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Chinese New Year Menu @Celestial Court, Sheraton Imperial KL


Celebrate the Year of the Snake and usher in the Lunar New Year with Sheraton Imperial Kuala Lumpur’s Celestial Court this year! Go all out to tempt your eyes, satisfy your senses and whet your appetite with a variety of sumptuous delights.

The Lunar New Year is the most important date in the Chinese calendar and is an elaborate celebration in many parts of Asia. Additionally, there are 12 Chinese Zodiac signs and for the year 2013, it is the Year of the Snake. The Snake carries the meaning of malevolence, cattiness and mystery. In certain places or culture, people believe that if they found a snake in their court, the family will be delighted. Also, people like to paste the paper-cut ‘Fu’ (wealth) character in an upside down position on their doors or windows, combined with a snake twisting around a rabbit as a popular pattern to indicate wealth.

The warm, soothing yet festive atmosphere at our award-winning Celestial Court provides the perfect ambience for catching up with your loved ones and friends, who have travelled afar and wide to meet on this auspicious occasion. Our master chefs have sumptuously tailored an exquisite range of Chinese cuisine to be savoured upon. Indulge and feast on ‘auspicious’ dishes like Double Boiled Soup with Baby Abalone, Fish Maw Dried Scallop and Chinese Herbs; Braised Assorted Dried Seafood and Sea Moss Served in Winter Melon; Braised Yu Fungus, Bamboo Pith with Australian Asparagus and Janapnese Bean Curd and Roasted Chicken with Ginger, Garlic and Spicy Flavour, to name a few.

Chinese New Year is a much looked forward to affair, as it’s the time for families to bond and get closer especially on the eve of Chinese New Year where family members come from far and near to enjoy a reunion dinner together. On this day, family members would travel back to their home-town simply for a special reunion gathering which is usually held at a restaurant or in the home of the most senior family member.

In conjunction with the Year of the Snake, Executive Chinese Chef, Ho Boon and Dim Sum Chef, Ken Liew, have created specially-crafted menus and mouth-watering dishes fit for an emperor. Start off the Lunar New Year with the must-have Yee Sang. Toss for prosperity and good health with any of our 4 delightful Yee Sang selections that incorporate elements from the East and West. This year, diners can look forward to some real unique Yee Sang composition and sauces. From Japanese octopus to Norwegian salmon and from traditional plum sauce to apple plum sauce, our Yee Sang selections are set to tease your tastebuds and roll in the good luck.

For a little of that tangy, spicy taste, opt for the Yee Sang with Abalone served with Spicy Thai and Orange Sauce or go Japanese and order a plate of our signature Yee Sang with Combination of Crispy Soft Shell Crab, Sliced Salmon, Japanese Octopus served with Mango Plum Sauce. For the traditional plum sauce lover, you can try the Yee Sang with Norwegian Salmon, served with traditional Plum Sauce or get a little of the crunchy taste in with the Yee Sang with Young Jelly Fish served with Apple Plum Sauce.

日式什锦捞生 (蒸蒸日上)
Yee Sang with combination of crispy soft shell crab

-Slice salmon, Japanese octopus served with mango plum sauce
Half RM 158
Whole RM258

Waiter that did not forget to wear his smile on the face while serving us! What a cheerful shot! ;)

So we have finish plating and arranging all ingredients and it's time to..........................un-beautify it! 

Yee Sang with combination of crispy soft shell crab, slices salmon, Japanese octopus served with mango plum sauce ; sweet, sour, tangy-  a multitude of texture and flavors indeed !

玉环聚宝盆 (百家欢庆)
Braised assorted dried seafood and sea moss served in winter melon

Small- RM208
Medium -RM308
Large -RM408

I wonder how long does chef takes to carve the wintermelon. Definitely a lot of hard work and skills needed.

''Only the freshest and finest ingredients are used in creating all the Chinese New Year Menu'', said Chef Tommy.
I think you must first try this to believe it. I was absolutely satisfied . None of the element used was over-powered,each of them complemented each other in the sense of flavor, color, odor and texture. My conclusion was chef played very well in balancing the dish.*applause*

夏果海中宝 (满屋生辉)
Wok fried assorted seafood with macadamia nuts served in nest

Small -RM80
Medium -RM120
Large - RM160

I was told that this was among the most tedious dish to prepare for chef as chef has to arrange endless strands of vermicelli carefully then deep-fry it into a bowl shape . I love the Macademia nuts that was added into the dish as it gives an extra crunchy texture apart from the squishy scallop and huge chunks of prawns.

