trying their meatless menu. . . 

You can read more at Baby Sumo's Blog regarding their meatless menu that she has just blogged about it , here



Tel: +603 2201 3028

Opening Hours:
11am – 10pm, daily
Last order: 9.30pm

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  1. Oh thanks for the mention, my dear! One day we must go afternoon tea together too :)

    1. YESSS... We have been planning for so many times ... hahaha! ;P bring baby D along? I want to pinch pinch him!!! ;D

  2. I like the salads at this place.

  3. Wow....nice shots! Ur photography seems to have improved :P

  4. Lovely shots, babe! :) And good write up too xoxo


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