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Yama & J @Jaya One, Petaling Jaya


Yama and J , a newly opened Japanese fusion restaurant that not only serve you fresh cut sashimi and a plethora of makis during daytime; it will transform into a disco/ sake lounge, where disco ball with pulsating lights accompanied with latest hits songs with varieties of sushi lining up at buffet line as the moon rises, this is the entire concept of Yama & J - Fusion. 

Yama san has more than 27 years of experiences in the sushi industry and has been mastering his skills abroad on how to make perfect sushi. He has been to many fast-paced country, observing 20 chefs in five years, and he slowly noticed that fusion is gaining more and more popularity and it can be easily embraced by everyone. He later decided to stand out from the traditional way of eating sushi (with just soy sauce and wasabi) by manipulating the sauces to create a different and outstanding sauces out of his creativity. 

Yama & J serves lunch buffet for only RM48 per head; with aplenty of sushi rolls, fresh cut sashimis, oysters, makis, udons, desserts and the list goes on.
I will now take you to an adventurous Makis galore as you continue to scroll.

Not to forget ladies get a 50 percent discount for lunch...

Mussels with chef special spicy sauce!

Unagi Sushi.

Inari sushi.


Salmon head.

Mango Dessert

 RM48++a smorgasbord of sashimi...I guess your money will be very well spent here.

Fresh oyster...

Now we move on to the ala carte menu: 

Red Dragon Roll: 
Spicy tuna and cucumber roll, topped with Big-Eye Tuna & Chef’s signature spicy ponzu garlic sauce

Volcano Roll: Crabmeat mix, avocado & cucumber, topped with spicy tuna, spicy salmon mango with Chef’s signature sauce

Happy Sumo Roll: Shrimp tempura, cream cheese & snow crab, deep-fried potato strip topped with Chef’s signature yuzu, homemade eel sauce & strawberry sauce, served in a martini glass

Art of Maki: Salmon, avocado, crabmeat wrapped with tuna & served with Chef’s signature yuzu sauce

Mango Waikiki Roll: Fresh salmon, avocado topped with mango & red tobikko & Chef’s signature mango sauce

Fuji Volcano : Shrimp, scallop, sauteed with spicy garlic, green onion, soy sauce & chef signature homemade eel sauce. 

and lastly... Ice cream for dessert. :)

Mr.Yama - Our master chef from NYC.

Mr.Yama has been featured in more than ten newspapers & Magazines and has worked extensively with numerous Iron Chefs , he finally decided to come home to his root and introduce Malaysians to his work and specialization on creating a superabundant fusion sauces to go with his perfectly mastered sushi. 

Yama & J is located on the upper level (just above Starbucks).

Lunch buffet is available at RM48 per pax (afternoon), RM68 (night). 

Yama & J Fusion Buffet
M-6-1 Palm Square
Jaya One
Jalan University
46200 Petaling Jaya

Tel: 03-7931-7372/016-381-8896

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  1. holy moly... all sushi & sashimi... I would be stuffed silly... hahaha

    any hot food? love to go try this...

  2. Yummmm~~spotted the super fresh sashimi platter!!!!!! The colors is truly vibrant and attractive!!

  3. Lots of sushi!!!!! Omg love it so much! Unagi, salmon, sashimi om nom nom :3

  4. I want all the sashimi! hahaha...

  5. yama & J, kinda hard to pronounce for a dining place... i want the idako! :D

  6. The Happy Sumo roll will make me very very happy, I think ... interesting combination of different ingredients like snow crab, potatoes and eel sauce! :D

  7. The picture are screaming, "Japanese galore!"

    Is Jaya One where Cold Storage is? I'm barely familiar with that area. >.<


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