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Qu Tai Pei @ SS2 , Petaling Jaya

Been targeting this restaurant for quite some time ever since they are opened, but there are too many choices around PJ area and I always ended up not choosing this restaurant. 

I've finally made up my mind to walk-in on a fine afternoon with my two of my beloved brothers. 
Browsed through the menu , ordered the typical dish that can be found everywhere. 

Honey Lemon.

Minced Meat Rice Set (魯肉飯套餐) (RM9.95)

Taiwanese style Sauerkraut , cabbage marinated with vinegar. 
It gives a little sourish astringency which I found it very appetizing. 

Soy sauce marinated egg .

Minced pork rice!
I personally think that they are slightly stingy on the minced meat, it was not enough to go with the white rice. I probably have polished off the minced meat and left behind half bowl of untouched rice. 
Flavor wise was ... okay, typically tasty because of the lard that is presented inside the meat itself.

Oyster meesua. (Thin strand chinese noodle with oyster). 
Immersed in thick and starchy broth together with a punch of intense mashed garlic flavor in . It was cold though... I weren't sure whether it was meant to be cold (room temperature). But I would prefer it to be piping hot.

 Deep fried tofu. 

Dark soy sauce beancurd block. 

''Zha Jiang Mien'' -Bird's eye chili noodle.

This will be my fave pick in the restaurant. 
I love the texture of the noodle, it taste somewhat like pan mee, but more chewy and springy, like thick wan tan mee. It may look ordinary to you but don't be cheated by it's appearance. It was spicy , the level of spiciness can easily  fire up your tongue , but I love this to the core. . . The minced meat goes very well with it - a lil bit hint of saltiness, spiciness, sweetness, combined with a complex texture of the venison and noodles .... bliss. 

Would certainly drop by for the spicy noodle another day! ;)

Fun Taipei Teacafe SS2
No. 9, jalan SS2/64,
47300 Petaling Jaya,
Selangor Darul Ehsan
Tel: 03-78772555

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  1. nice! i haven't tried this one yet, but i guess i can remember it for a day when i'm craving some minced meat, noodles, eggs and bean curd :D

    1. HAHA! U sure or not?;P you have too many to-eat-list lar..;P

  2. I love their crispy friend chicken, you should try it^^

  3. Yay, I see the minced meat. It's quite a popular snack in Taiwan, I believe.

    It's definitely worth a try - although I'll have a hard time looking for it. Am so not familiar with SS2. =(

  4. minced meat rice seems delicious to me! =D

  5. Very nice shots esp the oyster mee sua. Makes me hungry!

  6. Cute ambience. I like the stone serving counter.

  7. Ok...looks nice but for this kind of stuff, nicer and cheaper at the stalls. Places like this - usually quite good, good paying for the comfort.

  8. Room temperature mee sua doesn't sound right. Cold mee sua (as in those cold Japanese soba noodles) would be interesting to try.

    I like the look of the minced rice set though. :)


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