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Blu Med @The Gardens MidValley

Masterchef Sasajima Tasting Menu @ Blu Med, The Gardens MidValley

Yasuhiro Sasajima, was born in January 1964. His passion in cooking took him outside the realms of the traditional Japanese cuisine and Sasajima joined the acclaimed “Su e Giu” restaurant in Osaka, and started his love affair with Italian cuisine.

Sasajima’s passion for Italian food brought him to travel to Italy and graduate at a culinary school in Rome. Returning to Japan, Mr Sasajima, took position as a head chef in several well known Italian restaurant, such as Lavita, and “I1 Pappalardo”.

Finally in 2002 Chef Sasajima opened “I1 Ghiottone Cucineria” in Kyoto, displaying a unique style of Italian cuisine, with a Japanese touch.

In 2007, Chef Sasajima gained international acclaim when he participated as the first Japanese Italian Chef in a Food Summit in Milan, Italy called “Identita’ Golose”. He has also participate in internationally acclaimed designer Giorgio Armani Charity Event as one of the guest chefs.

Several years after, Chef Sasajima has opened 6”I1 Ghiottone” restaurant across Japan, achieving great praises from patrons and critics alike.
Chef Sasajima, is a regular feature across the world in International culinary events and publications, working in conjunction with a number of celebrity chefs, may be the most well known association has been the IRON CHEF program where Chef Sasajima competed against his old friend Nobu.

Blue Med offers the bountiful cuisine of the Mediterranean, specializing in Italian and other Mediterranean dishes . Located in a prominent position in Mid Valley, they provide both casual and fine dining on two separated levels with a hip bar space and outdoor deck area.

I was lucky enough to be invited to Chef Sasajima's tasting menu in Blu Med on a fine evening , scroll down to know more!
The restaurant features a trendy cool and modern environment with touches of comfort on the lower floor and luxury on the upper floor. 

If you look carefully, you will be able to notice their chandeliers are made of glass bottles, and this was specially designed for Blu Med by a renowned Japanese designer. 

Appetizer: Buffalo Mozzarella and Plum Tomato ''Caprese''

Such an exquisite presentation I would say. 

'Blu Med' actually means 'flavor' in Mediterranean , and mediterranean dishes consist primarily of 'real food' which includes fruits , vegetables, poultry, grains, beans and pastas ;Yogurt and cheese are also the major components of Mediterranean cooking too! 

Olive oil , the most prevalent fat/oil used in the preparation of my dinner that night. 
I like the mint sauce given to pair with the cheese and tomatoes, very refreshing.

Second course: Carpaccio of Hirame with Wild Rice and Soft Aubergine

I had a paused after taking the first taste of every element on the plate. 

Wild rice,fresh and raw sea bass, and some unknown whitish-mushy puree . My mind struggles to identify the 'whitish' thing beneath the sea bass.

It taste very similar to mashed potato, but way more damper than mashed potatoes; silkier, slimier, with a little bit of 'zing' flavor in it! I love it very much. I guess my puzzled-expression drew someone attentive to me and I was told that it was actually mashed aubergine. 

The wild rice was superb. It has a more grainier texture compared to white rice, more flavorful instead of starchy. Interesting ! ...and the sea bass was fresh and solid, but I would prefer it to be cooked though (caused I had too much sashimi lately!). 
I would say it was a very authentic Mediterranean dish with some ocean flavor in every bite!

Third course: Spaghetti Tomato Sauce with Wild Rice with Sea bass and grilled vegetables.

Fresh flavor can be easily detected in this dish . Fresh tomatoes are used to make the sauce instead of canned tomato sauce. Freshness was all I could taste in this dish with minimal seasoning.

Last course: Espresso Pannacotta

No, this is not your accustomed panna cotta which is dense and cloyingly sweet.

This Panna Cotta was slightly gelatineous, followed by a hint of espresso flavor; very light, with a clean finishing taste on the palate. It was amazingly subtle in flavour yet still somehow delivered the espresso flavor strongly. Loved it.

Look how the vibrant berries juxtaposed on the side to add some color to the dessert, pretty !

They used honey instead of caramel too! *kiss fingers* mama-mia!


Unit 27-G Ground Flr & Unit 27-1 First Flr, 
Signature Office, 
The Boulevard, Mid Valley City , 
Lingkaran Syed Putra, 59200 Kuala Lumpur

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  1. It looks awesome! How about the price? :)

    1. hmm.. sorry Juin, the price was not given to me either.. maybe I shall visit it next roudn and let u know! ok?;P

  2. would like to try it too one day~

  3. Food looks delish. The coffee pannacotta - yum!

  4. Cute-looking chef! That panna cotta certainly looks a lot nicer than what I have in my blogpost today... :(

  5. oo... that hirame looked so fabulous!! and yes, I agree with Suituapui, the chef is so adorable looking....lucky you... :P

    1. haha~ I didnt meet him that day, perhaps next round I'll grab the opportunity to take picture with him! heehee~!

  6. lol i would tot that blue med = blue medicine. hahaha

    1. HAHAH! Same!! At first i thought of that too!! ><

    2. Yeah it does sound like Blue Medicine by the first thought ! hahah..

  7. i were there before it opening, my company installed all kitchen equipments until now it completed.. happy know..:)

  8. Beautiful food, it looks so well cooked.

    I'm getting hungry for pasta looking at this post! X

  9. wahhh, the portion is so small *duh* XD

  10. Can I have the restaurant number? Thanks a lot..

  11. Can I have the restaurant number? Thanks a lot..


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