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Pickle& Fig @TTDI , Petaling Jaya.


 I found coffee art on my coffee taste better most of the time. 
Last week, I've found another new hang out place for coffee which has just opened for roughly 3 months.

When I first arrive, I felt so calm as if I've stepped into a jungle within the busy city. The cafe was rather spacious ,and is adorned with the simplest furniture and minimalist design. This place is definitely an ideal place for a tea-table talk.

Upon entering, you can easily notice an unsubtle blackboard with all their menu written on it. 
The friendly staff will serve you after you place your order at the counter.

I started my dinner with a cup of Mocha.

Benjamin's Latte.


Blue healer and Goji Me special non dairy smoothies.
Both were my favourite that night. The blue healer were made with blueberry and raspberry, super refreshing and energizing; the Goji Me may sound a little weird but the combination and sweetness was alright, I found it rather tropical and pleasant. 


From left : Mango Mint, Avocado , Banana .

The owner claims that they do not add any sugar or artificial sweetener in their smoothie, they only use pure fruits and yogurt so you only get to taste the purest goodness. 

Nachos. RM12

Round Tortilla Chips, Melted Cheddar, Sliced Black Olives, Japapeno Slices + salsa.
Perfect snacks to nibble on.

Onion and Cheddar Soup. RM8 
Spanish onion + melted cheddar soup + baguette slices.
I found the soup rather sweet that night, I doubt they added sugar in it but my dining mates claimed that the sweetness comes from the spanish onion, I had no idea where does the sweetness comes from , well, guess I have to buy some spanish onion and try making it . It was averagely good though. 

Avocado mixed green with raspberry vinaigrette. RM13

For ladies who's forever dieting, you can try this salad. It's light, simple and healthy. 

Aioli/ Russian/ Coronation/ Mayo
All sauces are made from scratch.

Coronation Chicken Sandwich. RM15
Sliced chicken breast + caramelised onion + raisins coronation sauce + alfafa sprout on ciabatta.
* All panini are served with triple cooked wedges

 Smoked Salmon &Cream Cheese Sandwich. RM19
Smoked salmon + capers + chives cream cheese+ lemon taragon mayo + mixed on focaccia 

Smoked Turkey Roll &Cheddar hot pressed Panini. RM15
Smoked turkey toll + sauteed mushroom + cheddar + infused oil on wholemeal or white bread.

The sharp cheddar and the fragrant mushroom was my fave element in this panini. We opted for wholemeal over white bread for most of the panini because it is more healthier.

Hoisin Chicken &Grilled zucchini. RM16

Hoisin ,literally means 'seafood' in cantonese; You can easily detect the hoisin sauce in this panini. The umami and savory flavor totally jazz up the plain grilled chicken fillet ,zucchini is also added to give an extra crunch to the panini too.

 Rotkraut Pastrami. RM19
Beef salami + basil pesto + mozzarella + butter spread in wholemeal or white bread

Fish n' Chips.

Instead of using dory fish, they uses Mullet fish (ikan kurau) to make their Fish n'Chips .
Mullet fish has more compact texture and less fishy smell compared to dory fish, and that was why I can't keep my fork off their fish that night... The battered fish has a perfectly crunchy exterior , too. 
However, this Fish n' Chips is still not up on their menu yet, Pickle &Fig is planning on expending their menus  very soon. 

If you are not a coffee lover, fret not, Pickle &Fig also offer Gryphon teas to soothe your soul. 

Pickle &Fig@Taman Tun Dr.Ismail
Address :
26, Jalan Tun Mohd Fuad 2, 
Taman Tun Dr. Ismail, 
Kuala Lumpur, 

Facebook page : here

Business hour : 
1) Sun-Thurs :10am- 11pm
2) Fri/Saturday : 10am- 12am 

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  1. I quite like those sauces. And the salmon....I would probably order the salmon again the next time I go back.

    1. Haha.. Will be going back for more coffeeeeee!! Weee!!

  2. the portion looks substantial. though, how exactly are triple-cooked wedges like?

    1. Hi Bob & Julie! ;)
      triple-cooked means they're washed, boiled, to ensure all starch are removed, then pat dry and lastly deep fry... ;)

  3. my friend's sister is working inside and once she "tapau-ed" the banana horlicks (i think) shake over. my mom finished it in 5 seconds flat-_-!!!

    1. oh..yayayayyayay! banana-lick! You can try it yourself at home wad.. kakakak... YUMZZZZ!tapau-ed smoothie nice miee?;P

    2. hahhaha okay la~ tmn tun to my house not far~~

  4. Visited...had the Hoisin Chicken & Grilled zucchini Panini...not worth d price...only the flat white n Goji Me not revisiting! =(


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