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Big Hug Burger @SS15, Subang Square


Last Wednesday could not have been a more perfect balmy day to mark the opening of Big Hug Burger. 
The restaurant is tucked in Subang Square, SS15, easily noticeable through the glass window when you pass by the main entrance. 

Strategically located at SS15, just a stone throw away from Taylors and Inti college, it is no wonder why Big Hug had attracted a huge student crowds. A big bear will greet you as you walk in this artistic burger restaurant .

First thing first, it is advisable for you to be prepared to wait for at least an hour for your burger to be served because good things come to those who wait. 
Everything is freshly prepared including grilling, pan-frying, deep-frying and they do not do it by batch, hence it explains the waiting time. 

If you come with friends/family, do spend your quality time here for some bonding session while enjoying the Harlem Shake and Psy's Gentleman-kind-of contemporary songs constantly playing through the speakers. 

An hour passed in a blink of an eye after watching some hungry people collect their burger one after another and polish them off in less than five minutes ,  finally it's my turn to fix the rumbling tummy. 


I ordered Onion rings and their onions were from Netherlands. It is no wonder why their onion taste sweeter ,juicier and less pungent compared to the local ones. The deep fried crust goes very well with the two dipping sauces- mint and cheese. Both were amazing and if I were to choose one, I'll go for the bold-orange-hued cheese sauce to the lighter, milder mint sauce. 

I swear I'd mopped them up with all my fries. They're just too hard to resist. Too good. 

Salmon Burger RM20

I ordered a Salmon Burger on a wholemeal bun and the burger did not let me down. Buns were utterly soft, with grilled Salmon Fillet ,sweet roasted cherry tomato and caramelized onion bursting into flavors in every bite... Bliss. 

 Ingredients were fresh and very well portioned; deeply in love with the mozzarella cheese and sharp cheddar that paired in the burger. Faultless. Although Salmon were minimally seasoned, it does not have that fishy or unpleasant taste at all and when every layer meets one another...faultless. 

Big Hug Burger. RM23 (Set)

Next comes the big hulk. Their Big Hug Burger is something not to be missed -Comes in Jumbo size, serve with sesame bun only.
Crispy chicken chop, Cheddar cheese, tomato slices, onion rings, pineapple slice, fresh lettuce and secret sauce. 
 The free-ranged chicken itself is presented as a thick, beautifully deep-fry morsel that hangs off the bottom bun, albeit the chicken were deep-fry, but it still remain moist and juicy on the inside. 

Once assembled on a fluffy soft buns, the textural contrast becomes even more apparent. Served with top-notch veggies, and remarkably thick and creamy secret sauce, I took a bite and .........BAAAAAM! I was sold. The intensely creamy secret sauce brings back my nostalgic memory of garlic aioli that  I had before at Burger Junkyard ,not totally the same but a little twist here and there, a more yellowy-hued colored sauce but taste superb. They made sure their secret sauce is sufficient to fully covered every element in their burger... every massive chomp comes with a little ooze of their sauce, I felt like I was in heaven at that very moment.  It was also because of the pineapple that added a little extra sweetness and crunchiness to the burger, I must come back for this. 
It might be a big mess to eat but I promise great joy will be in return. 

Oh ya did I forgot to mentioned their fries were fabulous too?
My first bite into the french fries awed me as it tasted totally fantastic. The generous sprinkled of\ rosemary certainly brought the fries into another higher level; No rancid smell in their fries too because the owner set their policy to change their cooking oil every single day to ensure their customer only get to eat the finest quality food. 

While the burger was very good, some of you might whine that RM20 +- for a set (comes with fries and a drink) is completely crazy price for a burger of this size , but think again, they serve you FRESH FRIES everyday, no recycle oil, premium ingredients( organic vegetables, freshly baked buns,australia imported and halal certified beef ), every single penny will be well spent for a burger as such. 

Free flow of soft drinks and hot water. 
Notice that Pringles and snacks beside the chili bottles? It's for everyone! 
You can munch on them while you're waiting for your burgers to be ready, just feel at home! 

