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Fresh with Anna Olson@ Berjaya Times Square, KL

Fresh Flavours with Anna Olson

I am a big fan of Nigella Lawson, Jamie Oliver, Chuck Hughes, Kylie Kwong, Micheal Smith, and  of course Anna Olson! In short, I'm just one of the loyal fanatic of AFC Channel.

It was a great pleasure being invited to meet her in Berjaya University College last week. 
Anna, the Canadian celebrity chef was here during 22-23 November 2012 for her ''Fresh Flavour with Anna Olson'' tour.

Anna Olson is a professionally trained pastry chef with over fifteen years of experience in the culinary field. She shares her talents with the world through award-winning cookbooks, opening culinary businesses and starring in television shows such as Bake with Anna Olson, Sugar and Fresh with Anna Olson, all of which air on the Asian Food Channel. Bake with Anna Olson recently premiered on Asian Food Channel on 16 October 2012 at 9pm.

She began her career as a pastry chef at a premier winery restaurant located in the midst of prime Niagara farm and wine country named, ‘Inn on the Twenty’. It was here where she met her husband, Michael Olson.

Anna has also published several successful cookbooks. Currently, she has six cookbook publications under her belt, with her most recent release titled, Fresh with Anna Olson. Using food as her creative medium, Anna likes to work backwards, starting with ingredients that sound delicious to create components within the recipe body to get a delicious end result.

She was giving two cooking demo on that session itself. 
Firstly , she showed us how to make Tourtiere - a French -Canadian classic dish originated from Quebec, commonly serve during Christmas duration and it is typically made with minced meat. More or less like a beef pie, however, it's the seasoning that she added to prepare the filling that makes the difference .

She patiently carried out step by step on how to prepare the pie dough.

Anna also explains to us (theoretically ) why we should let the dough rest in the fridge before molding it. 
The proteins bond, the gluten and et cetera, (forgive me, I just know how to eat, WHO CARES ABOUT THE BOND BEHIND?!) 
It's actually the structure of the bond that makes the dough sticky, hard to handle and often, you might ended up gluing your fingers to each other!


Out of no where, she popped out with her Tourtiere!
I instantly felt like sinking my teeth into it! Bah. 

 She also advise us to puncture some holes by creating patterns at the top of the pie to allow the trapped air to escape, so that you wouldn't end up with a cracked top. 
Anna even cracked up with jokes such as : 
''I think this might be the most famous pie I've made, because....

... because  there's so many flash light flashing on it .''

Media gets very aggressive when it comes to taking picture.;P

Next, she makes a Pumpkin Tart with Pate Sablee dough .
 In less than 10 minutes, including 2 seconds commercial break, she came out with her pumpkin jewel.

and the fun part that everyone loves.... 

Sprinkle (lots of) sugar to create a caramelized thick-and-sweet crust atop. 

I love playing with torch!!!! Burn baby burn!!

I had a sample of it.. The moment I sank my teeth into it, the creamy , soft, sweet, rich flavor of the pumpkin and cream cheese just diffuse in my mouth, leaving a very piquant flavor on the tongue. 
You will love this if you're a pumpkin lover...:)

After the food tasting , we had photo session!

She look gorgeous isn't she?

Please do not laugh at my height, I am still growing lah...

Manage to take picture with some of the foodies too!!!! 
Check them out !

Me and my MIL Baby Sumo
She blogs about exquisite restaurants and she cooks !! 
She has two little kitchen helper , namely baby C and baby D. 
Check out who are the two C and D! 

Me and Shannon

Gifted cook I must say! Her blog guarantee to make you drool. 
Don't believe? click here

Me with Quay Po

One of the most humble and unpretentious lady on earth I must say. 
Met her few times at a few events( maybe she might not remember), each time I greet her , she'll reply and exchange greetings with me, with a big grin on her face.
Check her blog out to know why she name herself QuayPo !

Yay! It's me with Chef Micheal Olson, Anna's hubby!!
Very cheeky and cheerful chef I've met so far... <3>

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  1. Hi pretty Eunice! :) Great to meet u the other day.

  2. among all, i just know the name James Oliver. Anna Olsen is new to me. are you the youngest food blogger there?

  3. Ahhhh!!! You were there too!!! Hmmm...familiar faces, Shannpon, Baby Sumo.... Hey, Quay Po!!! Having difficulty seeing what's on the viewer screen? Muahahahahaha!!!!!

  4. I heard this was a great one. Polly said she was pretty cool.

  5. You're so lucky to have met Chef Anna Olson and her husband, Michael in person, Eunice! I'm a fan of hers too... would always watch the weekly episodes of her current show. =)

  6. I really want to taste some of her work....

  7. How fun! Ann is also in S'pore. U must be overjoyed!

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  9. Very nice! :)

    I would have loved to go and taste her cooking too, or at least watch her in action.

    Cheers Eunice!


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