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Renoma Cafe Gallery @ Jalan Bukit Bintang


The first thing that comes to your mind when you see the word 'Renoma', it'll definitely be men's wear, and most obviously , underwear. 
But hey, did you know that other than Fashion Wear, Leather Goods, Footwear and Underwear,  Renoma also has its very own collection of photographs?- the same attention to detail and composition for which is clothing creations had become celebrated was now canalized to create another kind of image.
And slowly, the owner( Maurice Renoma) moved  towards crossbreeding and hybridization into another new perspective , which is furniture. And guess what, now he's into Food and Beverage (which is in the field that my greatest pleasure takes place.)

The interior design is exemplary, paradigmatic and ostentatious. Every element you found in this place reassured the brand as attention is given to every single detail. Let it be floor mat, sofa, footwear, accessory and even armchair. 

They even have a mezzanine floor , where they named it Salon Lounge.

The Salon Lounge has an admirable ambient that composes a unquestionable top-notch semblance. (Please allow the melancholic side of me effuse ) Imagine jazzy songs flowing through the speakers, muffled giggles, friendly chatting with the presence of beer, the vivid and care-free phenomenon that is hovering in the air.... followed by the soothing sensuality that calms the soul and induces a therapeutic ease.... 
A place you can just sit down, relax and unwind at the end of the day...

Back to Salle, the main dining area where I had my splendid dining experience that very night. 

Some finger food before the dinner starts. (Red Velvet Muffin).

My pick of the day - Refreshing Summer Cooler

It's just basically Mojito , the virgin ones. Very refreshing though. 

Amuse Bouche - 
Assorted Cnapes @RM20 

Featuring 'forest, sea, and farm'' elements. Fresh mushroom ragout, smoke Scottish Salmon, beef pastrami and air-dried Muscovy duck on slices of toasted brioches.

Salade Niçoise @RM28

Fine Mix Salad Leaf with Artichoke, Heirloom Tomatoes
Anchovies, Quail Egg and Vinaigrette.

I fell in love immediately with the semi-translucent-fresh salmon found in the salad.That's not all ,the intensely hued colour of the mixed greens, the pale chalky salad dressing and the garnishing have caught my attention. The brilliant idea of using marble white ceramic plate to present this dish has completely lift it into another higher level just by its classy and sassy presentation.

Cured Muscovy Duck Breast Salad@RM28
House-cured French Duck Breast with Camomile Tea,
Fine Mix Salad, Poached Egg and Torch Ginger Vinaigrette

 Love the wobbly yolk in the center.Egg-cellent,  I must say! 

Hand-cut Potato Fries
Pommes Frites

Double-fried Hand-cut Russet Potatoes, with 2 homemade mayonnaise dips; Truffle & Sambal Terasi. (complimentary with L’Artisan burger (below).

L’Artisan  @RM58       
With Foie Gras, Rillettes of Muscovy Duck, 
Crispy Leek Strips and Rocket Salad

 L'Artisan Burger is said to be the house's Signature burger which is a home-made Grain-fed Beef Strip loin patty(220g) with Foie Gras, Rilette of Muscovy Duck Masala Crispy Chicken Skin and Rocket Salad Served on a 6-inch Bun. 

Patty was terrifically marvelous.
 It's surprisingly eccentric, where you are able to find morsel of soft, creamy and dense foie gras hidden in the center. 

They beef loin patty is fabulous too. 
I was literally savouring every mouthful of this tasty morsel . It is juicy and tender, perfectly grilled . Clear as you can see, it is meant to be shared, (double the size of my clenched fist.)  

Mini Snail Parcels - Feuilletés d’Escargots de Bourgogne @RM18

Oven-baked Burgundy Escargot in Puff Pastry 
Served with Curried Lotus Root Chips, Micro Cress & Sauce Madère

It's like a petite calorie-bomb parcel, where every buttery bomb you popped into your mouth explodes with joy. The partner in crime - crispy curry lotus root is as thin as paper,as fantastic as the escargot too! *thumbs up for this*

Croque Madame @ RM28

Croque Madame
A classic Parisian Grilled Sandwich with Gruyère Cheese, 
Cured Beef, Muscovy Duck, Turkey Ham & Black Truffle Egg .