Aidelle, the manager/director of Big Hug Burger. 

Aidelle was an artist, she runs an art school previously before operating Big Hug with her husband, Terryson Tan. She's friendly and easily approachable ,my honored to be able to sit down and have a short chat with her about Big Hug Burger as the crowds slowing subsiding. 
She named this restaurant as Big Hug simply because she believes a simple hug breaks all barrier. 
Big Hug is a place for everyone to come together, to have a good fellowship while enjoying good quality food. She also claims that Big Hug has its very own identity just like any other burger chain does, they have their own distinctive feature and there's no need to be intimidated by other burger chains. 

Aidelle's artwork. 

If you're keen to know more burger outlets, you can click on the links: 

I love the atmosphere quite a bit, spacious and contemporary ; amicable services that you will mistakenly think that this is your second home. Big Hug has certainly become a destination for students to linger during their break between classes. 
 I will certainly come back for their beef and lamb burger next round. 

Hug is indeed the best gift for everyone, one size fits it all. 
Do drop by to get some free hugs whenever you feel like it!

Big Hug Burger
Address : 
CT-G-03, Subang Square Corporate Tower, 
Jalan SS15/4G, 
Subang Jaya, Selangor.

Facebook : here
Business Hour : 12.30 - 4pm (Lunch) ; 6.30 - 1030pm (Dinner)
Phone : 5613 4788

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  1. okie make sure you hug me when you see me!! LOL..I must give this burger chain a try...I wan to hv salmon burger..yum yum...

  2. Salmon and burger? Challenge accepted!

  3. Ooooo...I will hug the Big Hug Burger and dot on the Battered Dory Burger...but one question: when r u gonna bring me there huh?

    Another question...why no photo of u hugging the Big Hug teddy bear? :P

    1. Hahaha.. When am I bringing u there? u can go there yrself wad.. You bring me there, not I bring u there.. hahaha
      No photo of me as usual.. camera shy..LOL

  4. oo.. another burger place!! my stomach cannot keep up with all these new burger places... lol...

    at least this one looks really different from the rest with its offerings of salmon and the Big Hug...hope to get there soon... drool-li-cious!!!

    1. Yeah me too.. Too much burger popping out recently.. like pimples popping out once a month.. hahahahahah..
      Tummy couldn't handle it... But their big hug burger is something you shouldn't miss la..;P

  5. Is that a wholemeal burger bun I see there?

    Salmon burger would definitely be satisfying-ly tasty. =D

    1. yes, wholemeal! so healthy right!?!??!?!?!?! yeah, guess u have the same tastebuds as me...

  6. Wow another new burger place :D Tempted with the salmon burger!

    1. everyone's curious about the salmon.. smthtg very new right? Try it...!

  7. hmm I thought they are having a promotion where you order set meal but pay at a la carte price? Gonna try out the salmon burger soon hehe!

    1. huhh? GUESS promo was over when I visited them.. anyway.. who cares? their burgers are way too awesome!

  8. Gosh! I've lost count many burger joints have opened of late over mushrooms sprouting after the rain.

    1. I lost count too, tuapui.. hehehe! Totally agree with yr thinking.. ;P better stay away before my body couldnt process all the calories...;P

  9. Aiyo! And just as I had book marked your Burger Junkyard post so that I can go one of these days, this pops up! I've not even been to Burger Junkyard you know. Now I have to go for burgers twice, this Saturday AND Sunday! Haha.

    1. HAHA! This literally made me LMAO! Sat & Sunday is it! Do let me know once u taste them! heheheheh

  10. big hug burger? so many burger joint lately... no pork burger? uhuhuh

  11. Salmon....I like. Next time you go back please ajak me. =)

  12. What a great name for a burger joint.

  13. oh my! why got a big bear over there one? can hug? lol

    1. YES. Can hug, cuddle, kiss, toss it, throw it in the air and catch it ! HAHAHAHHA..

  14. Hello dear, I love your first photo. It's so pretty! Nice burger shots too.

    1. Hi precious MIL.. haha.. thanks for your kind compliment.. <3


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