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Le Meridien Unveils Innovative Lobby Concept.

The Le Meridien Kuala Lumpur has inaugurated its new hotel lobby, better known as Le Meridien Hub, or the HUB, an interactive area themed, ''The Art of Connection'', to promote creativity and interaction. 

Around RM20 million had been spent to develop the HUB and transform the hotel's ballroom and function rooms. The HUB is the first of its kind in Malaysia. 

Latitude 03, with the signature espresso machine, supports the creative atmosphere of Le Méridien HUB by drawing guests to the sights, sounds and smells of the coffee bar. This is finished off with a skilled barista crafting signature coffees. Guests can enjoy local culinary offerings and experiences inspired by a coffeehouse environment. It is here that Le Méridien aims to stimulate the creative mind of their guests as “drinking an espresso is a creative act in itself.”– LM100™ member Andrea Illy, CEO + Chairman illycaffé

The bar’s naming is inspired by cartography – a key component of Le Méridien’s visual identity. The Latitude number of the bar stems from the hotel’s position on the globe, meaning that each bar has its ownunique number.


Gastro Sentral is the newest addition to a line of award winning restaurants at Le Méridien Kuala Lumpur. Opened in November 2012, it has definitely sparked many interest and anticipation from well-travelled individuals and local residents in Kuala Lumpur. 

This beautifully designed restaurant offers an informal venue for open-minded and well travelled individuals who enjoy a modern interpretation of classic pub and local comfort food. This new and trendy venue boasts of quality, freshness and innovation with a relaxed but attentive service at a great price. 

The concept of Gastrol Sentral revolves around three important operating philosophies – one, it is the Gathering Point for those who need to relax, kick back and rejuvenate between and after work. Two, aiming to be the Destination of Choice, Le Méridien Kuala Lumpur spares no expense to make sure every element of Gastro Sentral is handpicked, ensuring its guest have the best experience in this restaurant. Three, the design, lighting and colours of the venue Set the Tone on the atmosphere where Art Deco design of modern classics intersperse with past heritage, making it a comfortable venue for guests of all ages. 

The design features at Gastro Sentral will evoke different ambience and moods for our guests when they dine in. Every feature is intended to reflect the modern classic interpretation of a timeless chic ambience. Striking and contrasting colours allow for the creation of different milieu for different functions. With an interesting menu board, that display Chef’s signature cuisine daily, guests will be able to savour different dishes just by pointing to the menu board. A show kitchen, where the culinary brigade entertains guests with their cooking flair through a wide glass panel, makes for a thriving and lively ambience.

For those guests who have purchased from our collection of extraordinary and vintage wine or liquour bottle, Gastro Sentral has the facility to allow its diners to store these bottles and consume at their leisure. With the current trend of increasing wine connoisseur in Kuala Lumpur, guests can sample our wide collection of wines at the Wine Corner with ease.

With its innovative twist of classic pub and local comfort food, Gastro Sentral starts off the day with classic breakfast favourites that continue to be available throughout the day. The all day menu consists of an array of Continental, Asian and local delights. Finger food and tapas provide delicious alternatives to those who enjoy a light meal. Gastro Sentral also provides “Meal to Go” for those who are on the go all the time. It specialises in boutique beverage and craft beer to accompany its wide range of scrumptious culinary wonders. The beverage list consists of Starwood’s Wines of the World programme, which features Starwood’s Top 100 cocktails as well as local specialties. 

Gastro Sentral is the perfect venue for creating live entertainment performances for guests to sit back and enjoy the many delicacies it has to offer. It can hold a variety of interesting stage performances such as comedy night, jazz band or live shows that will be a welcome respite to the after-work crowd and local residents. Gastro Sentral is located at Lobby Level of Le Méridien Kuala Lumpur and is open daily from 11.00am onwards for lunch and dinner, with an all day breakfast menu option. The restaurant seats 118 persons.


