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Pork-Toberfest at Morganfield's @ Pavilion KL


Calling all pork lovers to unite this October at Morganfield's Porktoberfest !

Putting a unique spin on Oktoberfest , the traditional German festival of unity, Morganfield's proudly announce three pork-tastic offerings not to be missed by pork connoisseurs. The time is now to eat, drink, and be very merry as Pork-toberfest also pays homage to the German festival of unity with some exciting beer promotions.

Kick start your cross-continental, gastronomical journey with the quiuntessential German delight. The Pork Sausage Platter comes complete with an assortment of juicy grilled pork sausages like the Bratwurst, smoked sausage, spicy Hungarian and Emmantaller Cheese Sausage. Perfect for sharing or for your own indulgence, the Pork Sausage Platter is served with coleslaw, Dijon mustart , garlic aioli an dis price at RM32.90 ++

For many pork enthusiasts in this region of the world, the ultimate treat definitely lies in the Roasted Oriental Pork Belly. Pork belly roasted in the style of a traditional oriental kitchen, precisely sliced to give a balanced ratio of meat and fat with every btie. Priced at RM20.90++ , try the Oriental Pork Belly with a modern twist and dip these scrumptious morsels in Dijon mustard or Garlic Aioli.

''We understand that the love for pork transcends across many cultures. Whether you are from Germany, United States or China, the appreaciation for pork comes with how the dish is perfected. Sausages are considered a staple in many European kitchens just as how roasted pork  belly is the epitome of celebratory dishes in Orential culture. In conjunction with our month long festival which pays homage to the appreciation for food and drink which unites pork lovers, we believe theres two offerings will be fast favorites,''said Ryan Poh the Director of Marketing for Morganfield's.

Now, what is Pork-toberfest without a frontline for your gastronomical festivities? The Roasted German Pork Knuckle is slow roasted to perfection, making it tender on the inside and crispy outside. Generously dressed with special homemade pork gravy and served with red skin mashed potatoes, a colorful medley of assorted garden vegatables and coleslaw. the mouth-watering Roasted German Pork Knuckle priced at RM95.90++. The generous serving of this main course is best shared by two or three peoples. 

In true spirit of Oktoberfest, what is a good and hearty meal if it is not washed down with a good pint (or three)? The Awesome Threeesome beer promotion gives you three pints of your favourite brew at an unbeatable offer. Get three pints of Carlsberg or Connor's Original Stout at RM50 nett, Blacktorn Cider at RM60 nett, Kronenbourg or Hoegaarden at RM80 nett.

Full Slab of Morganfield's Signature Pork Ribs - Sticky Bones Spare Ribs. RM76.50

Meat was remarkably soft and 

Morganfield's also offers a wide selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. 

Refreshing Apple Mojito.

 Though my friend( Bok )and I had a slight pork-overdosed dinner, but we both still gave in to dessert unanimously. 

Chocolate lava cake. 
It was indeed a  huge cake ! *jaw dropped*...

I swear we didn't waste a single bit, the gooey-warm, thick and rich, molten chocolate is something to die for. Especially when it's hot from the oven. 

Look at the angelic-moist and intense cake, with Vanilla Ice Cream aside.
I couldn't hold any longer leaving it untouched ,and so I dive in the pool of indulgence. 

Both of us were having a great time sinking our teeth into this diet-breaker .
We walloped the entire cake without second thoughts and ended up leaving the sinful yet delightful feeling took us over.


Muddled by choices and can't figure out which to start your party with? Have a little of everything!The Beer Platter gives you five pints of the draft beers available at Morganfield's at only RM110 nett.

I am fascinated with the pictures on the wall.. Clear as you can see, these pictures are so capable of  vivifying the entire room, filling the atmosphere with mirth and glee. The joy that is hovering in the air can be easily detected. . . .

Comfortable dining area...

Dining place for those who prefer to have more privacy...

Are you ready to welcome the Pork-Toberfest this month?

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  1. thats so much pork...but why the pork knuckle look like a yam in the first photo?hehehe...

    the chocolate oozing out of the lava cake makes me real hungry at this hour of time!!

  2. Why the skin of the pork knuckle so dark 1? Burnt?

  3. ah so pork-delicious! :) but im aiming on the dessert! choc lava cake, my fave

    Latest: Mookata: Smell your BBQ Flavour

  4. Ooooo...pork!!! Oooo...sausages! I LIKE!!! But I think your photos do not do the food justice. The place must be kinda dim or dark - can't take nice pictures. I often have this problem too and I do not want to use the flash - very unnatural lighting...not nice.

  5. waaahhhhh...that is some serious hog-out! Drooling over the Roast Pork and Pork Knuckle.....*heart racing*..... :D

  6. Pork tober fest has a nice ring to it, i must admit. and there's something wildly sexy about a knife sticking out of a hunky pork knuckle! nice...

  7. haha i love your pork-toberfest! yummy

  8. come ur photos are so dark ler?...hehe =)

  9. Whoa very catching name! I like, being a former copywriter. :)

    The spread looks great too - lots of porcine goodness and lots of beer! :D


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