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Living Food Bistro @ Menara Tan &Tan, Jalan Tun Razak,KL.

Been hearing a lot of good comments about this healthy-based restaurant lately, so I've decided to try this place out with one of my good friend, Sarah

Soy Milk Latte

One of the rare places that also offers soy milk latte, an I'm loving it. 

My pick : Banana Pancake

Aside from banana and strawberry, my pancake also comes with butter and honey. 
The pancake was made with almond flour instead of white flour/bleach flour/processed flour, and it has a more chewier, and compact texture instead of the fluffy version. So , do expect a more hearty and healthy flavor if you opt for this.

Sarah's pick: Shroom Ciabatta .

The ciabatta was certainly fresh and soft, and does not comes in white color, I guess this was because they were all made with whole wheat flour. The mushroom they used in this recipe was chopped thinly and finely instead of using the entire whole mushroom to give you a twist in the tongue; fresh greens and sliced tomatoes were also added to add more nutritional value to the sandwich. Though it may look slightly plain and bland but this is a sign of affirmation to let you know that no additive such as MSG or processed sugar and preservatives are added into all their food.

Salty Caramel Gâteau

Initially I wanted to order the Banana Fritters but too bad, they say it was not available that day. That certainly turn me down , so I asked the friendly waitress to recommend the most popular dessert , she gently pointed on the menu- Salty Caramel Gâteau , and I nodded. 
I actually pretty enjoy this dessert compared to the ubiquitous dessert like cakes and ice creams. It was a healthy version dessert,assemble of apple and nuts coated with salty caramel, macademia nuts and medjool date,and it taste equally delicious as those sinful desserts out there. 
The center of the dessert was fully flavored with medjool date and salted caramel, sweet and salty; you also get to taste the teeny-weeny bits of chunky coconut every here and there, very interesting.

If you feel like having a feel-good day by eating healthily , do give this place a try as they offers an extension of exclusive healthy menu (you can check out their online menu on their website provided in this blogpost) and desserts that is uncommon and delicious. I will definitely be back for the Banana Fritters (non-deep fry version) next time.

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  1. such healthy food, the interior look so simple and clean. Too bad they r closed on sunday... eh what happened to the last picture?

    1. Dono what happened eh.. simply over exposed? hahaha.. ;D
      They are opened for dinner liao! Bring le gf there!!;D

  2. I love banana, I want the pancake, please.....

    1. AHAHAHA! They offer a lot more than banana and pancakes! You should try them!^^

  3. Why never wait for meeeeeeeeeeee? =(

  4. Banana pancake! Healthily delicious. I would wanna try their soya too!

  5. Yummo! Salted caramel and banana pancakes - two favs. :-)

  6. Healthy eating? Ummmm...I think I'll pass. LOL!!!

  7. Been to Tan & Tan before; there's a little parking problem when I went there.

    It's such a pity that they are closed on Sundays. Traffic is rather smooth on that day.

    How are the prices, though?

    1. So sorry I didnt keep the resit, but I remember the price range is RM10-RM20 ...


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