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Ichiro Sushi Bar @Isetan, One Utama

It's been almost a month I've been depriving myself from Japanese cuisine and I am so glad I had the chance to get them fixed after my final year one exam. Ichiro , one of the well known place that offers fresh and premium quality sashimi and sushi , (highly recommended by one of my foodie friend, KC) hence, it explains why I was there. 

KC claims that he had been there for more than 8 times since Ichiro started their business since last May, what a good way to convince me how satisfying their sushi are and you might just never get enough of it.

Japanese Tuna Middle Belly Nirgiri (2 pieces) RM36.00

Nothing goes wrong with the intrinsic factor of the Tuna belly .
Fine texture, fresh flavors ,and fats are evenly distributed. They simply add up to the word 'divine'.
I love the fact that their sushi are small enough to fit in my diminutive mouth; their short-grain rice were well seasoned with vinegar , each grain has the just right amount of stickiness, where all of them stick firmly together, but not till such extend that it becomes an amorphous mash of rice and they easily unfurl once they were in contact with my palate. 

Look at the finely scattered thin white lines , doesn't that look appealing to you? 
Well, at least it does to me.
The tuna belly was absolutely tender and delicate , it taste great even if you eat it on its own. 
Well, I guess simplicity is really the best.

Sanma Nigiri (2 Piece) RM10

Sanma also known as 'qiu dao yu'(秋刀魚) in chinese, meaning 'autumn knife fish' in reference to its body shape, somewhat resembling a knife and its peak season. 
Sanma is comparatively leaner compared to tuna belly and  has a compact and flaky mouthfeel because it has less fats;  somewhat fishy , but I presume that was its very own characteristics. 
Chef did a great job by topping them with some scallions to enhance and balance the overall flavor .

Mackerel Nigiri (2 Piece). RM10

If you have not been educated on how to eat sushi, the correct way is to best let the sushi warm for a few minutes before eating. The reason behind is simply because if the fish is too cold, you won't be able to really taste the fresh flavors . A good nigiri should have a very clean and light taste , both rice and the sashimi ratio must be 50:50 ,too. 
( P/S: I know this because I've done a plethora of researches regarding Sushi for one of my major assignment last month). 

Buri (2pieces) RM21

My favorite pick that night , Buri. 
Buri  also known as the Japanese amberjack or yellowtail. It has a rich and buttery flavor, remarkably smooth texture ,they just glide down the throat so easily without much effort ... the yum factor is definitely there. Thumbs up for this! 

Dragon Roll. (RM18)

Made with Unagi (eel), Japanese Cucumber, tamago and cream cheese. 
It made me stunned for a moment once I stuff everything into my little mouth, it's hard to believe that such simple ingredients can create such wondrous sushi roll... The sweet taste from the teriyaki sauce, the melt-in-your-mouth eel, the creamy cream cheese, crunchy cucumber and spongy tamago .
Though I am not a big fan of rice or sushi, but the complex flavor and a variety of sushi that Ichiro has to offer simply fascinates me.

Tsubugai Nigiri (2piece) RM28

My sushi journey that night doesn't just end there, we ordered another one from the ipad that has caught our attention- Tsubugai . Tsubugai is a kind of Japanese whelk.
Despite the fact that is fresh, you would also need extra energy and gum strength for mastication as it's chewy and crunchy ,followed by a slightly fishy musk as the aftertaste. 

Tsubugai no.2. :P

Still, this is tsubugai, though the appearance is slightly different from the first one. 

Sesame Ice Cream. RM6 (2 scoops)
YUZU sorbet RM7 (2 Scoops)

Dessert to denote a sweet ending. If you ask me which one to choose, I would go for the Yuzu flavor.
The winning point was simply because it has lemon zest in it, very refreshing and it aids digestion after stuffing myself with so much sushi. 

I like the fact that the system here is very organized. You can actually place down your order with the ipad provided, very user friendly , even my grandmother knows how to use it, with lots of pictures and price clearly displayed on the ipad screen; it also helps you to keep track of what you have ordered, and monitor your total bill before you over spend. Although the price is still slightly on the high side compared to some other sushi joints, but I think every penny of yours will be well spent at Ichiro as you will only get the finest catch of the day . 

Ichiro Sushi Bar
Tel: 03 7726 5899
2nd Floor, Eat Paradise,
Isetan Bandar Utama City Center.

Tel: 03- 7726 5899
Business Hour: 11am - 10pm

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  1. I like dragon rolls...

  2. Oh boy, I guess I'll have to give this place a miss. Rarely patronize 1U nowadays.

    I'm a big fan of both sashimi and sushi; was pretty much educated on the right way of eating sushi too: instead of throwing the whole wasabi into the shoyu, it's best to dip the sushi into the shoyu with a little of the wasabi on top.

    I don't see any soft shell crab sushi?

    1. hmm.. I guess I didnt see any soft shell crab on their menu either..;P
      I guess tht's yr fav huh?;P

  3. It looks fabulous. Makes me hungry.


  4. wooahhh... the Japanese Tuna Middle Belly Nirgiri must be really good but damn pricy le

    1. MEMANG! mei you cuo! Hahaha.. sedap oo.. tho the price is on the high side...

  5. And I tot u din have energy tat day...LOL! :P

    1. Hahaha..After my weekend rest I sudah recover liao!;D

  6. I have been craving for good sushi too! And now, I am looking at this....the crave level just increased by 200 %

  7. huhu~ i will like whatever sushi~ thanks for sharing the price too~

  8. What lovely presentation on those leaves.

  9. Looks good... so as the price. :P

    Didn't know there's a premium sushi outlet in 1 Utama. But then again, I rarely go there. Hehe.

    1. Yeah, this place is a hideout.. you need to search for it, it's behind Menya Musashi.. inside Isetan! ;D

  10. wahhh.. you sipek hoh giak.. so expensive sushi..

    i chiak beh ki eh . . jelly. .


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