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Old School @ Bandar Puteri , Puchong


Another porky restaurant has emerged in Bandar Puteri Puchong. With an exceedingly catchy name, contemporary old-school themed interior, and a variety of promising pork dishes had drew me into this restaurant. 

Took these picture surreptitiously ...
Take a look at their waitress's uniform, it's school uniform...! 
They really got me laughing , imagine all underage students are working in a restaurant, I found it rather hilarious. 

Spot that lil girl that is still cladding in her school uniform!
...heh, I know it's bad to take picture of people without them knowing,but it's definitely for a good cause . :P

They even have a colossal black board written with all sorts of formula which I couldn't fathom.
These formula must be from other planet I suppose. Well, I just have to admit that I loath mathematics. 
Don't ask me what is sin, cosine, tangent; ask me what's for dinner instead. 

Honey. RM4.90

Lime Juice. RM5.80

Old School Pork Shoulder Steak. RM22.90

The steak was ordinarily delicious, nicely grilled with some herbs and contributed an additional charred flavor on both surfaces of the steak; The potato wedges were deep fried until crispy  and paired with lightly buttered vege.  The highlight of this particular dish goes to the sweet-tomato-ish-and-caramelised-onion sauce , you can spread the entire jam-liked gravy on top of the venison and indulge. Meat lovers will definitely love this.

Look! It's still moist and juicy on the inside...

Carbonara Spaghetti RM14.90

Their pasta was mediocre, but I like the fact that they were not stingy with their mushrooms and diced bacon. It was overall acceptable with no complaints. The 'kick' just wasn't there. 
Ahh.. If you wish to search for good &real &authentic carbonara , you should visit Ante Kitchen & Bar at Publika : here

so if you happen to be around Puchong and wish to have your Carbonara craving fix, I think this might be the best choice( so far) . ;)

The white sauce was intensely rich and creamy, I love the viscosity as well as you swirl'em with your fork , you can easily noticed that each strand were evenly coated with the creamy,cheesy and sinful sauce. 

Old School Pork Salad RM14.90

My jaw dropped when my salad arrived as I never thought of they will serve such super-sized salad with this super-sized bowl, with loads and loads of greens. 
What caught my attention the most was the 'pork ingot' , aka pork lard, or commonly known as 'chee yau zha' (cantonese). 

A bountiful of deep-fried crispy pork lard( oh!such a sinful pleasure)  and sliced char-siu (lean cut meat), a bed of crunchy salad and diced cherry tomatoes and orange segments at the bottom, dress with a copious amount of pineapple puree ( I suspect they used canned pineapple). 
It was indeed a very zesty and healthy salad....but, I prefer them to be more light-handed on the pineapple dressing as I found it to be overly sweet for my liking. 

Pork and Chicken burger. RM19.90

Double the patty, double the joy!
I immediately thought of My Burger Lab when I saw the black charcoal bun. 
''Hey , everywhere are selling charcoal bun already, we need not to queue for an hour or more for burger lab anymore! Yahoo'' I murmured to myself. 

I must say that this burger taste as delicious as its appearance. 
The extremely crispy yet not greasy chicken patty was , ugh, heavenly; and the pork patty taste equally delicious too , slightly moist and flavorful. *thumbs up*

...With just enough bit of mayonnaise and chili sauce, the burger vanished in just less than five minutes...

By eating this burger is undeniably going to cause you a little mess but I can assure you one thing, this little baby worth getting your hands dirty. 

TEL : 03 8066 6966

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  1. well, this restaurant seems to be have a nice concept keyword using "old school"~ will visits it one day~

  2. Menu looks good...alas, I just measured my fat mass...I am 24%fat so totally skip these for a while and time to get back to the dance studio,.... :( hu hu hu!!!

  3. The food does not look old school to me...and those are definitely no old-school prices. I imagine they would be selling stuff that students get in the school canteen. That would be horrible, wouldn't it? LOL!!!

  4. The food looks good and I like the charcoal bun! :)

    Puchong eh? It's a little far from where I am but I do go there.

    I love the name of the place too - Old School indeed. Heh.

  5. The charcoal bun looks lovely too; hope it is dense enough to keep the diner happily satisfied.

    I do like the presentation of the salads, though. Plain, simple and gorgeous enough to catch the eye.

    I have a couple of haunts that I head to during my spaghetti cravings, but Bandar Puteri Puchong sounds a little out of my way too. =/

  6. What fun! Are those real school uniforms the waitstaff are wearing?

  7. I was inside the restaurant a few weeks ago and no one served me so I walked away slowly.


  8. This looks fun and yummy. Will check them ou during CNY!


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