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Sanook Bistro and Sports Bar @ Plaza Kelana Jaya


I never been Sanook before but I recalled that I came by this area a month ago to Louisiana, which is just beside Sanook. 

I realized there are only two eateries here and I' glad that I've been both of the restaurants.
What I like about this place is because you get to enjoy 
a;l these sumptuous food whilst enjoying a fantastic vista of
 the lake at the alresco dining area with the breeze brushes through  your hair, or you can choose to dine in aircond comfort zone.

There's a Arriba sports bar upstairs of the restaurant.

Arriba – get up and go upstairs! The most happening Sports Bar in PJ. Come and indulge in the fun and glitzy atmosphere of Arriba@Sanook. The place to be at and to be seen where regular events are held with prizes to be given away for the funkiest games in town.

When I arrived, I saw a few friendly waiters were standing in their position, ever-ready to serve us by pulling the chairs out for me as I walked near the seats.
You'd be surprise to see all of them wearing a big huge smile on their face, and that makes all customers feel warm.

Sanook is famous for their freshly bake pizza , where this is their specially made oven - with the engravement 'Sanook'! 

''Our custom-made wood fired oven churns out the most savory thin-crusted pizza this side of PJ'', I think I agree with that statement. 

Gyro Lamb Pita- RM18
Sliced boneless marinated lamb leg with veggies and black olives, stuffed in fresh homemade pita bread pockets, with special yogurt mint sauce (2 pcs).

The lamb meat has the just-right texture as a meat , meaning not too soft nor too hard, it's suppose to have the chewiness , and your teeth can easily break down the meat muscle. I love the creamy and healthy yogurt mint that they serve, when you go with the lamb , it gives the cooling effect and you'll feel a mild jolt instantly.

Moogus Salad. RM22
Grilled Sirloin beef &  asparagus tossed with wild rocket, parmesan cheese and roasted red capsicums in house special dressing.
Oh , I love the salad very much, it makes you feel like you're not having salad when you are, and that's where the skill comes in, in preparing and composing the salad dressing, to make you keep diving your fork in to the salad. I think the parmesan cheese plays an important role in the salad. I enjoyed the salad immensely.

Spicy Mermaid Salad- RM22
Sauteed tiger prawns and calamari rings tossed with roasted capsicums, asparagus, cube japanese cucumber and romaine lettuce in sanook's special chili dressing.

I love the spicy kick that I get in the salad - everything that I'd put into my mouth didn't fail to surprise me. 'That was surprisingly good', I said to myself. It's very refreshing, and I love the japanese cucumber and asparagus that contributes the extra crunchiness to the salad. 

Kim Yang Lamb Cutlets
Kim’s favorite lamb cutlets coated in Korean Spices, charbroiled to perfection & accompany with Korean Kimchi.  
The lamb tasted utterly great, the oil smudge and charred flavor that wrap up the lamb entirely ... 
That smell awakens my taste buds;
and when I took a bite , the greasy juice just burst into flavors and bloom inside my mouth... wah.. Love my description?

Masala Rib Eye. RM42
Prime cuts of beef rib-eye coated with chef's special mix of garam masala, grilled to perfection & accompanied with vegetables kebab(250g)

Another mouth-watering dish that night - The meat was not too dry, still a lil bit pinkish inside and full of complex spices flavor . The sourish onion salad has a potent onion flavor, yet it goes very well with the meat.

Even the presentation look cool too!

Sotong Otak-Otak . RM30
Grilled whole squid stuffed with prawn otak-otal(special prawn paste), served with sambal tumis(shrimp paste chili sauce), pilaf rice and garden greens with prawn cracker, almond and fried shallots.


The squid was typically bouncy, and then stuffed with not-so-typical 'prawn otak-otak' instead of fish. I am impressed on chef's creativity to play along with the ingredients , though it might sounds simply , but it's not easy to come out with such idea if you keep thinking 'inside' of the box. 
Then the plumpy squid is coated with the sweet and savory sambal tumis... This is something to die for.

