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Ippudo Ramen @Pavilion KL


IPPUDO was founded in 1985 in Japan's ramen capital of Hakata by Shigemi Kawahara, the internationally renowned Ramen King. There are over 60 IPPUDO restaurants in Japan, and globally in New York, Hong Kong, Singapore, Sydney, Shanghai , Taiwan, and Korea...
and now it's in the heart of Malaysia- Kuala Lumpur!

The attention to detail and hospitable service translate to quality dining in a modest establishment with a decor and ambiance that hints at a sophistication and quality.

Walking into this Red and White themed restaurant, I noticed they have paid a lot of attention by using spoon and bowl to decorate the walls instead of anything else that you could probably think of.

Photos taken from Ippudo's FB page.

The dinner started off with a few of the side dishes as below:

Goma Q
Fresh Japanese cucumber with sesame. Very crunchy and fresh cucumber with a very light sesame oil dressing and a teeny bit of chili flakes sprinkled on top . 
I love the fragrant sesame oil aftertaste .

Gorgeous plating I must say... Just a little trick by trimming the bottom of the cucumber to provide a flat surface for'em to stand straight up , displaying the best aesthetic beauty of the dish, well done chef.

Crispy Corn

Smoked-taste corn, crisp and addictive!

The only imperfection of the corn was that I found it was a tad too oily for me, otherwise the corn taste great. It was coated with some light battered and then deep fried , then shower with some powdered chili and sprinkle with some seaweed flake as the finishing garnish.

It was quite a joy to eat apart from the grease that might tint your lips with glossy sheen. 

Pork Bun
An all-time favorite Steamed bun with braised pork and IPPUDO's original sauce.

This is said to be my favorite that night. By judging with my palate, the pork slice has a relatively leaner cut, with just the correct, precise amount of fats for my liking. It was lightly seared to allow Maillard reaction  (the browning of the meat) to occur, resulting in a very distinctive flavor and color . The texture of the pork was , uh,  bloody good ... the white bun was as delicious as those fresh pau that has been freshly steamed out from the wok. 
Although it is dainty, and does not comes cheap, which is RM7 per portion as you see above, I would still pay for it as I rarely find such superb porkie bun.

Curry Cheese Haru Maki

Deep-fried curry spring rolls. 
At first I thought the yellowish sauce was mustard, but my fellow dining mates corrected me that it was actually curry cheese. It was cream cheese mixed with curry powder. The curry taste was mild and undetectable ; the cheese somehow taste like mayonnaise but overall it taste good.

I must relate the curry spring rolls with curry puffs ,as the fillings is totally the same as what we normally eat , just served in a different form of spring rolls, and still, I found it was too oily for me. I can literally shake of the excess oil while I was picking that morsel up with my chopsticks.

Hakata-style Soup Gyoza
Next , we had IPPUDO's original tonkutsu broth with boiled gyoza. 
The gyoza skin was wonderfully smooth and could just glide down your throat without much effort of chewing, the pork filling however was lack of some flavor that couldn't be described. 

Spicy Shrimp Mayo
Lightly battered and deep-fried succulent prawns with homemade spicy mayonnaise dip.

If you are like me , a food pornographer who is constantly trying to capture food in every possible angle just to take the best shot of it , be prepared that you will ended up eating cold foods, and the suppose-to-be crispy tempura skin turns out to be not blame anyone for the defects. 

But in this case, the shrimp had no sign of crispiness , no, not to the eyes or even the tongue.
Although it was cold (Yeah I can take the blame) but it was nicely flavored. The chili mayo was not too spicy nor overwhelming , the shrimp was succulent and plumpy, I would not say it is a bad choice for you if you want something to nosh on , just bear in mind you gotta eat everything fast before they turn  you down. 

Shiromaru Motoaji
IPPUDO's original tonkotsu broth served wtih ultra-thin noodles, belly chashu, bean sprouts, kikurage &spring onions. 
A classic Hakata-style ramen, the broth taste commonly good, and is free of the usual smell of pork with a very light aftertaste, it is the best choice for ladies who prefer a lighter version of ramen.

Although the belly chashu is not as big as Menya Musashi Ramen, but it was sliced thinly, with 50:50 ratio of lean meat and fats, rendering the melt-in-your mouth kind of pleasure when you stuff everything into your mouth. And that orgasmic expression you showed after that. I don't know about you but that's what I enjoyed the most in every bowl of ramen. 

