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Easy Toast.


I was having another busy yet fruitful week. Have not been to the supermarket to shop for my groceries was the only regret last week. No stock in my little pantry... all I manage to find is some broccoli and button mushroom leftovers. 
Sauteed? boil ? add them into instant noodle? 
Nah, everything just taste too bland and ... unappealing to the eye... 

TOAST that has melting cheese in it! 
The brilliant idea suddenly popped out from my mind. Hola. Let's do it! I said to myself.

Bought this MINIIIII olive oil last time because it was tooooo cute, haven't got a chance to use it,  glad that I bought it too. 

Bought a big batch of black pepper chicken on skewers last trip from the grocer , the one displaying under the yellow-hued roaster oven. :D 
And it's cooking time!

First I toast the bread in the oven, ( I don't have a toaster).
 Meantime, sauteed broccoli and mushroom together with some olive oil. 

Stack everything together.

Lay another cheese on top.

Throw them in the microwave for 30 seconds to let the cheese melt.

Then , I ran back to my room and grab my camera, hoping that my cheese won't cool down so quickly...

Tell me you want some ! ...

...and you'll never get it until you get your ass of your chair and go make some for yourself. 

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  1. Whoa... Double cheese filling in it! I would omit out the broccoli and probably replace it with crispy bacons. Hehe.

    1. HAHAA! Dont be so picky la Chong~~ Eat everything! Everything that is meant to be eaten together..!;P

  2. wowww... u r CREATIVE !!! and I WANT ONE !! hahaha

    1. tq Mai~ hehehe! U come and find me.. *doors open wide * for u !

  3. Wahhhh... looks easy to make and delicious.. =D

  4. OMG!! All my fav, brocolli cheese chicken!! Yummy babe i want u as ma wife lah hahaha

  5. Would like to know how you sauteed your mushrooms and brocolli. Not just olive oil only right~ LOL. Thanks~ :)

  6. is there any other foods besides this? ;)


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