A dripping of Bechamel sauce,pulling of Gruyère Cheese, topped with an egg, now how's that for a nice pick-me-up brunch or even dinner item?!

One thing I would love to lay emphasis on is the side dishes.
Spot that tiny little watermelon-like- cucumber . . .isn't it cute??!?!!??!!?!?!?

This is how it looks like when you dive in your fork and let the yolk stream down the toast...
Fantastic. I just couldn't think of other word or phrase or any thesaurus that makes you comprehend on how good this taste like.

Lobster Bisque @ RM32

The first sip is outstandingly exemplary. The lobster essence can be easily detected by the palate, lobster were perfectly cooked, succulent and tender ; however it gets saltier as I continue... It is advisable to go with some plain bread to balance back the saltiness. 

Forest Mushroom & Foie Gras
Velouté of Black Trumpet, Oyster and Cepe Mushroom
with Goose Liver Purée and Crème Porcini

The description and title says it all. The mushroom flavor is potent and strong; and the creaminess and distinctive foie gras astringency lingers on your palate as the aftertaste. 

French Onion Soup @ RM20
Soupe à l’Oignon Gratinée
A Classic Parisian dish! Caramelized Onion in a Beef Bouillon
topped with toasted bread and Melted Comté cheese
It would be simply perfect if chef lower down on the amount of salt. Otherwise it's totally fine. No complaints at all.

Goose Liver & Sweet Potato
Mille-feuille de Foie Gras
Deep-fried Foie Gras served with Sweet Potato puree
Tropical Fruit Compote, Compressed Grapes & Salad Greens.

The creaminess of the fois gras mixed with the savoury paste is a surprisingly brilliant combination, with the sweet potatoes lending a tart sweetness. Colorful greens and fruits are used to elevate the entire dish's presentation.  Simply gorgeous. 

Then you wash down the greasiness of foie gras with a glass (or maybe two or three) of Renoma french wine... which is round on the palate, it wraps a full body around silky tannis, striking a fine balance between integrated structure and variegated flavors after the intensely rich foie gras. . .

Personally I love the smooth finishing, long and fresh character of this wine.

And Classic Margarita 

Anna is touched by this perfect Margarita. She just can't stop whining on how great it is. :P

Oriental Lamb Rack @RM60  
Carré d’Agneau à l’Orientale
Char-grilled Lamb Rack glazed Oriental Style

With Sautéed Shimeji Mushroom, Panache of Vegetables, Smoked Kicap & Pearl Onion infused Sauce Espagnole . The bed of mashed potatoes was extraordinarily buttery and delicious... it just makes me crave for more...

The meat is fall off the bone tender, externally sweet and internally moist ; I like how they prepare the side dishes as well, it's not laden with butter or oil, unlike how other restaurant cook their veggies, it wouldn't make me feel nauseating at all . Very well done, chef. 

Slow-Braised Beef Cheek@RM58

Boeuf Bourguignon
A Classic Beef Bourguignon, Grain-fed Beef Cheek

Boeuf Bourguignon (Grain-fed Beef Cheek slow-braised in Burgundy Wine, Pearl Onion Confit , Root Vegetables and Potato Mousseline) . Another needless to chew venison. Braised till perfection, it just melt in our mouth instantly ; the presentation of this particular dish was fully given attention as I can imagine how meticulous chef is to slowly plaace the pea one by one atop of the pea blanket. It's a pretentiously beautiful and graceful dish.

