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The Budget for the upcoming year 2013.


Lower taxes, more affordable homes, cheaper food and better public transport are among the items on the wish list from Malaysians for Budget 2013.
Oh well, tomorrow  (Friday 28 September 2012) is the budget day where many Malaysians will anxiously wait to see what proposals will be announced that will impact their daily lives.
Oh well, I am not paying any major taxes(yet) as I am still a  young and naive-college student still fooling around pursuing my studies.But that doesn't mean I am not aware on what's happening in my country. 

Salam satu Malaysia dear readers, here's a short list of what's my expectation on the Budget 2013. 
1) Income tax - Although I am still not sure on how the other side of the world works, I am still aware that   all of us, eventually will be wallowing in the never-ending phase of paying debts and taxes, and in the long run, it is not going to be a small-scale numbers. (In my case,consider a father needs to earn a living to support the whole family, where by he needs to fork out money to provide education, living, pocket money, insurance, and all kinds of taxes for three children) .  I hope the government should (well, at least) reduce and re-look this issue as we are focusing on how to unite all Malaysians and to upgrade the living quality of the rakyats.

2)  We now face a make-or-break moment for the middle class and those trying to reach it. After decades of eroding middle-class security as those at the very top saw their incomes rise as never before and after a historic recession that plunged our economy into a crisis from which we are still fighting to recover, it is time to construct an economy that is built to last. We will love you more(for sure). Consider giving back partially of our past paid taxes, this is indeed very helpful. Government also should provide higher education system for a lowest fee because,  believe it or not , it can  act direct or indirectly to mold our next generation on the intellect, vitality and innovation , thus leads to a bold and strong and developed country in the next 10 years. 

3) Infrastructure and Public transport - I think the government did well by already taking the first step of building the Light Rail Transit (LRT) ,MRT, Rapid KL , etc,  linking every corner of the outskirt town to the hectic city. I think they should come out with the 'tol free' , 'bus fare free', 'LRT free' sort of campaign every three times a week, or public transport free on every sunday , etc. . . 
Next, I want to pinpoint that the government should really fix our country's infrastructure- The most important factor will be the cleanliness of the country. Please, hire more jobless rakyat to clean our country, and educate people on how vital it is to keep our country clean. It is the utmost important  impression for the tourist , and by doing this we have to know that we'll drive in more tourist in the future. (P/S : please, hire somebody to re-construct all the public toilet around the big city - Kuala Lumpur), it's such a shame where all tourist spot are actually the most dirtiest place in our country. I hope the government will take note on this. Just a penny for my thought.
4) Lastly, as the rising cost of living continues to affect the quality of life of the rakyat, how am I possible to fork out my own first down payment to own myself a car, or a low cost house in the next few years time? I think the government should increase the salary of every rakyat, then the world will be a better place. ;P
5)Support strong growth in the resources sector( Palm Oil & Banana Plantation)  - This will directly and indirectly support growth in other parts of the economy. However, conditions in some parts of the economy are likely to remain challenging, but many of them successfully adapting to the changing economic landscape, identifying and exploiting opportunities to grow and prosper. Government should spend some for the R&D sector as well. 

The purpose of a national Budget is to identify the most pressing needs of the citizenry, place them in order of popular priorities and develop the means to meet those needs.So there you go the short list of mine, and let's see what our  AhJibGor  has to say tomorrow.

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  1. Wah financial news? I also hope our government will treat us better le hahaha

  2. I'm not paying taxes either. Pensions are not taxable. I bet it will be a pretty "good" budget considering that the election can be any moment now...

  3. well. tax.. I hope they would increase tax for the rich one and reduce for the poor one.. so that the gap between rich and the poor people like me would not be too big. =p

    and yeah, house, more affordable one please! in penang! and stop selling to those investors! give priority to the First-Home-Buyer1

  4. Oh gosh, how I love you said to increase the salary. T^T

  5. Yes, each and every one in the private and civil sector should have their salaries increased to cope with the current cost of living. And jobs, yes, the Government should try their utmost best to create more jobs and reduce the unemployment rate.

    Eunice, the PM should read this and take your suggestions to heart. =)

  6. Nothing for old people...sobsssss....nothing for me!!!


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