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What?Melbourne Peking Duck in Bangsar?

What? Melbourne Peking Duck?

Duck flew from Melbourne?
Er, Melbourne recipe Peking Duck?
Er, Melbourne Duck migrate to Bangsar?
Aren't Peking Duck originated from China?(Beijing ,precisely).

Wrong ,wrong, wrong!
The chef is from Malaysia, but stayed in Melbourne for more than 10 years working in a Chinese Restaurant that is well known for Peking Duck. Now he decided to come back to his mother land and bring along the altered-recipe from Melbourne!
Hence, the name of the restaurant is born!

The sun-kissed(tanned) Peking Duck is here!

One hand armed with a sharp knife , another griping the neck and Sifu starting to skin the duck.

The advantage of eating Peking Duck instead of roast duck is you have the advantage of watching the duck carved in front of you. 
In the midst of slicing, I can easily observed the juice(fats precisely) ooze out... Staining the steel knife, dripping on the bottom of the plate... so does my saliva!

These little babies does not taste as what you  might expected. It taste utterly great, but they comes with a thin layer of meat instead of only the skin.

So, if you ask me, what is the difference between Melbourne Peking Duck compared to the local ones? 

  Peking Duck that you found locally is the Traditional-style Peking Duck , whereby  this dish is prized for the thin, crisp skin with authentic version by serving mostly the skin and little meat. I had the traditional Peking Duck a week ago before savoring the Melbourne ones.

You can read my previous post here about the Peking Duck I had in Grand Palace.

The difference between both of the ducks are, Melbourne Peking Duck tends to be thicker and has more slab of fats beneath the golden skin , and this is what makes it more juicier and pleasurable to the palate, it is also meant to be sliced deeper into the flesh, to attain more venison. In short,  you are getting more of everything! The skin, the fats( oh,sinful ones!) , and meats which slightly differs from the traditional ones - Crispy skin with just thin layer of fats.

Slices of duck are  folded gently steamed chinese pancakes. 

Here's how you're suppose to eat, with a step-by-step guide:

Lay the cucumber and spring onion on your 3 o'clock direction, drizzle sweet hoisin sauce, lay the duck skin atop, fold half (or you can say 'medial saggital plane' ), up to down, down overlap the previous fold, and you're done!
This method is to make sure the 'juice' won't drip out when you're stuffing it into your mouth! ;D

The ducks were all perfectly cooked, yielding good sized slices with light and crispy skin and succulent meat. 
The first bite was the utmost  sinful yet delectable part for me because , I can literally taste the bursting of fats and aroma in my mouth. Their pancakes were thin and not filling, and that makes me go for more and more and more.. I think I had 6 or 7 slices. . . mm. No regrets. 

So, here's the half naked duckie.
What do they do to the remainder meats?!?!!
Scroll down , keep scrolling until you find the answer.

Fried Chicken.

Fried pork.

Salted Egg Yolk with Butter Chicken.
Buttery butter, balmy chili leaves ,with extremely light and thin 'egg filament' . 
Sinfully delightful. 

Stir-fry beansprout with shredded duck meat.

They'd actually use the remaining duck meat to stir fry this.. 
The tauge (bean sprout) was crunchy and juicy instead of muggy (overcooked)...Not too oily and very well seasoned with pepper and salt. 

Homemade Tofu with fish meat.

Kangkung Belacan.
Simple but delectable. I love their kangkung belacan because it's no soaked with chili oil (I usually encounter this and end up not touching the vege..;/ ) Taste wise, no complain, it's not too salty nor spicy either, just- nicely done . (This is my preference )

Shredded Duck Meat Fried Rice.

Rice fluffy and fragrant, although it might seem plain here, but trust me, it taste otherwise. ;)

Shredded Duck Meat Fried Flat Noodle.

Lightly stir-fry with dark soy sauce, loads of crunchy bean sprouts and shredded duck meat.
If you love the ratio of flat noodles to bean sprout by 50:50 , then you will certainly love this dish.
I just love my vege, the more they give, the happier I am! The reason is because ,truthfully the more vege you have in your diet, the less likely is for you to store fats(in your belly), so, usually such not-very-healthy but remarkably-tasty dish, I would prefer them to add more vege! It also might left you  feel less sinful too!  

So if you're strolling around Bangsar area hunting for food, and you know there's a new restaurant named 'Melbourne Peking Duck' please do give them a visit, their Peking Duck is Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh-SOME! 

Melbourne Peking Duck
Address : 24-1 , Jalan Telawi 3, Bangsar Baru.
Opposite Alexis bar and bistro . 

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    1. haha..thanks Foong! ^^ Hope to see you around again!

  3. Nothing Gonna Change My Love For You ~~ Peking Duck ! Yummy ! Yummy !

  4. The skin of the duck omg. Is my favourite!


    2. T.T eat duck skin has nth to do with fats la. T.T. Duck skin still my favourite <3

  5. Just by reading it, sounds delicious

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  6. I just have it... And it is really superb, worth for second visit... I m loving it....

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    1. Yeah, I think baby D will love this! rmb to add more sweet sauce!!;P

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    1. ;D of course!! It's from Melbourne.. I mean the chef.. hahaha! ^^

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