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Waku Waku @ Mid Valley Shopping Mall

Waku Waku
A rather new contemporary Japanese Dining Restaurant that serve fusion cuisine.
Waku-waku -simply means ''excitement'' or ''thrill''. They not just offer delicious choice of Jap cuisine with reasonable price, but also provides you a 'homey' and unpretentious-comfy ambiance. 

Every single dish is served in a delicate presentation that will delight you and satisfy your appetite. On top of that, they also serve aplenty of delicacies that promise to enthrall your paunch. 
Waku Waku aims to create an open culture which embraces diversity and to provide customers with a valuable dining experience.  If you crave for well-balanced healthy meals and a relaxing dining experience, Waku-Waku is the right place for you.

The interior is decorated with warm and yellow lighting embellished with crafty plant , that instantly transform the dining room into a serene and seraphic concrete-garden . 

 love the unpretentious conception of the restaurant. 
Under the fraud-crafty-umbrella-shaped dining area was where I've sampled every dishes that you'll be eyeing as you scroll down . 

I like the semi-antique/vintage kind of feel that this place provides, it is somewhat pastoral and pleasant to me.  

Enough of blabbering, let's proceed to the beverage.

Berries Splash RM7.90

Fizzy Soda with Assorted Berries.

A drink is your own personal touch to a perfect meal, my pick for that day was the colorful berries splash. I must admit that I was captivated by the vibrant red and blue (berries) color. 

Flower Tea Apple Rose and Fruit (Hot) RM8.90
Served in Pot for 2 pax (refillable)

This. is. the. HIGHLIGHT. on the beverage menu. that I would recommend. 
Personally , I heart this much.
A tiny sip I took, letting the tea ran down my throat, then it left a clean coating on my palate followed by a perfumy, hybrid flavor of rose and apple. 
I am able to distinguish the rose flavor immediately as it is exceedingly balmy and sweet-scented but not artificial(at all)!

 Kurogoma Vanilla RM9.90
Blended Black Sesame with Vanilla Ice Cream

Fresh vegetables topped with selected dressing for a taste of health

Salmon Carpaccio. RM15.90
Raw Salmon Slices with Green Butter Mayonnaise (with Wafu Dressing)

Mushidori Salad RM11.90

Steamed Shredded Chicken Salad in Sesame Dressing .
Rather refreshing salad with springy jelly fish, explosive cherry tomato and crunchy lettuce.

Appetizer (Tsumami) aka  A palate teaser. 
Get ready to pamper your taste-buds with delectable hot or cold Japanese appetizers for an 
upcoming full-blown course of Waku Waku cuisine!

Kinoko no Irodori Yasaiitame. RM12.90

Stir Fried Mushroom with Vegetable.
Sizzling hot stir-fry mushroom glistening with shallot oil . The savory aroma of the dish rush through my nostril before my hand could reach them. 

Tofu Chige RM12.90

Spicy Bean Curd Soup (Kimchi + Shoyu)A heart-warming soup for the soul I must say!

The soup taste good on its own; taste better when the clam is added though.  :D
It may seem rather silly to define soup, since it's so elementary but I particularly love the smooth and clear broth, with a lil hint of shoyu(soy sauce).

 Dragon Roll RM14.90

Fried Shrimp (Breaded Surimi - minced shrimp and crab) Sushi Roll with Avocado
Next, we had Sushi ! A significant staple food in every Japanese cuisine.
One mouthful of fresh ingredients matched with rice, seaweed and any other ingredients that you can think of .

The sticky and vinegary texture contributed by the Japanese short grain, creamy and rich avocado slice,  crispy and crunchy breaded surimi in the center, mild seaweed flavor, and lastly, the bouncy and grainy ebiko , all in one mouthful. . . The complexity of this dragon roll is literally pleasant to the palate. 


Their sushi is very filling, eat slowly so you don't go overboard.

Pot and Soup -Sukiyaki Nabe RM18.90

Pots of sipping hot savoury soup to warm every desiring heart( I always crave for a pot of hot soup on a rainy day... and If I couldn't get it, I'll just re-read this post and let myself drown in my own saliva. . . .  good idea isn't it? ;P) 

Thinly sliced (Australian) Beef Pot in 
Japanese Soy Sauce Soup Base (Mirin + Shoyu with sweet sourish taste)

Skewer Grill (Kushiyaki & Mega Kushi)
Simply a divine presentation of natural flavors and textures enhanced over the grill.

