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Valentine Ti Amo @Favola ,Le Meridien



 True love is hard to find especially the ones of a kind, but to have your best friend as the love of your life is simply magical. Have an intimate Valentine with your beloved at the award wining restaurants at Le Méridien Kuala Lumpur.

Nothing says Ti’ Amore more than a romantic rendezvous at Favola, Le Méridien Kuala Lumpur’s Italian restaurant. Favola means fable in Italian and the experience begins as the diner walks through the open galleries into a rustic Italian setting reminiscent of the renaissance era. 

 Favola offers quirky, eclectic menu and a relaxed, calm ambiance . It is a eminent fine dining restaurant in Kuala Lumpur .Behind the elegant and luxurious atmosphere was a serious kitchen, putting out really good , inventive food. 

Eye-catching sophisticated chandelier ...

Walking into this glamorous restaurant, Favola has a treasure to behold the on the wall - The bronze effigies.

Grandiose sight!

14th FEBRUARY 2013
Valentine Ti Amo
Dinner menu 2013
RM 160++ per person
RM 300++ per couple
RM 380++ per couple with a bottle of wine

Freshly baked Ciabatta, Foccacia and Bread sticks .
Swapping in dried chili flakes for the ciabatta gives the breads a subtle yet delightful hot boost, adding a hint of chili aroma while still delivering the doughy flavor that the recipe needs. .. . 
In all honesty, I could not get enough of this bread, love them all... literally fell for all of them. ALL.
It was remarkably addictive, far more better than Gardenia or High Five . LOL
 hard and crusty on the outside, chewy soft on the inside... 

...the plus point was when paired with the dip that comes along with the bread, it was lifted up into another higher level of deliciousness.

Everything taste as heavenly as you can imagine. . . 
The beetroot puree does not taste like beetroot, but the color itself was able to make me fall for it; The apple & celery dip was equally tasty as the beetroot, no elaboration needed, go try it yourself.
 I wish I could mopped up the entire dip with the remaining breads if I do not need to sample the rest of the dish that night. and that was my one and only regret.... *heart wrenching*

Aperitivo (mise en bouche)
Espuma di patate
salame filo manzo e parmigiano nuvola

Potato espuma
Beef salami floss and parmesan cloud

The light froth rest on a thin pool of lovely, cheesy parmesan cloud and was embellished by a dust of beef salami floss that delivered a potent, salty , bold- beefy flavor. 
Do not be deceived by the appearance of the parmesan cloud, the texture was extremely light and foamy, yet has a pleasant,  robust cheesy aroma  minus the queasiness feature that cheese possesses. 

Antipasto ( appetizer)
Insalata di aragosta del Maine, tonno scottato in crosta chermoula, decapaggio ravanello e hering caviale perla sorbetto di pomodoro

Salad of Maine lobster, seared chermoula crusted tuna,
Rose pickling radish and herring pearl caviar on tomato sorbet

A deftly composed dish, melding a suite of wonderful , wintry flavors and textures ranging from delicate to rubbery to grainy.

Maine Lobster - achingly fresh and rubbery lobster, lightly dressed with zesty orange dressing and rocket leaves.

Seared chermoula(herbs+garlic) garlic tuna resting atop of the rose pickling radish .
The charred garlicky flavor was all I can taste at the first bite, then slowly took over by the mild chermoula ... 

Tomato Sorbet with caviar. 

Absolutely toothsome, my teeth screamed with joy when the tomato sorbet was having an affair with my tongue. The chilly , grainy , refreshing tomato sorbet was sweet and balmy;  caviar was added to give a salty contrast to the sacchariferous  sorbet too! 

A candid shot of Chef Antoine, taken while he's explaining/expressing his passion for food...

Primi piatti (entree)
Re Cappasanta, crema di spugnole, spinaci, tartufo fresco filo
King scallops, morel cream, wilted spinach, truffle crisp filo

The unfussy presentation puts more demands on the huge, fresh scallop to carry the dish. Slightly seared on both sides then sit on the wilted spinach. The truffle crisp filo are at once delicate, thanks to their being rolled out thin and flaky, and yield just the right bite-sized diameter, not to forget to thank the morel cream that gives an additional rich and creamy flavor to the entire dish.

