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Goku Raku Ramen @ Mid Valley Megamall


Everytime I think of ramen, I'll think of  Tonkatsu soup. The words 'sticky', 'unctuous', 'oleaginous' and other thesaurus that you can find in the dictionary automatically come to my mind.

Nothing beats the rich, and flavorful oleaginous (oily + gelatinous)texture of this soup,(I must say that this soup is particularly my fave)

One of the well-known ramen shop in Klang Valley I've found , namely Goku Raku Ramen offers a gratifying ramen menu .

Their best selling item on the menu are the Signature Tonkatsu Soup Base and Goku Raku Soup Base.
''It is a must-order item in our ramen shop'', says Kar Min , the operation executive of Goku Raku.

Mr. Teruhisa Shimizu , better known as the pioneer chef of Goku Raku,and also the creator of  "Horikiri Style" ramen.

The "Horikiri Style" ramen, discovered by noted Ramen connoisseur, Mr. Teruhisa Shimizu, the unique style meshes well with the palatable pork, chicken and fish mixed broth, as well as the Shio (salt) and Shoyu (Japanese soy sauce) soup base made especially by the chef. Their broths are simmered to perfection for 36 hours to bring out its exquisite taste and our ramen are made fresh daily with their ramen-making machine in front of the restaurant. 

It was indeed my pleasure to  have a short chat with Mr.Teruhisa (He's typical Japanese), and Mr.Saito San who sat beside him was the translator for that night. ;) He's a notable chef in Japan and has 20 (maybe more ) of his very own ramen shop. Mostly mushroomed in the heart of the city - Tokyo. 

Matcha Float.

Yuzu Honey . RM7.90

Buta Katsu as appetizer.

The first attempt  was absolutely overwhelmingly great... the meat is prominent, it has the just-right texture, not too dry nor too soft, with the bursting of juice and aroma smearing on my lips... though it gets saltier as I extended my chopsticks to reach for the second piece.... guess that's why there's a bed of lettuce lying at the bottom to soak up the excessive oil. ;)

Something that taste like mayonnaise , and at the same time, better than mayonnaise . ;)

Isn't that green thing beautiful ? I purposely include it in the frame (to embellish the meat beside it ) . ;D
Just. Kidding. I accidentally include it in the pic... haha..
The main focus is the glistening muscle fiber... *drools*

  Ultimate Ramen (L) RM 21.90            (S) RM 16.90

Here comes the star of the night - Ultimate Ramen , which means a little bit of EVERYTHING in A BOWL. Totally smittened. Let me clarify how it taste(to me) . Egg is cooked till perfection, all whites turn solid but the yolk remains semi-liquid....the yolk symbolized my joy, it spills and ooze out from the innermost core....

This Ultimate Ramen uses Tonkatsu Soup -Better known as their  lightest soup base that is brewed for many hours. This soup is infused with the maximum amount of pork essence that contributes the pure sweetness and the delightful creamy texture in the soup. ;D 

Next, I had the Goku Raku soup.

  Goku Raku Miso Ramen (L) RM 24.90            (S) RM 19.90

Picture above shows the individual portion (small portion), but it is more than enough to fill up my sexy belly.

The eggs are marinated in a special sauce after it's cooked. The egg white is perfect;y set while the yolk remains velvety and squishy!*applause*

Goku Raku Soup base is also their signature recipe!
A hearty, rich broth with a robust meaty flavor. The only difference with Tonkatsu soup is that this soup is a complex blend of pork, chicken and a hint of fish instead of using pure pork in the making process.
It is perfectly balance.... (but I still prefer tonkatsu. ;P)

Just a closer shot for you to see the floating sticky element at the surface of the soup - that's the essence derived from the pork bones, full of collagen! Uhhhhhhhh.

The broth is already rich on its own,and that is why it must be paired with simple ingredients such as bamboo shoots, green onions, egg, and flavorful-porky venison .

The tenderness of pork, the indescribable springiness of ramen, the nutrient-locked soup base.....
the overall presentation... It just put a smile on my cherubic face. aw. *blush* 
Self-praise is no praise, I think you should try this yourself. *chuckles*

    Gyoza  RM 7.90

Gyoza with 'rice-web'.
This is how an original Gyoza suppose to look like . Yes. With the web, says Kar Min , the operation executive of Goku Raku.

Gyoza taste good, but not impressive.
 I haven't come across gyoza that impressed me , yet. ;P but of course, this is fully based on my individual preferences.

Rare Cheese Cake       RM 8.90

Annin Tofu       RM 6.90

Anin Tofu and Cheesecake as dessert to denote a sweet ending .

How about satisfying your ramen cravings and enjoy the genuine taste of authentic Japanese Ramen experience and at the same time, you might be the lucky one to dine for free? Yes, totally free! 

Goku Raku Ramen is running a promotion namely ''We Pay Your Bill !''
All you need to do is Draw, Scratch , and Redeem A Free Meal!!
*Chances of getting a free meal is 20%.

Contest duration : 1st Nov - 21st Jan 2013.

Address :
Lot S025 & Lot S026 , Level 2.
Mid Valley Magamall, Kuala Lumpur.

Tel : 03 -2282 3924

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  1. Now you made me craving for Ramen. xD

    Nice photos btw.

  2. I went there once and it's pricey! T^T. I don't are to go there for second time

    1. price for ramen outlet are more or less the same..unless u go for Ikuzo.. it's far more cheaper.. around rm5.90- rm20 per bowl only..heh

  3. The yolk! Goodness.. drool! I've been here once :D

  4. hmm, i find it kinda funny that the sea weed is not completely soak in the soup but sticking at the side..:)

  5. I love the ramen here too! :D

    It's delicious! Always large for me with gyoza side order.

    This has got me drooling in the middle of the night.

    1. hahahaha!! So when are u going to get your ramen craving fix?;P

  6. yum yum gouku ramen!! and the macha float! =DDD so special! like wasabi float! hahaha

    1. HAHAHA! Ka chui la u !!! Matcha and wasabi is different okay!@

  7. I don't like to eat egg yolk so every time whenever I had Ramen I will dilute the egg yolk in the soup to make the taste even richer :D

    1. ahahhaah.. not a bad choice. my little brother always do that !!;P

  8. yummy... I always love ramens... gotta check this out!! oo.. I love the look of the Matcha float... makes me wanna go and get one now!

  9. it's raining in KL again this afternoon. a good day to slurp up some hot ramen! :D

    1. it'll be good for ramen in the month of November ...hahaha!Cause it's raining season!

  10. The match float looks as though it could be a meal in itself.

  11. Now I really feel like some ramen. So long as I don't die of thirst after !! LOL


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