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Chinese New Year Menu @Five Sen5es, The Westin


Let success and happiness flourish as we welcome the Year of the Snake this Lunar New Year.
Celebrate this Chinese New Year with family and friends by feasting on a selection of Yee Sang and a variety of set lunch and dinner menus at The Westin Kuala Lumpur, from 9 January to 24 February 2013.

A stealthy shot taken behind an ancient vase , spot the orchid ! 

A hasty shot capturing the busy kitchen before the dinner starts...
Some finger foods were served whilst waiting the others to arrive.

Crispy Friend Prawn Dumplings

Prawn Dumplings in Chili Oil

Prismatic Surprise

This dainty glass consist of Hibiscus and Blackcurrant Tea, Lime Juice, Soda, and mint leaf as garnish. Very cooling and refreshing.

Staying true to tradition, the tossing of Yee Sang which symbolises Prosperity is a must.

Jade Abalone and Norway Salmon Fish Lou Yee Sang

Jade Abalone and Norway Salmon

The salmon were arranged in spiral shape,and it was thick and fresh; the instantly melts-in-your-mouth kind of sensation made me feel like I was in heaven, and they were indeed heavenly.

At Five Sen5es, The Unity Golden Chinese New Year Specialities ‘Lou Sang’ offers a variety of Yee Sang, from Norwegian Fresh Salmon Yee SangAustralian Spring Abalone Yee Sang to the Golden Boston Lobster Yee Sang.

This will be available from 13 January to 24 February 2013.

The higher you toss, the merrier you get and the messier the table will be! ;D

Chinese 'Shao Xing' Wine with Snake-shaped decanter.

Figuratively speaking, the wine taste like the hybridization of red wine and soy sauce... I know, the combination sounds wrong but that was how I felt for it... haha!
Anyway,  I am sure that there are people out there who knows to appreciate such extortionate wine!

For those who prefer a selection of fewer dishes, you can delight your taste buds with Five Sen5es Splendour New Year signature a la carte menu, with dishes ranging from Master Poached Sea Pearl Prawn Clam in Superior Broth, Charcoal Roasted ‘Sar Tian’ Five Sen5es Pigeon, ‘Guang Chow’ Style Roasted Pork Bacon Golden Pork Coin with Flower Bun and Hong Kong Wax Meat Rice in Claypot to name a few.

Gather your friends and family and indulge in the Five Sen5es set lunch or set dinner Menu. From Hong Kong Roasted Duck and Wax Meat, Signature Golden Sand Sea Prawn with Crispy Rice Cereal to Slow Stewed Dried Oyster, the choices are endless.

Master Poached Sea Pearl Prawn Clam in Superior Broth

I fell in love with the clear and sweet broth at the first sip...
The broth was utterly 'superior' , you can taste the light seafood flavor in each mouthful..and the sweetness comes from the 'gei zi' (chinese wolfberry ). 
I can literally tell that chef uses several chinese herbs to boil for long hours to attain such flavor. 

What a  glamour name, sea pearl - The sea pearl is made from prawns and mince meat , then it was formed into a ball shaped and at last placed on the clam shell. Very bouncy and pleasing to the palate I would say~

Signature Golden Sand Sea Prawn with Crispy Rice Cereal 

Deep fried golden prawn coated with fragrant salted egg yolk. ..
I don't think there's description needed... Marvelous!

Charcoal Roasted ‘Sar Tian’ Five Sen5es Pigeon

 Apart from the size , the pigeon taste exactly like chicken... no foul smell or what-so-ever. 
Equally tasty like chicken, especially when it's roasted and deep fried until extremely crispy. 
It is advisable to eat with your hands because honestly, it is finger-licking good.

Dirty your hands if they were meant to be because no point forking and spooning the pigeon when there's merely flesh for you to shovel...
Use your hand, dunk it into the white garlic-infused vinegar and relish!

Cantonese Steamed Longevity Goby Fish in Soy Sauce
I like the punch flavor from the coriander leaves that I used to hate. It was a simple and delectable dish with fresh ingredients and minimal seasoning...

New Year Teeth Mushroom Fried with Garden Vegetables and Roasted Pine Nuts.
A literally crunchy dish! Every single element that you found in this dish was either crunchy, crunchy or crunchy.
peas, onions, celery sticks, and pine nuts!
Eating this made me feel so healthy as I knew I had already burn a few more calories just by exercising my mouth a little bit more harder... and I had fun chewing (I'd prefer this rather than going to the gym too! :P )
The three wise chefs.

Secret Slow Boiled Hong Kong Style Wax Meat Rice Casserole Rice

Japanese Sweet Yam Gold Coin Chinese New Year Nian Gao

This was my favorite dish that night. 
The nian gao was skillfully folded into a 'gold coin' shape and then steam under high heat until it becomes soft. Then topped with shredded coconut and garnished with assorted colorful-cubed fruits.

Chef Ng , during the Q&A session.

Five Sen5es Chinese New Year Set Menu
Happiness Reunion Chinese New Year Set Menu 1
RM 880++ per table of 10 persons

Propitious Reunion Chinese New Year Set Menu 2
RM 988++ per table of 10 persons

Blessings Reunion Chinese New Year Set Menu 3
RM 1118++ per table of 10 persons

Abundance Silver Dragon
RM 1388++ per table of 10 persons

Alternatively you can feast on our Simply Dim Sum weekend brunch which is based around the All You Can Eat concept as well as interactive pass around dishes.
We pull out all the stops with our All You Can Eat Dim Sum, to the extent that for an additional amount, you can enjoy free flow of selected beverages to go with your All You Can Eat experience
Simply Dim Sum Brunch (weekends)
RM 68++ per person

Includes free flow of Chinese tea
* additional free flow of soft drinks and Chinese tea RM 12++ per person
* additional free flow of soft drinks, chilled juices and selected beers RM 48++ per person
* additional free flow of soft drink, chilled juices, selected beers and wine RM 68++ per person

For festive reservations at any of our restaurants, please contact Westin Dining at 03 2731 8333 or log on to for more information.

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  1. lap mei fan looks very appealing here :D

    1. Would prefer it to be a little bit more char though! ;P

  2. Hey, great improvement on your food photos!
    I can see that you started to use flash trigger already. I especially love the lou sang photo with direct flash flare with high shutter, making the rim light on the food.
    You must be busy with all the chinese new year food review lately. lol.

    1. Yes, Cheryl, been very very busy lately.. hahah!
      How bout you?haven't been seeing you for quite some time!

      Thanks for praising my photos, credits to my photopgrapher!;P

    2. Been busy with wedding assignments lately. Should be over by end of January. :)
      Oh! means you do the write up then there's another photographer?
      I thought you took all the photos yourself since you have a DSLR.
      It's good that way, not like me, "one leg kick". xD

  3. all the food looks damn nice! :)

  4. Wah, scary. Food look small portion and expensive looking. LOL

  5. yeah, food looks damm delicious and expensive lo~

  6. oh gosh!! Such exotic food! I wish I could go there during this period of time... worth trying them out!

    1. Yeah Reana! Should bring all your family there!;P

  7. The waxed meat dish looks really good! It's a tradition in some families but not in mine. I like the looks of this. :D

    1. Haha.. really yum right? Camera can do magic.LOL

  8. The prawn clam is way too luxury just like scooping a piece of white pearl.

    1. Indeed! My eyes popped out when I first saw this!;P

  9. You captured the ambience beautifully in your shots.

  10. yr photos are just getting more gorgeous everyday!! great job.... love the pic of the wine glass especially...

  11. hmmmm I miss the Meat rice that my parent cook di lol

    and it looks so delish on above :D


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