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Bulgogi Brothers @ E-curve


BULGOGI BROTHERS - every dish is made-to-order using only the finest ingredients. 

So walk in with a big appetite and then leave with a full belly -minus the lingering aroma of barbecue on your clothes.

Opened its first restaurant in Gang-Nam, Seoul, Korea in October 2006. Since then, it has provided gourmands with high quality meat dishes and an impressive roster of beverages — all priced reasonably. To date,Bulgogi Brothers has 36 branches spread across South Korea including 3 in Philippines and 1 in Canada.
As can be gleaned from its name, the Bulgogi Brothers specializes in Korean cuisine and bulgogi — marinated barbecued meat, the most representative form of gogigui or Korean barbecue. The word itself literally means “fire meat” in Korean, derived from the Pyongan dialect.
In addition to assorted bulgogi, Bulgogi Brothers also serves rice dishes, seafood, stew and noodles, including an extensive beverage list such as fruit ades, Korean liquor (including soju), wine, beer, and fresh fruit juices, among others.
The dining experience is enhanced by a Western-style, cozy ambience with K-Pop playing in the background and the brand’s service, which is efficient, friendly and ebullient.

Peas, corn and sweet potatoes as a welcome dish to every customers.

Lotus root coated with some sweet sauce, I love it when the sweet sauce smeared my lips, I couldn't stop licking my lips just to get full flavor of it. 

The center , orangey-bright mashed pumpkin and potatoes with chunks of cucumber is what I love the most. It's not cloyingly sweet, and it has the just-right fluffy texture .You'll be surprised with every mouthful of tiny-slushy bits cucumber too.. greatly refreshing. 

I couldn't help but let my lips curve into small smirk too. 

Sweet pumpkin soup. It taste slightly sweeter than the mashed sweet potato and more 'gelatinous'.
If I am not mistaken , the pumpkin was blended with glutinous rice beforehand to create the thick texture. 

Some raw and crunchy vegetables to go with the heaty barbecue ..

Spicy Chicken Maekjeok. RM20.90

One of my favourite that night. The first bite was literally great. It might seems normal to you, but when you allow the  kick of the chili slowly climbs to the peak, you'll appreaciate your cold tea. It burns your tongue gently, slightly....then you'll be protruding your swollen tongue and fan it (as if it helps.) But not really until you get yourself a cold tea. I'd actually enjoy the fiery sensation lingering on my tongue. ;P

Chicken and vegetable skewers sauteed with sweet and spicy sauce.

Haemul Pajeon RM27.90
A ''must-have'' Korean-style pancake with seafood and green onions.
Greasy, but can't help myself with second serving. You can find ample of seafood such as squids, prawns, mussels....

Unyangsik Bulgogi. RM45.90

Unique heart-shaped beef bulgogi seasoned to perfection. Also known as the star of the night *Highly Recommended*

you can smell the aroma from the sizzling wok as the smokey  incense is liberating out...  No oil is added while grilling is in progress.

Though my suppose-to-be-love shaped unyangsik has ran out of shape, but nonetheless, it taste absolutely fascinating. 
When I took my first bite, my eyes widen, nostril opened up, the patty is remarkably tender and soft, and it just MELT instantly in your mouth. The flavor just ooze out, the slightly charred aroma fuses along too... indeed a sumptuous treat that night.

Janchi Guksu RM17.90
Known as the ''party noodles'' in Korea, served in seafood broth and garnished with vegetables. 
It is a simple warm noodle dish made with thin wheat flour noodles (somyeon) that are usually in  aclear anchovy or beef broth. Typically topped with thin strips of meat, eggs and seaweed and zucchini. 
I personally like it because of the clear and refreshing broth. 

Chamchi Kimchi JJigae. RM23.90

Korean stew made from spicy kimchi paste , tofu, rice cakes and tuna.

The appearance and the taste is totally different in this particular dish. ;) You'll be surprised when you take the first sip. The unbelievably matching flavor from the tuna actually merged and blended in so well with the mild spicy soup. 

*Big thumbs up for this*

Bulgogi bibimbap. RM29.90
Combination of beef and vegetables served on top of rice and special spicy sauce. 
A must-order whenever I dine in a Korean restaurant.
As I know, they only serve Australian grain-fed beef, and that is why they taste utterly perfect... No complaints, at all. 

*They rotate their complimentary tea on daily basis. Corn tea, brown rice tea or buckwheat tea.

Now open at:

Pavilion KL

Lot 6.01.03, Level 6, Pavilion KL Shopping Mall,
No. 168, Jalan Bukit Bintang,
55100 Kuala Lumpur

P: 603.2141.9620
F: 603.2141.9621

Paradigm Mall

GB13, Ground Floor, Boulevard
No.1, Jalan SS 7/26A
Kelana Jaya
47301 Petaling Jaya

P: 603.7887.3541
F: 603.7887.3545


Lot G-05 & G-06, Ground Floor, e@Curve
No. 2A, Jalan PJU 7/3
Mutiara Damansara,
47800 Petaling Jaya

P: 603.7722.3633
F: 603.7733.1312

Opening soon at:

  • Ground Floor, Mid Valley Megamall

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  1. gosh. so delicious. if only penang has it

  2. So yummy!! I think it's about time I visit Bulgogi Brothers! : )


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