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Lonbay Coffee (Civet Coffee)@ Paradigm Mall


Kopi Luwak - is known as the most luxurious coffee in the world. The 'Luwak' or known in  Malaysia as ''Musang'', eats the raw coffee berry and sbecause it cannot digest the berry, proceeds to secrets the bean. This process forms the basis of this legendary coffee. 
It can easily cost up to USD500/500 grams, roughly RM 150 per 100grams. 

Located at LG, opposite Tesco, Lonbay don't just sell coffee but other light snacks and simple dishes too!

A batch of this civet coffee costs you up to RM80 - told ya it's the world's most expensive coffee.
Each batch of Kopi Luwak is brewed in siphons using organically cultivated beans with certificate of authenticity and it can cater up to 2 person.  

Dripped Coffee that produces limited amount daily .

The LonBay Iced Drip served in two ways, warm or chilled.

Lonbay Coffee Enzyme is extract from organic Liberica coffee bean. It helps the body to digest food and converting it into nutrients and assimilate nutrients from proteins, carbohydrates, fats and fibre. Top it all, Lonbay Coffee Enzyme supplementation in our diets as below:-
  • Improves overall digestion so we have more energy for life
  • Aids in disease prevention and boosts the immune system
  • Minimizes the negative effects of the cancer therapies
  • Reduces the effects of aging, wrinkles, sun spots, inflammation or soreness of muscles and joint pain
  • Prevention of heart disease and speed healing after surgery
  • Cleanses our system from allergic reactions

It taste exactly like vinegar, very pungent and sourish.

Honey Lemon with Coffee enzyme
I love this refreshing honey lemon with enzyme though.

Besides all kinds of coffee, Lonbay also serve light snacks such as Lartigo ToastFishimo ToastHawaiian ToastBelgino Toast and Maxicano Toast.
The All Time Favorite section that allows you to enjoy ranging from french toastthick toast,peanut + butter toast or Kaya + Butter toast

For pasta lovers, you can also get your daily fix at Lonbay. You have 3 choices of pasta ranging from Bolognese SeafoodBolognese Chicken Mince and also the Green Sauce Spaghetti.

If you still have room for desserts, do order their chocolate and cheesecake too! ;)

Lot LG-13, LG Floor,
Paradigm Mall, 
Jalan SS7/26A, 
Kelana Jaya, Selangor

Contact Number: 

03-7887 5258

Business Hours Daily: 

Daily: 10.00am-10.30pm

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  1. Nice! I didn't know they have kopi luwak in Paradigm Mall! It's pretty close to where I live. :)

    I like how they setup their drip coffee too. Very lab-like.

    RM 70-80 isn't too bad for a cup of kopi luwak. Not something you'll drink everyday but good to know there's an outlet so near. :)

  2. OMG luwak!! Awesome! I'd like to try it someday but...but...wallet no money =(


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