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Plan B @Paradigm Mall

If plan A doesn't works, you still have plan b, you still have 25 more letters to choose .

Drafted this post ages ago , haven't get to finish up the simple writing , hence explained the delayed post. 
* wide grin*

Esspresso double shot. RM7

Mocha-  RM10

I love the intensely rich ooey-chocolate at the bottom . I prefer NOT stirring it .. haha! So that I get to taste the melted chocolate in every sip.. It's like sipping molten chocolate! 

Button Mushroom . RM7

Got hooked up with mushroom recently. Love them immensely, been not missing any opportunity to have mushroom if it is listed in their menu. 
Love their simple stir fry button mushroom much!

Egg Royale - RM17

I wasn't sure what was so special about their breakfast just by browsing their menu but since everyone is ordering , I do not want to miss it too!

Presentation was alright. But , in fact, nothing to brag about. 
I dislike the hollandaise sauce so I removed it all from my wobbly egg. No doubt it was creamy, but it was too salty and buttery to me... It just didn't much triggered my appetite. 

I love the thick-damped bread at the bottom though.

Ice Italian Coffee RM10

Smooth yet subtly rich coffee. I like that fact that the caffeine gave me a jolt when I took a sip of it. 
Sugar was given separately so that you can adjust the level of sweetness according to your preferences. 

Plan B

Lot CF09, Concourse Floor 
Paradigm Mall, No1, 
Jalan ss7/26A
Kelana Jaya 47301, Petaling Jaya

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  1. That looks like a lot, Eunice! Did you share it with someone? Or you were starving enough to finish the whole portion? *winks*

    I noticed that you said that you love mushrooms? Careful there; too much mushrooms may lead to stiff fingers. It has happened to me.

    1. haha! no, I didn't share.. those were all mine! ;P
      i know right.. im a monster! ;PP

      Mushroom? stiff fingers? oh really?
      I shall google more about it then! ;P Thanks for telling, think i should be more concern about it...

  2. Letters, not alphabets...if you please. Food looks good, can give Plan A a run for their money...or are they affiliated?

    1. Opps. Thanks for correcting me, suituapui.. ;)
      Nope, I mean, the place of this name is Plan B, and they are under 'The Big Group' , together with Ben's, BIG, T Forty Two, and the list goes on! ;)

  3. heheh, no need for Plan C since there's Plan B! eggs look very, very good :D

  4. Woooo looks nice! especially the egg royale :D

  5. Me love mushrooms too!! I think plan B has got nice place but the food so so ...maybe I didn't order the right food..hmm...

  6. Haha! How come u order the Eggs Royale if you dont like Hollandaise sauce?

  7. Wa you don't stir the chocolate! I guess everyone has their own way of eating food..=D


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