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Sex sells?

Sex sells! and so does fine dine! You see. . .

Although fine dine is typically NOT inexpensive, when you think of fine dine, think of the extreme. 
A simple , not-filling meal can easily cost you up to RM300. . . Some might be ranting or whining after the meal; some might say it's a good dining experience that cannot be valued with money and they enjoyed it ; Just like sex, it can easily cost you RM0.5k  per night, or even a whopping 1k for a date, (inclusive of shopping, dining, blowing hair, Prada, Gucci, etc) .They are equal, in a sense....
''Great pleasure, short duration''.

So what makes fine dine so special? Chef's work needs to have the wow factor,
the product sells visually. Agree? It is very true fact that you must believe :

25% of your palatte is enhanced visually and we eat with our eyes. So many food bloggers place pictures of their work on the internet, ( I do that too! )people like it and comment on how tasty it looks and how appealing the product actually looks yet it hasn't been eaten or smelt.

The friendly staffs who got so excited when I was holding the camera ,(actually I wanted to shoot the black board behind) *troll face*

Ozeki Special smoothie : Peach and Strawberry syrup, fresh orange and grenadine blended with ice. 
Kc said it was very refreshing, it was slightly too sweet for me though.

Here's my Winter Frost Smoothie

Made from fresh watermelon and fresh milk blended with ice. Very refreshing, too!

While waiting our food to be served, there's a few wooden frame pictures caught my attention.

Guess those are the few historical moments that are meant to be hung up on the wall.
I like the corner of the restaurant: The warm light lighting up the corner as well as it brightens up my gloomy mood, with flowers adorning it,  it gives me more than a homey feeling.  

Complimentary homemade bread with butter and balsamic vinegar.

We ordered this from the Tapas Menu: Iberico Pork Skewers.

 Tender pork served with a fragrant mint sauce.

From the Chef's Recommendations menu: Marinated Mackerel with Pear Salad.

I never tasted something like this before. It was so simple, yet it encapsulated my heart wholly. It was extraordinarily delectable! 

Crunchy pear, absolutely fresh  mackerel , subtle pungency of shredded onions, punch of herbs and olive oil.... 
Your palate will be tantalised with a multitude of flavours , utterly fascinating. 

Clear as you can see, each morsel complimented each other ;
One is juxtaposed to another to create a flower figure. The flavours 'blossom 'indeed!

Sauteed Squid Tentacles in garlic butter and soy sauce, simply seasoned with herbs and tomatoes .
I enjoy chewing the rubbery crunch of the tentacles. 

Sweet Pumpkin Gnocchi with Cream Cheese sauce topped with Pancetta.

The combination of sweet and salty: Sweetness from pumpkin and saltiness from the cheese; Gnocchi was bit too soft for me though I am not a fan of pasta. Lightly peppered and garnished with bacon.

The dining mate however commented :'' Sweetness of the pumpkin combined with the crispiness n saltiness of the Pancetta...the right stuff =) ''
 and however he would prefer the gnocchi to be softer. 

(Totally different palate on this ;P)

If you like glutinous kind of pasta/ mochi, you'll like this. 

Next, the star of the night : 

From the Ala-Carte Dinner menu: Polpetine
It is a Duck Hamburger Steak, served with Sauteed Spinach, Dry Raisins, Pine Nuts and ... 
and kombu with plum sauce. 
Fantastic combination. Fabulous. Eccentric ! 
I had actually paused for a while to pay attention to the springy strand laid on top of the patty, before deciphering what was that.  It was beyond delicious... The strand itself was tasteless, but it gives a rubber-like texture and when paired with the sweet and sourish plum sauce, I'm done. . . 

Oh wait, I haven't finish describing ....

It was then topped with a Half-Boiled Egg in a Chef's Special Japanese sauce. 
The moment you dive in your fork and break the yolk membrane, you observe the slow-motion of orange-hued yolk stream down as it slowly dirties the part of the venison ... 
I kept ooh-ohh-ahh-ing all the way...
 I even screamed with joy ,but it was all occuring in my head. ;P

The moment I sank my teeth into this morsel, I was sold. 
Patty was extremely moist and flavorful, it was meant to be eaten together with the runny egg, tender spinach , crunchy-sweet kombu, you might get some crunch of pine nuts every here and there too! Each mouthful was bliss! :D

*Mightily recommended*

Chef's Recommendations: Sauteed Iberico Pork Jowl in a Chestnut and Mushroom sauce.

Pork Jowl - Pork cheeks are exactly what their name implies : the slip of meat in the hollow of the cheek, underneath the animal's eyes.
What makes cheeks so good? Relatively lean, yet very moist meat. There are few parts of the animal for which this is true. Usually , you need marbled fat to get the same degree of tenderness- say, in the neck region, the shoulders, or in parts of the brisket. But cheek meat is like hock meat - the same kind of lean meat connected by lots of tissues and collagen. Cook it for a long time, and the meat breaks down into fork-tender flesh, you might not have the advantage getting bone and cartilage in the mix, but cheek meat is so good on its own.

I love every single element on this plate, including the perfectly stirred-fry mushrooms and earthy chestnuts.

