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Secret of Louisiana @ Plaza Kelana Jaya.


I never know this place existed until my dear - Choulyin suggusted to dine here on a fine afternoon and I nodded immediately!

There were frame of pictures hanging on the wall at the  narrow pathway that leads you from the back door to the restaurant .

Louisiana has a very serene environment, embellish with warm lamp , yellow light, neat chairs and rectangular tables. 

We prefer to dine outdoor, whereby we get to view the serene , not-too-clear lake,while enjoying the 'lake breeze'.
AH! One more thing I forgot to mention why we're there is because Yin wanna have buffet pasta.
It's a Eat All You Can concept, but with two conditions, 
1) No Sharing
2) You must finish your plate of pasta before ordering the other one.

They have 8 types of pastas for you to choose, if possible, eat all 8 types !!!!
It only cost you RM15.90++ .

Here's Choulyin's 1st plate : Shrimp Pasta.
Typically good, with generous amount of chili flakes and thyme. 

Well, again , am not a carb person so I ordered VIP Grill, er, something like that.
My plate of grill consist of Lamb, Chicken , and Dory Fish accompanied by not-very-fresh soggy-fries and rice. 

Wasn't enjoying the food because I think they can still be  improved.

Here you go, 
Choulyin's 2nd pasta:
Clam seafood Pasta.

We somehow manage to share this because we were behaving and bewaring the existence of the garcon;
whenever they're not around, or not eyeing on us, I quickly swirl the pasta with a fork and stuff it into the mouth. You know, we are a very good pretender. ;)

Third serving, Carbonara Pasta, with pieces of chicken chunks and musrooms.
Now this is really good, no complaints at all. 
Thickened gravy, creamy and rich mouthfeel with slight peppery flavor. 

Eat all you can Pasta for only RM15.90++

Secret of Louisiana .. the only lake side dining experience at Klang Valley!
*pictures taken from louisiana website.

Block D-01-01,
Jalan SS7/13A,
Plaza Kelana Jaya,
@ The Lake
Petaling Jaya

Telephone: +603 - 7875 5230
Fax: +603 - 7877 9230
Mobile Phone Number: +6012 - 983 0230

Information: Facebook:
Secret Of Louisiana

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  1. OMG, the price is unbelievably cheap! I wanna go there someday.

    1. Hehe... sure thing Shirley!! I'll bring u when you're around.

  2. I've heard of this place. Actually I stayed in the area when I was in KL that day...but did not get the chance to check this place out. Another time perhaps...

    1. Hehe.sure Mr Arthur.. hope to see you someday!!

  3. a good deal for a day when we're feeling very hungry for pasta! :D

  4. The price is very reasonable, and can have the bonus of lake view! :D

  5. for a while you might think that you are oversea, dining nex to the lake =)

  6. hahaha another tham jiak til three plates of pasta >.< hehehe we have to go back there someday :)


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