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Ruffino Wine Dinner is back at Villa Danieli!



Ruffino Wine Dinner is back at Villa Danieli, 
Sheraton Imperial Kuala Lumpur Hotel by popular demand

Wine enthusiasts, take note! Sheraton Imperial Kuala Lumpur Hotel has planned yet again, another exciting wine dinner experience and this time around invite you to savour one of Italy’s renowned wine brand; Ruffino at its’ beautiful free standing Italian country home, the Villa Danieli restaurant.

For the month of March, the hotel’s talented culinary team, headed by Italian Chef Alessandro Graziosi is set to showcase an array of celebrated authentic and traditional Italian cuisines to complement the delicate flavours of Ruffino wines. Guest can look forward to taste Low Temperature Roasted Italian Veal Strip Loin, Fresh Seared Yellow Fin Tuna Carpaccio; Pistachios Crusted Fois Gras and Port Terrine; The Chef`s Fresh Egg Fettuccini with Pan Seared Boston Lobster and so much more. The dish will be paired with exquisite vintage wine ranging from Ruffino Prosecco DOC , Orvieto Classico 2010, Chardonnay Toascana IGT, Riserva Ducale 2008 and Vin Santo del Chianti. 

The dinner started off with a glass Ruffino Prosecco DOC which tasted crisp, clean and delicate to the palate,and fine bubbles caressing the palate. It also gives hints of peach and apples, coupled with elegance and balance.

Next, we were served with some appetizer. The first appetizer was Burrata di Mozzarella di Bufala con insalata di pomodorini arrosto alla Mediterranea. 

It was Buffalo mozzarella`s Burrata with roasted cherry tomatoes salad Mediterranean style. The mozzarella cheese literally melts in the mouth instantly and I love how the cherry tomatoes sauce was added to accompany the mozzarella. Both elements complemented each other as they were able to bring out a flavor of balance.

Il Vitello Tonnato al Tartufo Villa Danieliu 

Low temperature roasted Italian Veal striploin, fresh seared yellow fin tuna carpaccio, tonnata sauce , fresh truffle. 
Absolutely fascinated by the yellow fin tuna. Pleasing to the eye, darling to the tongue. Everything taste even better after I wash it down with my glass of Ruffino.

Carpaccio di manzo Wagyu con asparagi bianchi, mousse di parmigiano e pinoli , rucola e chips di sedanorapa, riduzione di aceto balsamico, cristalli di Fior di Sale

Wagyu beef carpaccio, roasted white asparagus, parmesan cheese mousse, pine nuts, flower salt, arugula and celeriac chips with honey balsamic reduction.

ESTIVA Pomodoro, mozzarella, carpaccio di tonno pinne Gialle e crudaiola di verdure alla Mediterranea 

Pizza made with tuna carpaccio, tomato sauce, mozzarella and Mediterranean flavoured raw vegetable marinate salad.

PIEMONTESE Mascarpone, Toma Piemontese, scaglie di parmigiano e tartufo Uncinato slamellato, olio al tartufo bianco . 

It was made with Truffle oil and generous toppings of black Uncinato truffle coupled with Mascarpone Cheese, Toma Piemontese cheese and parmesan cheese shavings , loads of cheese goodness in it. I must admit that I fell head to toes over this pizza that night!

Sartu` di riso con ragout di manzo, fegatini alle erbe e Fontal. 
Oven crusted Tomato rice timbale filled with beef and chicken liver ragout, mozzarella, green beans and Fontal. 

Crema di funghi selvatici al tartufo con Shimeji croccanti , mousse di ricotta
Wild mushroom soup truffle scented with crispy Shimeji mushrooms and ricotta cheese mousse. The fragrance of mushroom was intensely potent and I must say that I enjoyed this soup until the last drop. 

Crema di broccoli piccante, aragostelle padellate e pane alla cenere fritto.

Spicy broccoli cream with sauté rock lobster, fried charcoal bread- This, is said to be my favourite that night. The broth alone was fantastically seasoned, and you can get some tiny chunks of broccoli here and there, followed by a mild spicy kick . It was utterly , totally,mightily  fabulous. *highly recommended*

Scottata di branzino al sale marinato, pomodorini confit e asparagi croccanti, emulsione di olive e finocchietto
Oven baked sea bass carpaccio with marinate sea salt, cherry tomatoes confit and crispy asparagus olives and fennel leaves emulsion. Every piece of fresh seabass that I put into my mouth, followed by a sip of wine was a bliss. I can never have enough of it.

Then we moved on to the Ruffino Riserva Ducale Chianti Classico DOCG 2008.
This wine has a very intense, velvety and crispy taste. It gives sensations of fragrant fresh fruit accompanied by steady yet gentle tannins, that exalt enjoyable spicy hints. The whole tasting sensation is enriched by a persistent finish, that is incredibly fresh and pleasantly mineral and presents an aftertaste with fascinating notes of rosemary.

Tagliolini ai funghi Porcini e Shimeji con burro bianco al tartufo e scaglie di parmigiano
Taglioloni egg pasta with Porcini and Shimeji mushroom in white truffle butter sauce and parmesan shavings
Rigatoni con ragout di manzo alla fiorentina, con basilco fresco e olio al pepoeroncino
Rigatoni pasta with spicy creamy Beef Ragout Florentine style, fresh basil and chili extra virgin olive oil
Spaghetti ai frutti di mare Villa Danieli
Villa danieli`s seafood spaghetti
Le fettuccine all` Aragosta di Boston dello Chef - Chef`s fresh egg fettuccini served with pan seared Boston Lobster. Although the egg pasta was a bit too soft that night, but I still love this immensely. Lobster was extremely fresh and succulent and tomato sauces was given in the just right amount to go with the pasta.

