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High Tea @ Pavilion Lounge, Sheraton Imperial KL

In the name of good food, Sheraton's scones are definitely one of the best that I've tried, well, you can also say that they rank the first place in my heart. Yes, their scones. 

You already know how much I love afternoon tea, the little bites, the balance of sweet and savory, the oodles of cream, jams, and curds, the hours devoted to relaxation and of course, a hot pot of tea. 
Afternoon tea is such a special treat and even though it may not fit a modern lifestyle it is good especially on holidays(Yes,I'm on my holiday!).

A variety of High Tea buffet selection .

My afternoon tea couldn't be better without these.The sandwiches are made with traditional filings such as buttered bread with tuna and egg mayo, dainty cakes, macaroon ,fresh strawberry and not to forget, a warm pot of TWG Tea - I've opted for Oolong Tea, which has a slightly green and fresh bouquet aroma, best goes with dessert! 

Thin crepes sat atop of a bed of berries compote ,then decorated with some passion fruit pulp.They were all very well presented in a martini glass, such a pretty dessert ! 

There are actually a master behind all these exquisite desserts, Mr.Chan- the head pastry chef. He and his team that prepares everything on the table daily to ensure their customer only get to savour the best and freshest dessert each time they visit. 

A bite of my favourite crumbly, dough-y raisin scone, followed by a sip of TWG Oolong Tea; incessant chatter and laughter, gossiping and giggling with friends for the whole afternoon had made my day even better.

TWG tea in their 'loose' form. 

Freshly brewed TWG Sakura Sakura.

If you're a coffee addict (like me), and still prefer to have a cup of latte to go with your cakes and pastries ,then by all means, order it! 

If you make me coffee daily without asking, then you know I love you. 
Yes, I am not ashamed of admitting I'm a coffee addict.

Pavilion Lounge at Sheraton is undoubtedly a fine place to take tea. I like the cozy ambiance which make it an ideal nooks for enjoying a leisurely afternoon nibbling warm scones, petite cakes and finger sandwiches with friends and family. Sheraton is also the only hotel that offers full range TWG Teas.
The high tea will be complimented with sandwiches and pastry specially prepared by Sheraton's maestro team and this promotion is priced at RM40++ per person and served from 2.00pm to 6.00pm daily.

Pavilion Lounge @ Sheraton Imperial Hotel, KL

Sheraton Imperial
Jalan Sultan Ismail
50250 KL

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  1. Absolutely love the pictures!!!! Good catching up that afternoon!!! A wonderful way to chill:D

  2. RM40++ for the variety of pastry they offer and good tea, it's definitely worth it. Shall go check out this place and drink tea like a tai tai one day, must try out the scones you mentioned too!

  3. Wooo, the desserts are so tempting! :P

  4. The afternoon tea looks a lot better than when I had it here. Esp the macarons and scones, would love to give it another chance.

  5. they have more variety in the high tea wor, seems much better as compared to my visit

  6. many selection for high tea! Shall try out this place one day ^^

  7. this is high class high tea! LOL

  8. Oh! It's actually not bad for the price. Thanks for sharing! I must make a trip soon hahahaha

  9. can i try the macaroons pls? =P


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