Does it makes your mouth flood with saliva just by looking at that fresh and cushiony soft scallop with glistening sheen...?

I secondi piatti (main course)
Trota salmonata curati scottato con salsiccia gambero,
tortelli di zucca, nero di seppia maionese e scatto pisello

Pan-seared cured salmon trout with prawn sausage,
Pumpkin tortelli, squid ink mayo and snap pea

Wait, did I just mentioned prawn sausage?
Have you ever heard or try before? I bet you not!

Seafood is a staple protein in Italian diets, hence it is no surprise that you found most item in the menu falls on the seafood category, hence explained the white meat used in the sausage!Brilliant idea I must say!

Cut sundried tomatoes are tucked here and there, and carefully brushed squid ink mayonnaise is drifted across the plate to give a discernible contrast to the other colorful element on the plate.

The orange-colored salmon was placed outstandingly at the center of the plate, adorned with other delightful colors , vary- in -shape ingredients. It was indeed love at the first sight. 

The Salmon was marinated with salt and sugar beforehand, then it was steamed , followed by pan seared to attain such flavor and 'compact' texture. 

.....if fish is not what you prefer, I would recommend you to opt for the other main course choice of warm beef terrine, home made Italian sausage and pan seared foie gras with boiled purple potato, arugula puree and charred baby carrot. carrot? I would prefer to name it emaciated carrot. LOL

Terrina di manzo caldo aromatizzato con l'italiano salsiccia affumicata e scottato foie gras, bollito di patate viola, rucola purea e bambino di carote

The warm beef terrine was divine, you can find ample cubes of  smokey Italian sausage every here and there stuffed in the terrine;  The foie gras was seared to perfection,soft and creamy on the inside.The refreshing green arugula puree and charred baby carrot complemented the dish as both ingredients nutritionally helps to achieve a balance between this high-protein entree.

To end the evening on a sweet note, the chef has created for the lovebirds a cherry soup with yoghurt ice cream and chocolate wafer. 

Dolci (dessert)
Zuppa di ciliegie con gelato di yogurt e cialda al cacao
Cherry soup with yoghurt ice cream and chocolate wafer

The cherry soup was loaded with natural fructose and intense purple color. The flavor is nothing but pure and natural  cherry ;  the yogurt ice cream is rich and airy, or somewhere in between; in the depth of its sweetness, the dessert approaches the all-natural-no-sugar-added jam that I used to buy and store in my little pantry, apart from being more watery and diluted. . . all in all, it taste incredibly delicious, a taste with a syrupy punch that satisfies.

Other than the Valentine Set Menu, there are also specially made Valentine cakes available at Latitude 03 during the period 11thFeb - 17th Feb. Cakes must be pre-order one day in advance.

The White Knight - What a gorgeous name !
Moist chocolate cake layered with vanilla soft custard.
Price : RM150 nett (whole cake)

White chocolate is used , sandwiched in between the dense-dark chocolate sponge cake, then covered with white chocolate ... Simply delicious! 

Besides that, If you prefer something less sweet, you can opt for Chocolate Guanaja Cake - which is made from 70% bitter dark chocolate cream, crispyhazelnut praline flakes and walnut brownies.

Price :RM150 nett (whole cake)/ RM12 nett per slice.

Favola’s Valentine’s set dinner is priced at RM300++ per couple and at RM380++ per couple (inclusive of a bottle of red wine).


For couples with a penchant for variety, the luscious spread at Latest Recipe is sure to delight. The restaurant presents an array of Indian, Malay, Chinese, Japanese and Western favourites. The buffet dinner is available at RM250++ per couple and at RM330++ per couple (inclusive of a bottle of red wine).


Capture the heart of your beloved with a romantic 5-course Valentine’s Love Treasure set dinner at PRIME. With every course representing a different meaning of true love, couples will enthralled by the selection of menu crafted by Executive Chef Antoine Rodriguez and his team. Start of the romantic evening with a starter “Mutual Feeling” that features fresh Irish Rokin oysters Rockefeller with seared trout, cauliflower panacotta, beef bacon chives dressing and truffle potato espuma. Next course, morel consomme with thin slice kobe beef and enoki mushroom, really spells “Perfect Love”.

