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Ti Chen Restaurant@ The Saujana Resort


Ti Chen, the Chinese Restaurant at The Saujana Hotel Offers More Than Just A Face Lift.
The Saujana Hotel Kuala Lumpur celebrates not only once but twice this time arond reintroducing their newly refurbished Chinese restaurant, Ti Chen back into the market. With its rich red and black tones adorning the walls and furniture of this oriental eatery, Ti Chen has a lot more to offer. Assisting Ti Chen in retaining its stature and reputation are two new chefs, Chef Lai Chong Seng and Dim Sum Chef Yau Kim Yew.

The first impression that Ti Chen gave me was the modern and sophisticated environment. The dining room features dark wood furnishings with dim lighting. Simple yet elegant... The chinese oldies music that flows through the speaker also creates an instant comfort for the soul as I indulge in my multi-course meal. 

While the sprawling menu at Ti Chen won't transport you to exotic China, the atmosphere and decor that perfume in the air just might.

 It makes you feel like you are dining on a floating boat, surrounded by red lanterns; A place where ancient chinese people always have their meal , commonly nearby the sea village or the rural area. 

Roasted Duck and Mandarin Orange Salad with Wafu Dressing.

It is a greatly refreshing and light salad to nosh on. The thinly sliced duck breast is comes with the skin, whereby you get to taste some savory and delicate crisp of the skin and at the same time, the soft and lean venison . Their greens is surprisingly fresh and I love the bursting flavors of orange wedges and cherry tomatoes in this particular dish too!

Simple yet elegantly presented . . . It is then garnished with some sesame seed and a drizzle of vinegar and balsamic olive oil...

Steamed Cod with Preserved  Radish.

Fresh Cod Fish taste great on it's own. I love the fleshy and slimy texture contributed by the Cod; there is also lightly stir-fry bean sprout at the bottom of the fish and zesty ginger paired together with some light soy sauce - absolutely fabulous.

Prawn and Scallop with Green Ginger Puree.

I love the greenish, gingery, zesty , finely minced condiment on top. Though it's a little too salty but it's pleasant. 

You have to stuff everything inside your mouth in one-go just to get that rubbery mouth-feel from the prawns, succulent and juicy chunks from the scallop and also the almost-undetectable coarsely grind ginger on top. 

Homemade Beancurd with Crab Meat and Pumpkin Puree.

Appeared in cheerful orange-y hue, the house-made tofu was deep fried then topped with fresh crab meat, Shimeji mushroom, edamame and drenched in creamy and sweet pumpkin sauce. I wish I had a bowl (or two) of steamed white rice to go with this...

Special Wok Fried Rice with Tobiko andCrispy Beancurd Skin.
The fried rice is lightly flavored with the 'wok hei' (pleasant charred aroma) and eggs. 
Decorated with some fried beancurd with chopped asparagus, rubbery shrimps and also bouncy fish roe( ebiko). You can literally taste the soft and fluffy rice instead of the  lumpy ones. I love the paper-thin crispy beancurd that adorn at the side of the dish too! It gives an extra crunch to the fried rice as I savour every mouthful of it...

It might look simple but taste otherwise. 

Sea Bird's Nest with Aloe Vera in Longan Syrup.

It's a sweet and satisfying dessert known as ‘San Huo Cao’ in chinese.

The marine plant is rich in enzyme nutrients, collagen and mineral substances, calcium, magnesium, iron, potassium, phosphorus, sodium and multitude fibers and jelly form proteins. 
It is said to be situated in between the chewy and crunchy texture, very refreshing though.

At 39 years of age, Chef Lai Chong Seng with 19 years of experience in Cantonese and Szechuan cuisine alongside magnificent fruit and vegetable carving. After almost 8 very successful years of building his career in the northern states of Penang and Pahang, Chef Lai packed his bags and headed to the northwest coast of Mahe Island, the largest island in Seychelles worked as Chinese Chef at the Le Canton, a niche Chinese restaurant in the middle of Seychelles. 2 years of managing daily kitchen operations, costing and menu in Seychelles, Chef Lai came to a point where he wanted to come home and accepted the position of Chinese Chef at a 5-star hotel in Kuala Lumpur. Little did he know, he once again found himself working overseas in the UAE with the Jumeirah Group LLC at The Noodle House as Chef De Cuisine before returning to Malaysian shores.

Do hop by Ti Chen if you are nearby, the eclectic menu showcases a fresh interpretation of Malaysian Chinese cuisine with a Cantonese twist in the aspects of taste and presentation. Such passionately crafted dishes are complemented with gracious and attentive service associates who are prepared to impress and exceed expectation. 

The Saujana Hotel
Ti Chen Restaurant
Saujana Resort
Jalan Lapangan Terbang SAAS
40150 Shah Alam

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  1. It's been a long time since I've had a good tong shui - that Sea Bird's Nest dessert looks great! :)

  2. duck breast salad! didn't expect to see that dish at a chinese restaurant, but it looks colorfully tempting :D

  3. Those lantern looks amazing, and bird nest? Sounds really good at the beauty aspect. I hope there are not dulcified because it they are too sweet then that really spoils the whole thing. I love bird nest for desserts. :D

    1. Yeah, very 'chinese' feel~ Kinda like the ambiance..^^

  4. Looks gorgeous with all of those red lanterns hanging from the ceiling.

    1. I am sure you'll like it! ;D the price are reasonable too!

  5. Interesting dishes, not the usual one would see in Chinese restaurants. This hotel, the former Sheraton, is it? Next to Holiday Villa Subang.

    1. No, don't think so, tuapui... It's not Sheraton. . . It's Saujana Hotel. ;)

  6. That's a classy restaurant & that cod fish looks decadent!

  7. wowwww. the interior design of the restaurant really amazing!

  8. The prawn and scallop looks nice! So does the cod fish.

  9. Sea Bird's Nest dessert is something special!
    Never tried it before! =)

  10. Lovely pics as always! :D Love the ambiance that you managed to capture in your pics... and i want some of that cod lor!



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