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Ante - Kitchen&Bar@ Publika


''Ante up!''
 It's a bet, a game of chance, money gambled, and.. what else? 
A restaurant!!!

I always love to roost in an orange-hued restaurant, with slow golden oldies that
is constantly hovering in the atmosphere...the sound of the gentle knocking collision between the fork and spoon with the ceramic plate, the on and off chuckle and guffaw... 
It has the indescribable capability to ease me down when I am tense, 
I'd always love to unwind the end of the day in places like such , 
to make myself  feel calm and relax, nothing more than that....

I swear if there's no one in the restaurant, I'd be jumping up and sleeping on the sofa like an octopus. 

I admire their logo. ;) 

Tea for two. RM12

Ice Lemon Tea.

Refreshing Mojito. 

The Hot Dog. RM18
Sauteed wrapped-in-bacon peppered sausages, ready to be dipped in apple mustard. For those who love hot dogs without the bread

I would advise to eat the sausage without the apple sauce first as the sauce is actually added with some wasabi! The kick of the wasabi is mild though. 

Nostalgic root beer.

Crispy Pork Trotter Salad . RM21
Deep fried pork trotter slices served with roasted peanuts and
mixed lollo lettuce tossed with Thai dressing.

Man, this does not need a description. It certainly speaks for its own. 
Look at that glistening collagen and fats beneath the breathtaking caramelized-coloured skin!

Smoked Duck Salad. RM23  
Slices of smoked duck perched on mixed lello lettuce , toasted almond floakes, pecans, and sun dried tomatoes drizzled in zesty dressing. 

Up The Ante Pork Burger. RM35
between this burger's raisin buns are fresh lettuce, tomato, onions, sauteed mushroom, an egg with a runny--wrapped in prime cuts of bacon strips. yolk and Ante's special pork patty.
Side served - fries and salad.

It's their signature burger, how can you not order it?!?!?!
I ran out of description, just try this yourself. 

Char-grilled Pork Steak. RM33
Signature Pork Chop with berry cream sauce, served with mashed potatoes and baked apple.

Tasty but not impressive. I like the sourish baked apple though. 

The Real Bacon Carbonara . RM 26

Creamy pasta, cooked along side pork bacon, onions, mushrooms, crispy bacon and finished with cheese. No turkey impostors here! 

Hush. I just need you to re-read the name of this pasta. 
THE ,REAL, BACON, CARBONARA. Yes, I couldn't be more agree than this. This is one of the most authentic and fabulous Carbonara Pasta I've ever eaten in my life. Not wanting make such hyperbole ,but
the massive explosion of flavors , the creamy but not cloying white sauce, the perfect thickness of the sauce , not too watery nor too dry, with a hint of peppery and chili piquancy... 
Please allow me to metaphor this carbonara as a marriage....

...... It is a marriage. A perfect marriage made in the heaven Kitchen.

Thin Crust Pizza. RM27
Signature Chorizo & Bacon - an all-time favourite pizza in Ante. Generous amounts of pork chorizo , bacon, tomato puree and heaps of cheese. 

Typically delectable and mouth-watering I must say. I love the crispy charred edges of the thin crust dough. The portion is said to be just nice as it satisfied your pizza cravings without leaving you feeling over-stuffed.

Caramelised Garlic Olio. RM23

Simple but tasty pasta with bacon, topped with caramelized garlic.
I was expecting a more garlicky flavor  in this dish but somehow I disappoint myself. The exotic mushroom flavor and the tiny-crisp of garlic and herbs however, had compensated the imperfection of this pasta.

The Hogger Pork Ribs.

Typically mouth-watering. Meat was NOT fall of the bone tender but overall acceptable. 

Soup and Starters
Chunky Mushroom Soup. RM12
A creamy , healthy blend of a variety of mushrooms.

Another star of the night. Perfect mushroom soup in every aspect. 
But of course, this is only based on my individual preferences. 
Creamy , rich, the potent flavor of the mushroom and bits chunks of mushrooms in every spoonful of soup. 