天宝辣味烧鸡 (新春报喜)
Roasted chicken with ginger, garlic and spicy flavor
Half Chicken -RM50
Whole Chicken -RM100

This was literally the most perfect chicken that I have ever eaten . Slowy roasted until the meat is cooked but still remain juicy on the inside, then shower with piping hot oil to give it a even-golden colour and extremely crisp on the outside and then sit on a pool of 'sambal', finishing with a generous amount of fish flakes aka Bonito.

Braised Yu fungus , bamboo pith with Australian asparagus  and Japanese bean curd

Small -RM68
Medium -RM102
Large -RM136

The diameter of the Australian asparagus is noticeably thicker and bigger in size compared to the normal asparagus; the asparagus was clad in bamboo pith , a silky soft, web-like element that taste almost like fish maw... The bamboo pith contributes to the 'spongy' texture whilst the asparagus gives the opposite hard and crunchy charateristic. The entire dish was fabulously healthy and delectable, needless to mention it was a prominently lavish dish that you can easily judge by the eyes.

芝麻虾球 (欢乐满屋)
Deep fried prawns served minced nutmeg, sesame and mayonnaise dressing
Small -RM88
Medium -RM138
Large -RM178

This was also one of my favourite that night. Huge and succulent prawn that is shaped and weighed almost like a golf ball , to me. The first bite totally took my breath away. The prawn was fantastic! Fantastic.
The exterior was deep-fry until crispy and fragrant; the center remains the rubbery texture, then coated with a thin layer of mayonnaise and sprinkle with a subtle yet detectable nutmeg spices... *gasp*
I am literally drooling all over my keypad when I glance back my pictures... The flavor, the texture, the blissful cue when I sank my teeth into the plumpy prawns... They are all still ringing in my head.

-Highly Recommended-

XO 酱炒桂花蚌虾仁 (桂花飘香)
Sautéed osmanthus clam, shrimps with XO sauce and garden greens        

Small- RM88
Large- RM176

Osmanthus clam, are they the same as bamboo clam? Initially I already knew that that was something I've never tried before, then I threw out the question ,asking what was that and I got a verbal fight with my fellow dining mates . We debated that was not bamboo clam, because I had a clear picture in mind that how bamboo clam should looked like, and I was utmost sure and firm with my answer; the other party disagreed and they were very sure with their answer too, hence we asked chef to reveal the answer. After the confirmation from Chef Tommy, Eunice won. ;D

My immediate response was ..*tucked in tummy, lift chin up*

So, what exactly was that long-folded creature? It taste like squid, soft but chewy, and rather elastic. . . During the Q & A session we finally get to know that it was the sea cucumber's intestine.
Chef purposely named it 'kwai-fah bong' (direct translation :'Osmanthus clam') because he is afraid that nobody would dare to try the dish if he name it as 'intestine' as (most)people nowadays could not accept any delicacies that consist of internal organ. He gave this ingredient an elegant name to match the entire dish too...

According to Chef Tommy, the Osmanthus clam was imported from Hong Kong and it does not come cheap, so does the Australian Asparagus!
This dish was extremely fragrant, it has a very pungent dried shrimp flavor accompanied with the distinguishable chili piquancy, scrumptious. 

Pumpkin puree with Coconut Ice Cream and Red Bean .

When this dainty dessert arrived, the corner of my lips curved upwards, as if they know how to smile back to me. I can't help, it just happened spontaneously.  This dessert was outstandingly beautiful, the semi-sphere shaped vessel was half filled with ice to ensure the dessert does not warm up quickly ... the entire presentation totally brings out the elegant charateristic of this particular sweetheart of mine. The best part was it was not too sweet nor too thick at all ! I must say that it has the just-right consistency to me. Bravo.

Diners can also take their pick from our 3 exclusive, prosperity 9-course set menus – the Wealth Set Menu, Fortune Set Menu and Happiness Set Menu. The prices for the 3 set menus are at RM1488++, RM1688++ and RM1988++ respectively per table of 10 persons. All these menus are inclusive of a complimentary bottle of wine.

If you were born in the Year of Snake and hold an event during the Chinese New Year period with minimum spend of RM1000, you will receive a cash voucher worth RM300 nett.