Risotto allo zafferano con guancia di manzo fondente e porri croccanti
Saffron risotto with melting beef cheek and crispy leeks. Holy moly, another favorite of mine that night, I really wish I can have more mouth or stomach to finish up all of this without wasting a single grain of risotto!!!! The beef was extremely tender and flavorful, you just don't need to chew them at all! You will experience the joy of eating if you try this ....and again, one word - stunning. 

*highly recommended*

Crespelle al Taleggio con funghi e asparagi.

 A delicate parcel of oven gratin folded Crepe sheet stuffed with Taleggio cheese, mushrooms and asparagus. At first I was puzzled when I put the entire parcel into my mouth, not knowing what was that and the taste actually surprised me. I like the multi-texture of this dish, the crunchy texture from the asparagus, the rubbery-soft mushroom, the ooey cheese..... I was delighted.

Cannelloni al nero di sepia ripieni di triglie e broccoli con guazzetto di cavolfiori alle vongole piccante . Red mullet and broccoli Squid ink cannelloni with cauliflower and clams spicy chowder. This is a very interesting dish in terms of the cooking style and the way they present it. If you haven't already know, the cannelloni has been added with squid ink , thus it explains the black color; cauliflower was blended and mashed to achieve a mashed-potato-like texture and stuffed into the cannelloni with some broccoli. Then added with some thick spicy and flavorful chowder. It was overall a super creative dish.


Medaglione di merluzzo alla Mediterranea con purea di ceci al limone. Cod medallion stew with Mediterranean vegetable in tangy tomato sauce, lemon chick pea mousse. Slightly sourish and sweet sauce, paired with the extremely tender, moist, and juicy Cod fish, a very appetizing and heavenly dish.

Controfiletto di Fassone Piemontese rosolato alle erbe, padellata di funghi misti, uova di quaglia poche` e fonduta di formaggi d` Alpeggio al tartufo, tartufo Uncinato - Fassone beef is roasted with herbs ,served with mixed mushrooms sauté`, poached quail eggs, Alps mountain`s cheeses and truffle fondue and fresh Uncinato truffle. 

Beef was cooked thoroughly without their texture being destroyed, perfectly poached (cute) quail eggs) and enticing truffle sauce.


Ossobuco di Vitello straccotto servito con il suo succo di cottura e polenta concia, gremolada.
Slowly braised Veal Ossobuco, cheesy polenta and brazing jus, lemon parsley gramolada.
The veal was insanely tender , perfectly seasoned and struck just the right balance of flavor . The polenta was cooked with stock to make it into a porridge-like consistency and it taste marvellous when you eat it with the jus. 

As we moved on to dessert , we have been served with the Ruffino Serelle Vin Santo Del Chianti DOC 2007, which has an intense aromas of candied fruit and notes of eucalypt honey with fresh hints of citrus fruits and an intriguing touch of cinnamon , nutmeg and dried fruit which goes very well with our dessert.

The platter of three desserts consist of the Secondi Di Pesce (Il cioccolatissimo dello Chef), better known as the luscious chocolate cake ; Il tiramisu Villa Danieli (Sheraton's signature Tiramisu) and Crema bruciata al rosmarino (Rosemary crème Brulee ). I personally love the rich and dense chocolate cake very much as it was not cloyingly sweet, and it has a slight bitterness. The creamy Tiramisu was garnished with chocolate flakes and dusted with some powdered cocoa which added some textures and more chocolatey flavor to the tiramisu and the to-die-for rosemary creme brulee. I had been missing this so much since I last visited this place a month ago, you can read it here: (Sheraton February Menu) and finally I get to satisfy my cravings. 

So if you have no idea where to dine on this week, why not indulge and pamper yourself and your loved ones with this exquisite Ruffino wine dinner. 

This exclusive dinner is only available from 4 March – 31 March.
Villa Danieli will be serving course menu starting from 3 course up to 5 course with a choice to pair with Ruffino Wine. 
The promotion is priced from RM140++ per person (food only) and RM270++ per person (food and wine). 

Ruffino Wine Dinner is available from now till 30th March 2013. Choose from:
• 3 Course at RM140++ add RM130++ with wine - 1 starter or soup or pasta, 1 main course, 1 dessert

• 4 Course at RM 170++ add RM160++ with wine - 1 starter or soup, 1 pasta, 1 main course, 1 dessert

• 5 Course at RM 200++ add RM200++ with wine - 1 starter or soup, 1 pasta, 1 main fish, 1 main meat, 1 dessert

Villa Danieli
5th floor

Sheraton Imperial Kuala Lumpur

Jalan Sultan Ismail

T: +603 2717 9922

For more information on Ruffino, visit

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  1. Scrumptious dinner with amazing pictures. Your pictures are so beautiful. Mesmerized.


  2. I totally love the fassone beef! Yummy!

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    that is a long list of food!!! lucky you..:P

  5. Oh, I'll fly to Sheraton Imperial for their pizza and pasta.

    And the wine, Chardonnay and Merlot included?

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  7. Nice. I like Italian...but I don't drink, not anymore.

  8. It makes me really hungry now after reading your post. I'm craving for italian in the middle of the night.

  9. so nice, every meal ends with a glass of wine.


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