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Do you know anything about tea?


Valuating tea is a knowledge, but how many of them really knows how to appreciate tea?
When it comes to tea valuation, the colour ,fragrance, and aroma are mutually connected. However, in this post I will  focus more on the taste. 

A good quality tea will gives a natural floral aroma , and a fresh , light aftertaste. 
Different types of tea gives variance taste, each types of tea possesses their own unique flavor,hence we should not judge the quality of the tea by its flavor. 
For instance,  some might like Pu er tea, some prefer Oolong Tea, Jasmine, Wenshan tea... 
I would just sum everything and categorized them into the term , flavor. 
You can have apple flavor tea, orange flavor, banana flavor, or hybridized flavor of durian and apple and they are(still) all grouped into the word - flavor.

Nevertheless of the diversity of classification, the valuation of teas are the same- the mouth feel and aftertaste.

I was given a chance to learn how to value tea with Mr.Hojo, the founder of Hojo Tea in The Gardens, Mid Valley(You can check out more here: )It was really a pleasant experience because I get to open up the door of knowledge on Tea. 

There are a few ways to evaluate the quality of tea , this includes : 
  1. Colour 
  2. Aroma
  3. Flavor
  4. Character
  5. Taste

A good quality of tea is define when you imbibe the tea, the aroma hits the nasal cavities and the feel and the taste of the tea fill the mouth and it lingers. 
The longer the duration that it lingers in your mouth, the better quality it is. The common good quality tea will have a soothing and smooth after taste ,but not overwhelming because it might cause the imbalance of flavor.

Previously I was having the wrong perspective of distinguishing the quality of the tea. I have been deceived by the flavor, without paying attention to the aftertaste and mouth-feel, my palate was blinded because it was  not trained to maximize my palate's potential  . 
To summarize everything that I have listed above,  you can picture it as the graph below :

  • Then we go to the fragrance of the tea. I was told that no tea should have a carbon, mildew, parched, smoked or other odd smells as these are sure signs that the tea is not of good quality.

  • A clear, transparent and light-color tea signify good quality of tea.
    Of all the ways to test quality, the most important is taste. The taste will tell about the tea, its strength, bitter or sweet tastes and if it is refreshing. This is also if the smell if not noticed for being off, this is when the taste will come through and find if the tea is bad.

  • Interesting enough, instead of tea, I was given another sample beverages to 'excite' my palate such as banana (ewww!) milk, orange juice, Coke and even Sprite !
    Four different types of tea leaf is being dipped  into each glass, and I was asked to differentiate the difference between each sample. 
    The intensity, the 'oomph', the kick of the flavor, the duration that it lingers in my oral cavity....and etc.

    Do you think that I am able to decipher it? ;P

    It's indeed a very valuable lesson for me as I have learnt that as a Food Blogger, we must not only enjoy the flavor of the food, but also to go deeper inside, to know what where does the source of the food/beverage , their ingredient comes from , and hence only we define what is 'good' and what is not.  

    Question of the day : 1) Are you a tea lover ?
    2) Did you learn something from my post by reading my experience?

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    1. No, I don't. I'm a coffee guy....

    2. me me... I m Tea lover... :)

      Thks for sharing.. never knew so much about tea... only know how to drink.. :P

    3. ooo, i'm usually not a tea drinker, but i think that's because i don't know how to really appreciate tea. this was a nice article, i learned a few things, thanks! :D

    4. I usually cant tell what kind of tea I'm drinking but I can "taste" a good tea when I have it :P


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