Le Méridien HUB is the coming together of all aspects of creativity encompassed by Le Méridien Hotels & Resorts worldwide. The HUB forms a gathering place for creative minds by providing a space that promotes dialogue, awakens curiosity and stimulates thinking through physical and personal interactions, enhanced by its three key aspects.

The first of these is a range of curated artworks and installations

in high-impact areas which establish a contemporary environment, encouraging guests to experience the hotel arrival from a new perspective. This is partnered with the HUB’s unique seating and styling which aims to encourage dialogue, stimulation, contemplation, and interaction by nurturing a creative atmosphere. Finally, this is all supported by the third key aspect of the HUB; Le Méridien’s range of signature events which bring together guests, local opinion leaders, media and associates through cultural discovery.

“The lines that I create are impulsive. I let them flow freely into any corner of the canvas, wherever my hands lead them to. They are uncontrollable but at the same time I am ‘with’ them. Lines for me are like the ‘steps’ that I take in life. Sometimes they are tiny ‘steps’ whilst sometimes they could be huge ones. They are like the steady strolls that I take in life; having a ‘Teh tarik’, or reading a book or even sitting on a bench in a park. Whilst sometimes they can be like running or rushing. They are like the journey in life which surprises me, leading me to somewhere eternal but going through many unexpected episodes, discoveries and trails.  Through experiencing all of this, I learn to know how life teaches me. Lines are symbolically what I see when I relate myself to this
journey. They forever astonish me, test me and make me see things differently.” - Khairul Izham

Women will definitely go nuts when they see this. 

Chocolate Island

Latitude 03, with the signature espresso machine,also supports the creative atmosphere of Le Méridien HUB by drawing guests to the sights, sounds and smells of the coffee bar.  In the beginning there was wine. Later, olive oil, vinegar, cheese and coffee found their ways into the culinary consciousness. Today, appreciation for premium chocolate seems poised to become the next major gastronomic trend. Latitude 03 truly embraces the philosophy, changing the way chocolate is consumed. With its new section called
“Art Cacao”, it offers a wide variety of premium chocolates products.

Latitude 03 is the only café in Kuala Lumpur that carries VERO chocolates, a brand that is recognised for its high quality chocolates and delicacies.  To be able to create your own gifts for your loved ones, Latitude 03 “Art Cacao” has an Artisan Chocolate bar collection that enables guests to choose from an array of different selections of flavours to be personally packaged to suit any occasions.  Indulge and capture the imagination by savouring beautifully created chocolate at Latitude 03 only in Le Méridien Kuala Lumpur. 

Le Méridien
Kuala Lumpur
2 Jalan Stesen Sentral
Kuala Lumpur Sentral
50470 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: +603-2263-7765
Fax: +603-2263-7758

N 3o 9’ E 101o 42’

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  1. exciting developments at this hotel! nice to see the hotel trying to stay fresh and relevant :D

    1. indeed! Love their new design! So grand and sophisticated!

  2. Woah...I miss the chocolates! Will probably drop by during CHristmas to have my chocolate fix since my Singapore pals will be staying at LM.

    1. I love their dark choco... every piece taste as good as hell! LOL !!

  3. wow, the place and food all look so nice^^

  4. wow.. the interior looks so luxurious!
    must go for the Chocolate Island next time liaw!

  5. Eunice... I just lost all train of thought looking at that Chocolate Island! Lol.


    1. that makes my knees weak that night I must say! ;P

  6. Certainly looks grand & very impressive... The bartenders looks very sporting, I would say.

  7. I love the "sky-full of chandeliers" concept, walking into a hotel like that makes it feel all the more premium. :)

  8. This place sure is a beauty. The chocolate bar was so impressive - would like to see that available a bit more often. Happy New Year Eunice! Wishing you a fantastic 2013.

  9. my favorite has to be Prime!! drooling.....

    Happy New Year Sweetie!! :D


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