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Fat Spoon@ Uptown Damansara


Stepping into the dim restaurant ,the first thing that captured my attention will be the urban-feel interior setting. Everywhere is filled with artsy and quirky object. Mismatched furniture, old-school pots hanging on the wall, and modernistic pictures as decor. The entire concept of the restaurant successfully made me feel at ease and 'homey'.

Everything here would help you rekindle some pleasant childhood memory - The Peter and Jane story book.

My welcome drink- Ice blended Watermelon Mint.
Very refreshing , but it will be much better if they tone down on the sugar level.

Fat Spoon is an informal and casual dining restaurant, it's a suitable venue if you want a quite dining experience with family or even best friends. They serve food that has a home cooked quality with a mix of Nyonya, Chinese and Western influences.

My table-mate that night : The boyfriend (Henry) and girlfriend (Choulyin.) <3 p="p">
I felt deeply honoured to have been invited to the food menu tasting in Fat Spoon last week. Fat Spoon is launching some new dishes on the same day as a few bloggers and I was the first to sample it!

Pumpkin Fritters serve with thai chili.

Tamarind Prawn Pasta
* Angel Hair Pasta with our Signature Tamarind Assam Prawns, Coriander & Gingerflower.

I must say that I love this pasta , but not very, I'll explain why.
The sourish tamarind flavor is able to whet my appetite on its own, and when paired with the gingerflower( aka bunga kantan), the sharp and incisive essence of the flower enhanced it wholly,  I love the coriander tincture too, every element in this plate had actually complemented each other. Alas, I would prefer meehun over angel hair pasta. (as I am not a fan of pasta )
The tamarind prawn taste great, it would be perfect if I don't have to peel the exoskeleton on my own ( Imma big lazy bump).

 Moo Moo Rice Bowl
* A hearty bowl of Stir-fried Basil Beef served with Steamed Rice and Fried Egg

I didn't glance through the menu while having this. 
I just want to let my palate perform its best , to analyze what's actually inside .
I think it would be interesting if we were blind-folded to taste this.... 

*Thumbs up (first)*
My saliva gland is activated(again) while I reminisce back the taste of this Moo Moo Rice Bowl. 
It was utterly fantastic, I love the basil leave that they added in the beef, it's subtly sharp, mild but somehow potent ; beef was perfectly cooked, not too chewy nor to soft , together with the pan fried egg which has the just-right amount of oil coating ... all you need to do is incorporate them and WHACK!!!!!!!
The harmonic quintessence formed in the presence of steamed-rice. 

 Fat Salmon Sandwich
* A sexy Smoked Salmon, Apple & Herbed Mayo Sandwich served with a side of Pumpkin Fritters

Please do not be deceived by my photos, the actual size of the burger is actually smaller than my palm. 
It's only of illustration purpose to make it look bigger so that it'll make you salivate (MORE)! ;P

Love this much too. 
I was literally savoring this till the last bite... fresh salmon slice overlap over one another, with sliced crunchy apple in the center to give an extra sourish kick, and when you take a huge bite, you'll be surprise with the favorable tartness contributed from the herbs mayo. It's simple, yet extravagantly delectable.

Very thoughtful organizer, each of us were served with individual portion so that we wouldn't overstuffed ourselves. 

Hot lemongrass and Pandan tea

Next,  we wash down the food with a hot cup of Hot lemongrass and Pandan tea. 
Some might not like the flavor of lemongrass because they found it too strong and overpowering, but it's the other way for me. But still, it'll be better if they reduce the sugar level. ;P

 Sago Pudding with The Last Polka’s Salted Gula Melaka Ice Cream

Last but not least, we indulged in their Last Polka's Salted Gula Melaka Ice Cream (Palm sugar ice cream). 
I don't mind treating myself a high-sugar treat once in a month as this is really a dessert that you must not missed in a Nyonya  cuisine. 

Hopefully I made you drool over your keypad while you're reading my post. ;)

A Brief Introduction about Fat Spoon
Fat Spoon, founded by sisters Melissa and Michelle, serves Nyonya food mixed with a dash of modernity, dubbing this unique cuisine as “Grandma’s Recipe”. The food served is reasonably priced and affordable for working professionals and students alike.
The concept of Fat Spoon allows their patrons to time slip back to their childhood days the moment they step into the restaurant. Their vintage interior design and homemade food which brings back memories of our own grandmother’s house and cooking will leave them feeling cosy and nostalgic.
Boasting appetizing food, good coffee, and a great place to throw amazing parties, Fat Spoon takes reservations as well as walk-ins, with a choice of indoor or outdoor seating. Take out is also available for those who are constantly on the go.
If you’re looking for a place to enjoy a delicious meal with your loved ones, Fat Spoon is just the place.
Fat Spoon
ADDRESS: 73, Jalan SS21/1A Damansara Utama, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

Opening times: Tue-Sun, 12 noon-9 pm

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  1. I m so in love with the dessert!!! I will go back for sure just to eat this... maybe I ll sneak in others... hehehe :)

    love the photos!!

  2. Happy dining there, will go back again.

    1. So happy to see u there !! ;D hope there'll be more in the future!heehe

  3. I will moo moo for the Moo Moo Rice Bowl...hahaha =)

  4. eeks! everything looks so yummeh! Especially those salmon slices... *slurp*

    1. hey pretty... glad to see u here.. ;) oh indeed, the salmon taste good tooo! it has apple chunks beneath. Worth the penny~ ;)

  5. Oooo the Moo Moo Rice Bowl and dessert looks awesome!

  6. Salmon burger and salted gula melaka icecream with sago pudding; tempting muchhhh! I've always wanted to try their famous spicy macaroni too hehe

    1. oh? they sell spicy macaroni? ask me out if ure going!!xP

  7. wahhh..sure looks like a unique place for dining..will drop by ..

    1. Yah.. very old-school kind of feel lo this place..

  8. Love all their new dishes... im so glad that I've found another new place that serve good food with reasonable price! ;D

    irene of Pinky's Plumbing


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