*kiss fingers* 

Chef's Tomasco Soup .RM12
Chef's special tomato soup with a mild spicy twist. Garnished with croutons.

Outstandingly ambrosial. It has a very subtle Tobasco taste that is easily detectable by the palate, but yet not overwhelming . The ratio of the tomatoes and the intensity of the Tobasco flavor are very well adjusted. They added just a douse cream to thicken the soup, resulting a silkier and smoother texture. 

Angry Piglets!

If you still have room for finger food, do try this out. 
The extraordinarily spicy sausage . Something (very) spicy to excite your palate .

Gratinated Pork Loin . RM29
Grilled tender pork loin, layered with sauteed potato followed by mushrooms, cheese and cream Finish with arugula salad.

A cup of latte to marks the end of this Porkilicious meal.

Ante Kitchen&Bar
Address : A2-G1-09, Solaris Dutamas, 
50480 Kuala Lumpur,

Tel : 03 6026 3364

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  1. I dwfinitelt wanna find out how real is the carbonara!

  2. That day only I pass by the fancy looking restaurant, I really like their frame decoration !!

    1. OHHHH .. Then drop by this place and try! CARBONARAAAAAAAAAAAA! RAWR!

  3. great shots of the place. you really managed to capture its charm and warmth :D

  4. Oooooo...that bacon-wrapped sausage! Ooooo!!! Ooooo!!!! Ooooo!!!! Everything looks like to die for!!!! Slurpsssss!!!!!

    1. HAHAHAHAHAHAH!!! Tuapui sounds superrrrrrrrrrrrrrr excited!!! ;D

  5. errr... just out of curiosity... how does an octopus sleep on a sofa? *chuckle* ... cute! :P

    Food looks great... im heading there soon:D

    1. HAHAHA. An octopus sleep with their hands/leg (can't differentiate which is hand which is leg) all wide open... u get what I mean by sleeping like an octopus now?;P
      Food looks great, some taste superb. Try carbonara and mushroom soup. MAKE SURE U DITCH YOUR DIET FOR ONE DAY.

  6. Gosh, I love that comfy sofa! Crispy Pork Trotter Salad is my fave pick, dear!

    1. Hahaha.. U got caught by the trotter at the first sight I suppose!;P

  7. wow, that's alot. all of these are for yourself? or sharing?

    1. Of course sharing my dear.. how is that possible to fit all into my tummy?;P

  8. Love the photos Eunice! I just went there too. Looking at your photos makes me wanna go back again...

    1. THANKS FOR LOVING MY PHOTOS! Lol.. Whats your fave pic there?

  9. Nice! I love the egg on top of the burger, quite an Aussie thing, they put it on pizzas too. An egg I mean.

    I also like the sausages with bacon, now I'm craving for it in the morning. Haha.

    Oh well, at least Publika is very close to where I live. :)

    1. Yeap.. very Western style restaurant.. ;DD hahaha.

      It's pork, of course they taste GREATTTT!!! ;P
      Where do u stay?
      If u are going to venture new eateries , must invite!!!

  10. Wahhh.... u order a lot of food yea? I quite like their pork burger there, the running yolk makes all the difference.

    1. Yeah. Ordered almost ALLL the signature dishes there.. hehehehe.. Love it.

  11. instant lau nua now . .. so hungrrry y yy . . . .

  12. Agreed on the Real Bacon Carbonara... had it the other day and it is really awesome! Just drooling thinking about the flavour. :P

    1. Yes!* high five* It's extraordinarily delicious right?!;P

  13. This looks like a relaxing place to hang out, and some of those images are very tempting, Eunice! Lovely to meet your mum the other day, BTW.

    1. Thank u so much for dropping by my site, Polly!! ;D

      It was indeed our pleasure meeting u the other day too!! U look cheerfully gorgeous as usual~ Keep it !!! My mom loves your smile.. hehehehehe! ^^


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