Of course not forgetting, the main course “Our Romantic Moments” offers a choice of either delicious Tournedos Rossini seared foie gras, toasted brioche glazed with truffle sauce, wagyu sirloin, grill artichoke, mushroom ragout stuffed in candle pasta season with crushed Sarawak pepper sauce OR charcoal-grilled half Boston lobster accompanied with braised jumbo asparagus and smoked black cod gateau crustacean emulsion. Then, end the romantic night with an “Endless Love Valrhona Choco-art” that comprises of decadent orange chocolate cream covered with hazelnut caramelia milk chocolate and rose candy ice cream. This beautifully created dinner is priced at RM380++ per couple and at RM480++ per couple (inclusive of a bottle of red wine).

PRIME’s promotion 
 5 Courses Valentine’s Menu  
RM 208++ per person 

Mutual Feelings  
Fresh Irish Rockin' Oysters Rockefeller 
Seared trout, cauliflower panacotta and beef bacon chives dressing   
Truffle potato espuma 

Perfect Love 
Morel consommé  
Thin slice kobe beef, enoki mushroom  

My Treasured  
Coconut Granite    
Pineapple tart tatin 

Our Romantic Moments  
Tournedos Rossini, seared foie gras ,toasted brioche, truffle sauce 
 Wagyu sirloin, grill artichoke 
Mushroom ragout stuffed in candle pasta  
Crashed Sarawak pepper sauce 

Charcoal grilled half Boston lobster 
 Braised jumbo asparagus and smoked black cod gateau  
Crustacean emulsion   

 Endless Love 
Valrhona Choco-art 
Light orange chocolate cream 
Hazelnut Caramelia milk chocolate 
Rose candy ice cream 

Come and celebrate the joy of love at Le Méridien Kuala Lumpur. Lovebirds can choose from a variety of dining options or partake in an exclusive cooking session with our award-winning culinary chefs.

For further discoveries please visit
call Dining Reservations : +603 2263 7434. 

Prices mentioned are subject to 10% service charge and 6% government tax.

Le Méridien
Kuala Lumpur
2 Jalan Stesen Sentral
Kuala Lumpur Sentral
50470 Kuala Lumpur

N 3o 9’ E 101o 42’

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  1. Food is really fancy and delicate ! same goes to the price ! hahah

    1. Yeah. But it's okay to indulge and splurge once a year haha!

  2. I think Chef Antoine would be quite mortified at the comparison of his breads with Gardenia and High 5, not to mention the reference to his lobster as "rubbery"! :-P

    1. It was rubbery-soft and springy! but not rigid and inflexible! I like !;D

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  3. it's very grand for a valentine dinner. wish that i can have this too.

  4. Food looks good. Oooo...the White Knight!!! Slurpssss!!!! Servings a bit too small for me, I'm afraid. Hehehehehe!!!!!

  5. Love the ambiance and bread. The food and presentation looks awesome! :)

    1. Yes Huai Bin.. I loveeeee the breads!! ALOT!!!
      and they certainly look pleasing to the eyes...

    2. Indeed! Great photography! :)

  6. PRIME’s promotion 5-course Valentine’s Menu
    RM 208++ per person
    Poor thing! Valentine's Day dinner...alone! Muahahahahaha!!!!!

  7. OMG! the white knight is like so darn awesome weyy!!!

    1. yupp! The name itself is already very extraordinary..

  8. Wow! Food looks delicious and I love the ambience! : )

    1. the food is indeed yummy! Needless to say about the ambiance.. so romantic and relaxing..

  9. Oh ya! This year's Valentine's Day is about the same time as Chap Goh Meh. :D

    1. yah! didnt realize that ehhh!!! ;D so r u celebrating valentines or?

  10. Woww! Such a fancy Valentine's dinner :) Food looks wonderful!! Love your photos - a great write up.

    1. Thanks Ming, for dropping by! ;D and thank u so much for your compliment.

  11. I am enjoying every bit of this post. The photos were amazing. I've already melted before it reaches the dessert at the bottom. Awesome !

    1. thanks SY! ;D am happy to know that ! heheheh! do drop by more often ya!

  12. Wow! All the dishes were nicely presented! <3

  13. Wow! It looks utterly incredible

    What a beautiful hotel, with a fun quirky restaurant, a nice setting for romance :) xxx

  14. hrrm , feel like lick the salmon plate now :D


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