Akamaru Shinaji
Ippudo's original tonkatsu broth enhanced with special blended miso paste and fragrant garlic oil. Served with thin noodles, belly chashu, kikurage and spring onions. A refined, modern-style ramen.
Oh , did I forget to mention that the friendly staffs will normally ask you whether you want your ramen to be hard, normal or soft?
I would advise you to go for hard ramen because your ramen will turns soft eventually by the time you're about to finish your ramen. It also means that you get to eat three types of noodle in one go, hard-normal-soft, instead of soft-softer-soggy. 

The akamaru shinaji pork broth has a hint of miso flavor in it as well as the garlic oil. I still prefer they put more garlic into the soup to give it a really potent pungent garlic kick. 
After taking the first sip of the soup, there's a mild incline of spiciness began to linger on my palate, and I truly enjoyed it. 

The soup was slightly more flavorful than the first ramen, and I guess the secret recipe of the soup goes to..... the pork lard!!
With every strands of ramen that you slurp into comes with these multifarious flavor such as salty, spicy, umami and also the pork flavor. 

IPPUDO's original tonkotsu broth with special spicy miso &ground pork. 

The ground pork's appearance is very similar to bolognese sauce( the one you normally eat with pasta). It was sweet, thick and flavorful and pack with a spicy kick of miso. This Karaka-men has the boldest flavor among these three types of ramen that I've sampled, and this was my favorite choice of ramen that night. 
Just make 100% sure that you don't spend too much time taking picture of the food, your ramen must be eaten while it's still hot and by this you'll be sure to get to taste the best quality of IPPUDO's ramen. 

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Lot C4.07.00, 
Connection Level 4, 
Pavilion KL, 
No 168, 
Jalan Bukit Bintang
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The True Ramen Experience - Now Open 7 days a week\
Business hour: 11am - 11pm

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  1. Saw this in Kelly Siew's. Not into ramen - would go for our own local noodles anytime...but other than the ramen, some of the other things sure look good. Love their presentation, very nice.

    1. Haha.. it's the hype kl... and there are more ramen shop I still haven't pay a visit... xP

  2. The pork bun looks good and cute. Reckon that seems to be everyone's clear fave for that night.

    1. Yeap! But not ciki... ciki doesn't reckon that...xP sho sad right..?

  3. Love the ramen with original tonkotsu broth & the pork bun! :D

    1. Haha! Me tooooooo!!! *high five* so sorry didn't get To say hi to u that day as I was Rushing bck... :P catch u up next round! :)

  4. oh wow! cant wait to try this! how does it compare to the other ramen we now have? :)

    1. It all depends on individual preferences.. I wouldn't say it's great but it's not bad too... it's hard to find a ramen shop in Malaysia which the soup, chashu, ramen tht are equally proportional in terms of taste.. some have superb broth but sub-par ramen, some have fantastic chashu but disappointing broth and vice versa.. ^^

      However I think ippudo is everything in between... it was overall. Average. ;)

  5. Ippudo is finally in M'sia? Cool! Ippudo is very popular in S'pore....

    1. yeapp! Heard of that too! But in my point of view, it is not the best (yet). ;)

  6. So would you recommend us to try out this overpriced ramen? :P I heard quite a number of disappointing review though.

    1. Yeah... just go and try and judge it yourself. haha.. cause all of us have different palate.

  7. good ramen? i wonder how the crispy corn taste like... eh ur DSLR no more jor?

    1. personally I don't think there's anything wrong with the ramen..;) Dont have a DSLR all the time la

  8. Eunice, I like the decor of this place... very nice. So far heard mixed reviews about this place... but I still wanna go lah.

    1. heheh! Yeah.. I think we should at least try once so taht we know what we like or dislike ^^

  9. Love the melt-in-your-mouth chashu, wish it can be thicker :P

    1. haha..i think it is the just right amount for me...nyummmm nyumm~!

  10. I enjoyed my bowl of ramen and will come back again for more.


  11. What a fantastic restaurant, just love the interior and the food.


  12. The restaurant looks opulent!

    I hope the prices are affordable (since Pavilion's rental is on the high side).

  13. Awesome pork bun right? I wish we had more servings!

  14. Didn't manage to try them last weekend due to the long queue. Would love to know if they are as good as the one I had in Singapore.

  15. Can you believe that we've yet to try any of the new (actually, most of them aren't so new anymore also :p) ramen places in town?! I only always visit Ajisen Ramen cause it's near my workplace. Guess the ramen craze hasn't hit us yet, and somehow... we don't really crave ramen when we're out either. Maybe we should start this weekend!


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