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Eat, Play ,Drive with Nissan Almera.


Spacious, safe and stylish, the Nissan Almera is the perfect sedan to drive around in search of good food. 
I was lucky enough to be invited to join a few fellow bloggers to an adventurous food exploration journey to Malacca and Seremban in the all-new Nissan Almera.

 First stop at Seremban Highway. 
Meet Sam, Dennis, and Kelvin (left- right).

The sexy Nissan Impul and some photos.

Charmaine, Kelly , and Eunice.

We were all so busy inspecting the car, and when we opened up the car booth , everyone made the sound 'whoa' unanimously . It was very spacious and can easily fit in a few people big luggage, don't believe? 

See it to believe it.  

I love this pic so much! 
Feel like bringing in all my pillows and blanket and sleep inside. LOL.

Last pic before we continue our journey to Bukit Rambai.

First, we had light some light dessert: Aunty Koh Cendol .

What makes Aunty Koh's cendol so special is because the intense-rich pandan flavor that can be found in the cendol (the greenish thing), moreover it does not taste very 'alkali' ,and when paired with the rich coconut milk and some gula melacca (palm sugar) = perfect. 

Alternatively if you do not like rich and creamy desserts, you can opt for this - 'tai bak' .
It sounds like 'thai baht' to me. :P
Aunty Koh added some carbonated soft drinks and sugar syrup and top with this 'white color stripe thing' made from rice flour. It's tasteless. 
You'd be glad to have this cooling  dessert on a scorching hot weather!

Next, (immediately after the cendol) we proceed to Restaurant Kota Laksamana for lunch in Malacca Town.
Kota Laksama serve traditional Peranakan cuisine (Baba n Nyonya).

A variety of nyonya dish such as okra with punch of chili, belacan kangkung, tamarind curry prawns, onion egg, curry chicken, asam fish and tofu! Simple meal to fill our tummy,  joy and laughter to fuel the soul. 

Please do NOT search for me. I am not in the picture. :P 
I guess you'll be eyeing for me  because you guys are so stubborn!!!!!admit it. 

Next stop dessert: Nadeje Cake House

We had original , strawberry, chocolate and green tea flavor. 
All taste uniquely good, it just depends on your liking. Personally I heart green tea flavor the most. :)
It is meant to be share, please do not attempt to eat all by yourself as you will end up feeling overstuffed with some saturated fats.... and you wouldn't feel good bout yourself because that cloyingly sweet aftertaste is overwhelming. 

Best go with a cup of coffee!

Immediately after having Melacca famous crepe, we continue our journey to 
Klebang for their utmost famous Coconut milkshake. 
Look at the crowds (and it's on a rainy day)!

Traditional Nasi lemak - which I find it kinda spicy and probably my mom can cook better nasi lemak. 
But it's always nice to eat with banana leaf. I love to experience the joy of unfolding the banana leaf , and take a deep breath, attempting to take in the freshness / santan aroma of nasi lemak .

Coconut Shake .

They'd actually blended the coconut water and coconut meat together so that it gives a richer flavor and slight bits of coconut bits in every sip you take. Exceedingly refreshing.

Alternatively you can choose their 'Coconut Shake Special' , with additional vanilla ice cream .
The ice cream adds more creamier and rich texture to it, which is not-so-much of my liking.

Paparazzi in action!!
''woot woot'' . We are Malaysians! Proud to be Malaysians. :D

After gobbling and guzzling continuously for 4 hours, we decided to give ourselves a break to D paradise.
It's a beautiful and serene beach. *take deep breath*

We had a Free &Easy and Photo Session here with these gorgeous babies.

So how do you find the latest Nissan Almera?

It's me and Huai Bin , blogger from

Me with Samuel. He's better known as someone who has a 'monstrous' appetite or 'sunshine guy' . (Can tell from his sun-tanned complexion ). 

Just another nice picture that we've took during the epic trip!
It's me with Sam! 

Nissan Almera has buckets of rear space and boot room, comfortable suspension.
Not quite the biggest boot in its class, but very close. Front and back seat is as spacious as Nissan Slyphy. 

On the road:
If you’re looking for a pocket-rocket, you won’t find it with the Almera. While the car itself is reasonably light-weight, the engine only musters if you push the accelerate pedal too fast and too hard.
I was driving in between 80km/h to 120km/h along the highway. Tyre and wind noise were low, steering was light but the car itself was solid . 

Not quite a car person but.... that's my verdict.

''Don't ask me what car to buy, ask me what's for lunch.'' - Eunice

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  1. Ooo malacca, my hometown! But even though this was where I was raised, I haven't tried the klebang shake and the Mille crepe here yet. Someday I hope = )

    1. Haha.. Now I know you're Melacca guy but never tried Melacca fehmous coconut milk shake..;P

  2. aw.. missed this trip cos I couldnt find a babysitter for D!! looked so much FUN!!! and yes... I LOVE the coconut shake... pics still sitting in my folder... muahahahaha.... :D

    1. awww.. You're suppose to come? BIG SIGH! You should have come with us..... It'll be more fun i suppose..;( hmm
      Nvm, next round k?^^

  3. Saw the Almera yesterday on the road. I thought it was the new Honda City from afar. >.<

    P.S. I'm waiting for the day when I'm able to drive down to Malacca and sample this coconut shake and the local dishes. =)

    1. I love the new design actually.. very classy..;P
      Hahaha.. U can, don't you? you're legal to drive isnt it?

    2. Legally speaking, I'm almost there. =D

      I'm bad at driving in Malacca. The drive to my grandaunt's house got me lost in the middle of the shortcut between Malacca and Muar last June. Had to call my aunty out to lead the way. =|

      I need to wait until I'm confident enough (or if my Mom's willing to come along) before I can drive there....

  4. Wah...u drove all the way to Malacca? I can never do that. Ask me to drive KL also I sesat.

    1. Haha.. we took turns.. me and my friends.. ^^ We had fun! U should try that too! :P

  5. Haha Aunty Koh looked so shocked when you took her photo!

    1. hahha! No, she's shock when I tell her she's going to be a star from today..;P

  6. Reading your report was almost as good as being there, Eunice. Good job! I drive a Nissan, and I especially appreciate its reliability. They make great cars!

    1. Thank you so much Polly~ <3 What Nissan car model are u driving? :P
      And yes I do agree with you on Nissan's reliability!

  7. wow, this events seems cool~ i rike~ XD

  8. Good review! You have definitely appreciated the car for the category that it is. Many have misunderstood this car expecting it to be a sports or a performance ride. This a gorgeous car to have in the city and performs decently even for highway driving.

  9. 4th person from the right in the group photo in the first row in front of Kota Laksamana!

    I thought you really weren't in so I looked.


    It was a lot of fun! I had a blast driving and eating and going around Melaka with you all. :)


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