Wagyu Steak @RM128

serve with Ratatouille and Truffled Pomme Purée

Trust me, the chef knows how to handle his meat well.
Something you must order if you're a carnivore (like me). 
I never had such wondrous , close to perfection meat before... but one think I can assure you, I can wallop the entire 220g of meat myself . It's plain but highly addictive.... *I was drowning in my own saliva while I was typing this *

Cod Meunière    @RM62               
Wild Caught Cod Fish Fillet Poached in Brown Butter, 
Seasonal Vegetables, Capers,
Kaffir Lime Leaf, Lemongrass & Orange Maître d’hôtel Sauce.

As long as it is fresh, the cod need not to be described. Slimy and lubricated, lightly seasoned with salt and pepper and mellowy herbs -Lemongrass and Orange Maître d’hôtel Sauce, another close to perfection dish that night. 

Burgundy Style Spring Chicken @RM36     
Coq au Vin
Braised Whole Spring Chicken with Red Burgundy Wine,
Button Mushroom, Smoked Duck, Pearl Onion served with
seasonal baby Vegetables .

Coq au Vin, hearty meals that bring the soul to the provincial warmth of the French countryside. 

I came to know that they love to use baby vegetables in complementing every dish, and maybe because of that, I am more likely to enjoy the food . I do not know why , but the side entrée had actually convinced me that chef have had put substantial of attention into every single dish that he had prepared.

Rock Lobster Thermidor- RM148

Lobster, Gruyère Cheese, and sauteed mushroom.  I like the extra rubbery texture from the lobster.. 

Valrhona Chocolate Fondant@ RM20
Soft & Melted Centre Chocolate Cake 
With Vanilla Ice Cream and Wild Berries Stew

Peach Melba @RM18

Flavour After Six French Vanilla, Chocolate , Rum & Raisin (Alcohol), Strawberry Stripes

For both coffee and dessert lovers, there is also Le Cafe Gourmand by Renoma's award winning pastry chef. It is a long espresso with a 'petit fours' dessert delight : Macaroon, Mango Millefeuille, Eclair and Croquignole (double baked biscuits). Cafe Gourmand is the latest trend among Parisans for sweets and Renoma Cafe Gallery is proud to be the first to serve it to their guests in KL.

Le Café Gourmand @RM18                               
A cup of Espresso served with assorted
Renoma Cafe Gallery Creation of Sweet Patisserie

Orange Vanille Crème Brûlée @RM18
Orange & Vanilla Bean Rich Egg Custard 
With a Crust of Caramelized Brown Sugar

In short, I will lick my lips to taste every last morsel of these delectable desserts created by chef because I never want to waste a single piece of such extravagant dessert ... so if you're wondering who made those heavenly dessert...

Chef in Black - the one that prepared all main dishes above, that not just warms my tummy but at the same time it encapsulated my heart wholly. (Told cha I'm impressed with every small details given in the dish);
Pastry Chef in White - She's like an angel, standing right in front of me, displaying her stunning smile , sheepishly beautiful.  NOW I KNOW WHY MY DESSERT TASTE AS SWEET AS HER.

Just another splendid shot I got in my camera. 
Chef Alven Tan and Chef Parisserie, Chef Amanda Lim.
Personal note to chef : Keep up the good work as this will NOT be the last time I visit Renoma. <3 nbsp="nbsp">

Another eye-candy for y'all... behind the scene while bloggers are in action. 

Two camera ladies  holding the video flash, then the rest take pictures, and they rotate.... ;) 
It's always fun when they're around... I love them as much as I love my food. :)

For more details and clearer photos (non-food related):

Renoma Cafe Gallery 

Address : 510, Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100, Kuala Lumpur
Operation Hour : 
Sunday - Tuesday: 12pm- 11pm. 
Wednesday - Saturday : 12pm - 1am (late night).