The Chinese New Year menus will be available from 7 January to 24 February 2013.
The a la carte Chinese New Year dishes are priced from RM38++ onwards each.

Book your table today by contacting us at 03-27179900 ext 6933 or e-mailing us at restauarants.imperial@sheraton,com. For real time reservations, visit

Celestial Court is open for lunch from 12noon to 2.30pm,
Mondays - Saturdays. 

On Sundays and Public Holidays
lunch is served from 10.30am to 2.30pm. 
Dinner is served from 6.30pm to 10.30pm, daily. 

The restaurant will be closed on the first and second day of Chinese New Year, February 10 and 11, 2013.

And for those who would like to toss to goodness in privacy, we recommend you welcome prosperity in any of our 12 spacious and elegant venues. Impress your business associates with exquisite selections of auspicious dishes backed by a professional banquet service team. With state-of-the-art entertainment systems, we assure you our attentive efforts will bring you a prosperous and fulfilling new year. Wait no longer, confirm your Chinese New Year (CNY) Dinner with us and enjoy many goodies such as get one table for free for every 15 paying tables, free corkage for one bottle of wine or liquor per table (with minimum 15 tables and above) and SPP members stand to earn double points for this special period. The special CNY deals are only valid from 1 to 28 February 2013. Terms and conditions apply. To find out how you can book your celebratory meal ,please call 03 2717 9900 ext 6014 / 6817 / 6824 or email them at

In addition to the dining and event deals, the hotel will be offering a special Chinese New Year room package, inviting everyone to stay with us and have a marvelous commemoration during the Chinese New Year. Guests who confirm their stay with us between 1 January and 17 February 2013, will enjoy a whole lot of extra goodies such as Celestial Court 4-course set menu including a Salmon Yee Sang for 2 persons, a complimentary 30-minute shoulder or foot massage for those born in the year of the Snake and complimentary breakfast for 2 persons (daily). This package is priced from RM398++ per room per night onwards. Any further queries or to make your room reservation, please contact the hotel’s Reservation department at 03 2717 9900 ext 6821 or e-mail to .

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  1. first time seeing yee sang with softshell crab leh... good try.

    1. Yes Anne, it was my first time having Soft Shell Crab with Yee Sang too and it taste fabulous!

  2. Loved the sea cucumber intestines...hehehe Eunice won the bet! Congras yah!

  3. yay for big, bouncy prawns! :D

  4. love the dessert!! something very different... :)

  5. I love soft shell crab and I definitely would love to have it together with Yee Sang compared to salmon.ehehheheheh

    1. Ahahahaa... Me too me too!! I prefer soft shell crab than salmon..;P

  6. hahah good job for knowing your bamboo clams! Have to google what in the world osmanthus

    1. wuahaha! Thanks Aadm/Wendy! ;DDD

      Osmanthus is 'kway fah' in cantonese, something similar to 'guk-fah' ( crysanthemum)!

  7. You have improved so much on your photography skills, impressive!


    1. Tengkiut so much! ;D credits to the photographer...

  8. Wow!!! Very exclusive stuff... After eating all that, sure will fatt chai in the New Year!

  9. Wow that's new! I didn't know sea cucumber has intestines!!

    1. Hhaha! it taste like sotong only... no stinky smell!

  10. Visit back! haha :p wooooo why always get to eat so nice food TT

    1. thanks Juin. ;D
      Don be jealous, u can always have nice food too if u want to!;P

  11. Gee, Eunice, I thought I saw abalone there...

    I'm getting hungry at the sight of the lovely and delicious Chinese New Year dishes.

    P.S. Your photography skills are much better than mine, dear. Keep up the good work, and hope to see more food reviews in the months to come! =)

    1. HAHA! SHARP EYES U HAVE! thanks for your wonderful complement... <3
      it certainly made my day!

      Happy Chinese New Year to u ya!

  12. Hi Eunice, beautiful photos! Enjoyed them all.

  13. that's a lot of cny feast eh
    btw, great photos!

    1. thank u so much, Ivy, hope to see you in the future! ;P

  14. Drooling on Braised assorted dried seafood and sea moss served in winter melon .......

    1. Hahaha! It was really , really good!!! Love the sea mossssssssssss! fatt choy, Fatt Choi! HUAT AHH!;P

  15. wow! the winter melon basket! so cool and creative :D


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