Tokusen Kushiyaki Moriawase RM22.90

Assorted Selected Skewers : 
Hotate Kushi (Scallop Skewers), Tori Momo Kushi (Chicken Thigh  Skewers), Tomato Beef (Tomato &Beef Skewers) glazed with terriyaki sauce to give an additional sweet taste . 


Noodles : Kuey Teow Jepun RM11.90

Japanese Style Fried Rice Noodle (noodle stir fried first with shoyu-miso based sauce).
No, not the Penang Char Kuey Tiao version; they are completely different and share only a mere similarity between each other. 
My 2 cents : don't expect too much so you won't get disappointed. 

Appropriately seasoned with shoyu-miso , minced chicken, and wobbly egg!
Mixed them while it's still hot and serve immediately.  

I wouldn't say it's not good as different people have different preferences. 
Some like their noodle to be sweet, some like it salty; some want it to be (slightly) charred, some prefer like this. 
In my view, I think kids will love this ... ;] It's sweet, moist ,savory and most importantly, not spicy. 

Salmon Butter Rice RM13.90
Butter (green) Grilled Salmon Steak Rice with Minced Chicken .
I love the extra chili that gives this dish the spicy flavor.

Chicken Terriyaki Pizza. 
They uses freshly-made dough for their pizza. It's remarkably chewy ! I fell in love with this immediately, I kid you not!
The longer I chew, the more sacchariferous it  taste! 

Fell in love with the 'doughy' flavor, chewy texture and marvelous toppings..... they deserve my big thumbs up.

It's more damp and compact compared to naan. 

Mentaiko pasta
It has a distinctive smoked salmon flavor and grainy mouth feel contributed from ebiko. 
The only imperfection is that the pasta was a tad too dry for me. 
Hopefully they'll improve the recipe when I visit them the next round . ;)

Tempura Moriawase RM13.90

Fresh ingredient enveloped by a layer of crispy batter... Come on, who doesn't love tempura?!
Assorted Deep Fried with Tempura Batter : 

Ebi Tempura (deep fried shrimp)
Kinoko Tempura (deep fried mushrooms)

Deep fried until perfection. *strongly recommended*

Chocolate Brownie RM7.90...

... topped with Ice Cream.

The brownies is extremely compact and sticky. I love the rich and dense and semi-bitter chocolate that they use in this recipe! Though it is not the best brownies I've tasted so far but overall , hey, they taste great!

Fruit Parfaits RM12.90

Fruits Dessert served with Ice Cream and Chocolate topping.
I'll leave it for you to judge. 
This simple dessert taste corresponding to its appearance, simply marvelous. 

Annin Tofu RM6.90

Almond Custard.

Chef Alex - The head chef for Waku Waku . 

Waku Waku Contemporary Japanese Dining Restaurant puts a touch of modernity on traditional Japanese cuisine, 
suited to satisfy both adventurous and timid palates. 
Raw or cooked, hot or cold, it is your personal choice 
for and exquisite dining experience to be shared with friend and family.

Mid Valley Megamall 
Add : T- 015B Third Floor
Tel : 03 - 2284 117
Business hour : 10am - 10 pm.

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  1. Certainly is a popular place. Seen many bloggers blog about this place already.

  2. Hmm I went there with my friends before ~ And the RM 10 voucher I got from them haven't use yet ~ Haha ~

    1. HAHA! It's okay, they'll be launching a few new dishes today! Go try!;D

  3. I went there once too, and the food is awesome! :D

    1. Wah.. snowman tried this before edy..;P Yah, i think it's quite nice

  4. Wanted to pop by here after Skyfall last week...but it looked a wee too fusion for my liking. I must say the hotate looks awesome...

    1. More teenagers/youngsters will love this...;P

  5. Didn't realise got this new place also HAHA first time seeing japanese restaurant serves kuey teow :3 it doesn't look tempting also :P The skewers look yum though.

    1. fusion ahhh!! WHARTTTTT NO TEMPTING.. IZ GOOD OKAY?If u eat it while it's hot la..hehehehehe

  6. Gosh, can't wait to dig into the dishes!

  7. I'm planning to come here again soon!

  8. what a feast!! I want a bit of everything.... btw.. yr food pics here looked awesome.. I was literally drooling all over my keyboard!! :P

  9. Wow! This was great. After shopping usually we eat in a delicious food who can satisfy our need when it comes to food and this is really great. I will refer this to my friend abroad. Thank you.



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