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Watermelon 'Cake' - Healthy Dessert


Having sweet tooth, want a mid-night snack ,something taste real good  but do not want the calories.
 I mean, c'mon , you people are just too demanding, just grab a cake and eat it too! ;P 

In this sophisticated century, nothing is impossible. Need something, work it out. Find a way, like what I did. 
Persistently having enormous cravings, sinful piping hot chocolate lava cake, high-sugar bubble milk tea, with cancerous pearl, sodium-laden BMT sandwich from Subway, fattening mee goreng mamak, FUHHH. The list goes on. Can't help. They are just too fantastically delicious and addictive, yet potentially harmful to the body. 
I've accidentally came across this recipe online - here
The picture indeed caught my attention so I decided to give it a try. Wanted to save cost so I did not buy 'expensive' fruits. You know ... blueberries, strawberries aren't cheap in Malaysia... so.. There's a will, there's a way, I opted cereal instead! ;D

Be generous with your yogurt, make sure it coats the watermelon entirely; but if you're not very demanding (like me) you can simply slather it on top and also make sure it covers (some) the edge... ;P

Sprinkle with some cereals.. Coco Crunch, Honey star... 
In this recipe I've used Barbera's Bran Cereal, I got it from Cold Storage.

*Shy* I bought the watermelons from the local fruit stall , the individual pre-packed one which only cost RM1 each. Too lazy to buy the entire watermelon and cut it myself. Though it will be much cheaper.

A summertime dessert that is low in sugar, high in flavor and nutritious. 

Any types of fruits for garnishing/topping


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  1. wah, cool creativity! i've never seen watermelon combined with these ingredients before. it's one of my favorite fruits, along with mangosteens & ciku, heh :D

    1. Hahahah !! Thanks Sean!! ;DDD Ciku? Me no likey.. I like mango and mango-steeen!

  2. It's an interesting recipe, Eunice! Good job! =D

    I however don't fancy watermelons. I prefer strawberries or honeydew...

  3. Wow! What a unique and healthy dessert! Love it!

  4. This is a cool way to serve fruits.

  5. Smart!!! For a while, i thought is a real cakE!

    1. Hahahha! Thank you! So happy to receive your comment!

  6. So cute lah u, watermelon cake :)

  7. Ummmm...what about the watermelons seeds? You remove them first? That's what I do not like about eating watermelon - need to spit out the seeds. Ptui! Ptui! LOL!!!

  8. Looks good ah...good job time pot luck can do this. simple and nice looking.


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