The complex mouthfeel of the pork jowl was, uh,  orgasmic. It was chewy, but also tender at the same time! The longer you chew ,you can literally feel the fats melting, and the flavor slowly effuse into your entire mouth cavity...Paired with slightly rubbery, dense texture with almost a meaty-taste and mouth-feel mushroom,
.superb! :D

The subtle  vinegar flavor was easily detectable too! 
If you pay attention to the food, you will know how to enjoy good food.
The flavor was played well in this dish, very well balanced. I can't forget about the taste until today...

A meal is said to be incomplete if dessert is not present. No elaboration needed. 

Dolce Misto; Chef's Selection of Desserts served in a Japanese Dream Box.

So, we ordered something special for dessert, something mysterious. . . meaning you'll need to let chef pick four best dessert of the day for you. It will be any four of it from the dessert list itself. 

Again, they say ''sex sells'', well, so does sexy looking food, dessert precisely.

Mysterious dessert being unveiled. . . 
Guess that this Dolce Misto is what every girl dream of. 

The dessert was fresh, and most importantly that wow factor that people walked away talking about it from days on end. What an elegant classy product!
I love everything except for the Panna Cotta (I am picky on choosing creamy dessert)

Oh the lava cake. OH. OH OH. .. . . 
My heart melts instantaneously like ice cream when I saw this. LOOKATDAT. 
Man, scroll up again and have second glance on that lava cake! What an eye-pleasing legal (food)porn site.  
It strikes a balance between the hot molten chocolate in the center and also a cottony soft outer layer, finishing with a dust of cocoa powder.. What say you?

Raspberry Sorbet.

Holy Moly. Immensely in love with this as well. Grainy texture, sourish, tangy, beautiful, sweet,  but not cloyingly sweet. The flavor is so pure and intense until such extent I couldn't find any other word to describe how great it was.

Matcha Tiramisu

After stuffing ourselves with these petite four, we ordered another dessert because my dining mate wanted to have some Yuzu dessert so desperately. ;P

He wouldn't want to miss any dessert made of Yuzu, so we ended up order another Yuzu semifreddo!

Homemade Yuzu Semifreddo 
drizzled with chocolate sauce...
  • Semifreddo (Italian: "half cold") is a class of semi-frozen desserts, typically ice-cream cakes, semi-frozen custards, and certain fruit tarts. It has the texture of frozen mousse because it is usually produced by uniting two equal parts of ice cream and whipped cream. ...

It was airy light, foamy,  with a very mild Yuzu flavor lingers in the throat as the after-taste, accompanied by coarse hazelnuts,greatly nectarous. 

Nothing left on the plate.
I am sure my fellow dining mate would polish the plate squeakily clean if I'm not around,right  KC? hahahaha!

Lastly, wishing you all a very happy Christmas in advance!

Ozeki Italian Cuisine
Lot G22-24, Groud Floor, Wisma Cosway, 
88, Jalan Raja Chulan, 
50200 Kuala Lumpur

Tel :  03-2148 9390 / 03 2144 3146

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  2. Gosh, if this restaurant was already open during my last trip there, I'd have checked it out. Oh well.

    The employees are the reason why I never allow them to see the camera whenever I'm doing a food review. I didn't want them to comment or be in the picture unless there are exceptions. =|

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  4. U bet ur life I would have polished off the Yuzu Semifreddo without u being around!...hahaha :P

    1. xD Really wanted to go back for more....Missing it already..

    2. Planning to revisit them again...with more people...will contact u then lar...hehe :P

  5. Fusion? The pork skewers look like satay to me. Everything looks good - that lava cake certainly seems inviting!

    1. Haha.. fusion wad. Not bad la their food... I enjoyed thoroughly!

  6. LOL omg! why u compare sex with fine dine! although quite true la! XD

    1. The fact that is true, and I think this is the most suitable example, so... XP

  7. HAHAHA your first paragraph is so funny, Eunice! :D
    The food looks amazing... and then I saw the picture of the lava cake and just fainted. Need.that.NOW!

    1. HAHAHAHAH! I LAUGHED WHILE READING WHAT I'VE WROTE TOO! XP thank you so much for dropping me a comment ^^ that lava cake was really ohzum la... it was so perfectly done. Wish to have this during rainy days...

  8. err I don't get the analogy with sex and money.. but I would say that both a good meal and good sex could be equally orgasmic;)

  9. Nice analysis for the reasons why it's sometimes worth it to spend our hard-earned cash on good food that really satisfies! And oooh, i like your photos of the pork jowl with chestnuts, it makes it look like a meaty, mouthwatering dish! :D

  10. Haha! Good start, got my attention anyway. ;)

    The Black Angus starts pretty reasonably at RM 68, that's a great price for that kind of meat.

    I'm more interested in the pumpkin gnocchi though - love that pasta ever since an ex told me how to cook it. I like pumpkin too. Yeah, I agree, the occasional treat is great! :)

  11. Hehe I don't get the connection about the "sex sells" part but I've been told the food here is pretty good. But not sure if "pretty good" can equal "good sex"? LOL!


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