Teriyaki Char Siew . RM22
Tenderly broiled chicken, brushed with special sweet soy sauce marinade, garnished with piquant plum sauce and green onions , served with herbal pilaf rice.

Sweet and sour dish that best goes with rice. ;D
Moderately good!

Ayam Percik VietCong. RM19

Malaysian style bbq chicken served with vietnamese peanut sauce and herb pilaf rice, garnish with acar rampai(pickled vegetables) and fish cracker.

I admire how creative Chef is to 'localize' the Western Style chicken chop by adding the  vietnamese satay sauce( peanut sauce) .

Tom Yum Goong Pisek. RM29

Genuine Thai Spicy Soup of Tiger Prawns, Squid & Fish infused with thai herbs & served with rice.

Relatively spicy, but , hey, damn good. It has that ability to trigger your salivary glands to secret more saliva, and it's soooo capable of giving you a endorphin rush each time you take a sip. The sweet, sour, spicy flavor just incorporate together... All I can say is.... BEST Tom Yam I've ever eaten. 

Spicy Thai Mango Tuna - RM33
an awesome 3-flavor pizza of chunky tuna with sliced mango, caramelized onions and cucumber with mozzarella cheese.
This is the first funky pizza that I had tasted so far. . . I remember there's a Yogurt Banana Pizza @ Flams KL  too!;P
Not bad, it's spicy because of the chili flakes; it's sweet, because of the mango, and it's salty because of mozzarella cheese... Yet all flavor can harmonize so welly together. *thumbs up*

Sesame Honey Lamb

 Sesame Honey Lamb Pizza shredded with Percik sauce. It's a fusion dish comprising western and local style. 

Sanook's Executive Head Chef, Asrif, has more than 10 years’ experience in developing fine cuisines and is a master in combining tastes, textures and flavors & using spices and creating sauces!! Now you know why Pizza based are Peanut Sauce instead of the classic tomato sauce? 

Lastly , we had some dessert to wash down all the oily food !

Marie's Crepe Suzette -RM17
Freshly pan fried french crepes flavored with creamy fresh orange juice and citrus zest.

Henry's chocolate Mud Cake - RM11
Savory Mississipi mud cake with Ice Cream on Vanilla sauce.

Sanook Bistro and Sports Bar
C-06, Plaza Kelana Jaya, SS 7/13A,
Kelana Jaya, 47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

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  1. Oooo...nice place! Nice food! I think I would love those pitas... Hmmm...the chef's a real hunk too, eh? Hey! This must be near the hotel I was staying... Will have to check it out some day.

    1. yes , tua pui.. Their foods are seriously good...;D

  2. I seem to be seeing a lot of lamb these couple of days when I go blog-hopping. I can't take lamb, taste is too strong for me :< I like the sotong featured here all the stuffing.

    1. Haha.. I am not a big fan of lamb too, but i don't mind tryin a lil bit..;P

    2. Hey Eunice, how come u didn't join my last Int'l Giveaway?

  3. Omgggggggg. the sotong tak tak looks so nice. omgggggg *dripping saliva*

    1. tak tak ? whatdaya mean fer fer?;P

    2. actually, I meant otak otak LOL. But i have no idea why I didn't type a O for it. :X

  4. there is another restaurant beside Louisiana, called GRUMPS.

    1. opps. my mistake... I never know that! Thanks for lettin me know!;D

  5. haha i only been to Louisiana only. =S

    1. Not bad wad.. next time come here at night..enjoy the breeze!

  6. ooo, squid stuffed with otak-otak sounds very interesting. i'd like to order that one for sure :D

  7. Im loving the lamb pita.. Some they coat wit the yogurt min sauce luv it.. And thanks for dropping by my blog.. Hope to see u more in my blog.. Cheers and happy monday yo..

  8. see.. now you've given me a hankering for thin crusted pizza! LOL

  9. Squid stuffed with prawn otak-otak? That's genius! Must be super delicious =)

  10. I'd love a bowl of that Tom Yum Goong right now.


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