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Japanese BBQ & Sanuki Udon @Taman Desa (Old Klang Road)


Have you ever thought that there is an open-air Japanese BBQ restaurant in Malaysia?
 Well , a 'no' for me . 
My friend asked me whether I'm free for Japanese cuisine last weekend, I merrily accepted the request without thinking twice.  And while I was on my way there, I thought was going to be in a cozy , japanese-kind of restaurant because in my food journal I've never come across any Japanese Restaurant is as this.

I was surprised when I reached Plaza Faber(Taman Desa), looking around the neighborhood,  perplexed.
Me : ''So, where's the Japanese restaurant?''
Mindy : '' Don't know .''
Me: *scratch head* What's the name of the restaurant?
Mindy : '' Japanese BBQ lo '' 

Then she flipped out her sophisticated gadget and began to google. 
We managed to find it by trying to mix-match the surroundings  based on the picture we found online. 

So here we are!
Gerai Makan Japanese BBQ 大众烧肉

This Japanese food stall was actually own by Mr.Seiji Fujimoto. He also managed Sanuki Udon (which is just 5 minutes drive from where we are, we decided to try that place out since we're so near!) 

Anyway, back to where we are right now. 
Gerai Makan Japanese BBQ is an open-air Japanese Shop that offers a very different dining experience compared to other Jap cuisine. I guess this is the only Jap cuisine in Plaza Faber .

 The nostalgic environment reminds me of where I used to stay 12 years ago. 
The long standing old and grungy building.

Worker fanning the charcoal. 

a sneak-peek into their kitchen...

We ordered green tea, but didn't expect they'll serve us such HUGE plastic jug .

Pork loin and pork belly. RM 10 each

Will work for food.

Teppanyaki Vege . RM10

Waiting patiently for the food to be cooked.

Squid foiled yaki. RM10

Thumbs up for this. I love the squid , it was smothered with overwhelming ,garlicky and buttery flavor and chopped onions. The entire dish was enhanced when paired together with the onions because the onion literally  'soaked up' all the buttery moisture that was presented in the foil, each rubbery bites of the squid was a bliss. 

Mushroom foiled Yaki . RM10
 So ya, you are right. The mushroom weren't cooked(yet). Because we were being too impatient, thinking that it was done where we just left it for not more than 10 minutes on the grill. And what we got is some uncook needle mushroom and chinese mushroom. 
Cool, we did not waste it tho, we even add some Sapporo beer and place it back to the grill.  Genius. 
It turns out so well, same seasoning as the squid : garlic, slab of butter, onions with additional bonus flavor - beer . VOILA. We enjoyed totally!

We couldn't live without beer that night because it was such a heaty meal and we kept sweating profusely, the best way to reduce the heatiness is to cool down with some beer. 

Cold Ramen. RM10

Springy ramen, plain and refreshing soup base served in cold broth. Slurp it man , slurp it , the louder you 'slurp' the noodle, the tastier it is! 

Pork Ramen . RM10

 Genghiskhan lamb (RM 20)

Lamb lovers, this is for you!

Garlic Fried Rice. RM5
Would prefer their fried rice to be more garlicky .

Direction: Plaza Faber is the row of old shops besides Wisma TM (where TM point is). The stall is in an alley among the shops row somewhere in the middle.

Since the portion is quite small and we still have some room in the tummy, we decided to try out Japanese BBQ's sister restaurant - Sanuki Udon! (which is just 5 minutes drive away from Plaza Faber)

Round 2

The lovey-dovey couple photo-bombing!

We went all the way just to check out their udon to see whether it taste as great as what we've read on others' review.

The thick Udon was indeed very darling.
It was perfectly chewy and completely devine... The noodle was long and not separated. 

You break the yolk membrane, incorporate it with the udon, and let the orange-hued liquid coat every morsel in the bowl, and the fun part of eating was to slurp it without breaking the loooooooooooooooong doughy udon.  It was really, really, really fantastic and this only cost you RM5 !!! 
What a steal!  I bet cha couldn't find any other place that sells cheaper udon than this . If you do, please let me know, and I'll hang myself up using these thick udon . :P

We also ordered some light snacks - Fried sweet potato. RM2  per piece. I wouldn't say it is cheap, but it did surprised me with the colour! I was expecting orange  or yellow sweet potato instead of purple! 

So , if you are a big fan of udon or ramen, I personally think that this might be the most reasonable restaurant that serve flawless ramen. Do check them out! 

Gerai Makan Japanese BBQ
Center Court Plaza Faber, 
Jalan Desa Jaya
Taman Desa off. Jalan Klang Lama, 
58100 , Kuala Lumpur.

Business hour: Daily - 6pm till late night.

Sanuki Udon @ Taman Desa

9, Jalan Bukit Desa 5, 
Taman Bukit Desa, 
Off Jalan Klang Lama
58100, Kuala Lumpur, 
Tel: 012 241 8131

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  1. wahhhh.... japanese BBQ got gerai... really looks like those in Japan!

  2. mmmm, a plate of pork belly would be perfect for me! especially on a cold evening :D

  3. I've seen lots of post on this place already. Everyone seems to like it! Well, as long as there are fans...and on not very hot days, I would not mind. Coincidentally, my next post will be on Japanese too...

  4. I like like!! But lately weather getting real hot..must go with the right

    1. YAH! Too bad that day I worn the wrong attire..;(

  5. Sanuki Udon is my fav! I need to go there once a week. Haha Daniel likes it too... hehe.

    1. Really?? once a week? without fail?I wanna bump Baby D there!

  6. Sanuki Udon is my fav udon place and I like the Sapporo beeru too =)

    1. Sapporo Beer is really nice! this was my first time having it!

  7. Reminded me that I haven't blog about this yet >.<
    The purple sweet potato looks sweet, does it?

    1. haha! The sweet potato surprisingly is not...

  8. It seems rare to find many Japanese places set up as stalls. Like the atmosphere.

    1. Indeed, different kind of ambiance! ;D very unusual!

  9. Adam has been there several times but not with me yet.. he raves about it too. Must get him to bring me soon :D

    That udon looks mightily promising as well!

    1. Udon is highly recommended here! ;D never had such addictive udon before!

  10. Always wanted to visit this place for BBQ.. just never got around to it... I just keep salivating at everyone's else posts... hahaha :)

  11. Sanuki udon is our usual place for dinner! Nearby our place, cheap and nice. :D


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