Website :

''This is not the end , but the beginning of fashion, art, music, dining and winning experience. ''

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  1. beautiful pictures! really captures the gorgeousness of this place and the food :D


  2. Lovely photos! Using flash trigger for some of the photos? The first one definitely got most of my attention :)

    1. thank you so much! Yeah, i used video flash, credits to Ken and Bok~ ;) They're the one who taught me how to take nice pics...;)

  3. Wow! Love the meat dishes here...especially the kickass L'Artisan and the Cured Muscovy Duck Breast Salad...eggcellent indeed! =)

    1. haha!! I am definitely going for second round.. wanna join?;P

  4. Awesome review! You make me wanna go there and try already *wipe saliva*

  5. When I first saw the renoma, I had the same thought as you too HAHAH the place looks so classy, same goes to the food :OOOO and there's so many dishes YUMMMMMM

    1. hahaha!!! Yeah.. but now u know there's FnB! ;D

  6. AMAZING photos !! LLLLOOOOOOOVVEEEEEEE it very very much!

  7. eee! jealous betul! so many nice food! :D

    1. ahahhaha! nono jealous here.. we go together next time, just make sure you ajak. ;P

  8. omg.. all the foods looks so delicious.. T__T make me super hungry now..

  9. L'artisan is so luscious! can i have the beef replaced with pork please? :)

    Latest: J for Japanese

    1. can can.. u try to request and see..;P tell me later on!

  10. OMG everything looks soooo good!

    Muscovy duck breast salad caught my eye as did the proper burger with a loin patty that looks juicy and thick, that's how a burger should be like.

    ...and it contains foie gras too!

    The escargot pastry looks awesome too - great array of French cuisine here.

    I didn't know Renoma has diversified so much, I thought underwear too. Heh.

    Learn something new everyday, cheers Eunice! :)

    1. Always the longest comment. I like youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu. ;P
      Hahahhaha!! Yeah, the burger is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo effing goood. Ayam not joking. U better go try out yourself. Hahah . The Foie Gras is a bonus. It's like a hidden surprise when u sink down your teeth into that oh-so-juicy burger patty...

      The escargot is not my fave, but thumbs up for their creative way of inventing it. ;P

      Yeap. Renoma is not that same as what we thought in the old days... it's slowly diversifying and penetrating into our lifestyle today, which means Renoma is everywhere!! Furniture, menswear, footwear, photographs and even F&B! ;D

      Cheers, Huai Bin, good to see you and hope to see you hopping around in my blog! ^^

  11. great shots eunice, and gosh, i can't wait to take a bite on the juicy beef patty, looks so tempting! I'm hungry.... :(

    1. thank you veyr much, Ken! Hehehehe.. You can try this place when you're in KL. ;P

  12. I love foie gras, will order the Goose Liver & Sweet Potato and L'Artisan Burger for sure! :P

    1. that is their signature burger! Do try their beef cheek too! That's one of my best recommendation!

  13. Oh my those salmon slices!! Everything looks yummy

  14. Must bring my Darling here. His fav brand nih..

    1. hahha! rmb to wear the same brand of undie..maybe got discount?haha..JK

  15. wah.. u ate the whole menu? lol... your photos are getting more fabulous each day.. keep up the awesome work...

    1. Almost the entire menu, dear...ehhehehe! Thanks for your words. I'll definitely keep it up..;)

  16. Lucky you!!! I want to go to Renoma!! :D That piece of FG in the burger patty looks super delicious. How much did you actually eat that night? Not all the main courses I presume?

    1. hhahaha! WHUA.. I ATE A LOT. I WHACK EVERYTHING LA...;P

  17. i find that the Croque Madame is very special. never see something like that before.

  18. You're late. Seen a number of blogs on this place already - I think Sean has blogged about it TWICE!!! Ya...the name reminds me of men's underwear. Hehehehehe!!!!!

    1. huhu.. Yes i know ayam late.. it's okay. late is bettter than none, right?;D

  19. wahh..your food pictures improve so much.. I miss this place already with their awesome food, cocktail and house wine. . Slurps

  20. Excellent photo quality. Loved the post and food. Clean and simple!


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