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S Kitchen Restaurant @First Subang Mall


How many of you know there's a mall named First Subang ?
Well honestly I don't know this place existed as there's not much advertisement or 'words of mouth' speaking about First Subang Mall.
Strategically located in SS15 and the boarder of SS16, a small and mediocre building that looks like an office at the first impression. 

It's my second time here, read about my first time (Coffee Chemistry Signature ) - here.

Obviously, it was 8 months ago , so I went back to check out that place again.
To my dismay, it's still the same, undeveloped... There were less than 50 stalls, and less than 10 eateries shop.

On the other hand, I'm happy cause I found S Kitchen- Superlicious Kitchen !

Their interior design certainly kept me fascinated. 
I love the hue-yellow lighting , with the grey-ish marble walls,  basically it's a very 'dramatic' and romantic place to perch with everyone!

A variety of baguette.

Spacious settings.

I can sense the presence of harmony in the restaurant, and as the golden oldies spilled through the speaker, it  charged me up, my blood flows corresponding to my emotion, and I begun to sway with the song. 
All my friends know me well, I love oldies (Except chinese songs). They say I'm old, but I think I'm mature. 
Haha. And because of the constant playing of my favorite songs, I fell deeper into this restaurant. 
The food taste tastier too!

They have an extraordinarily big wooden tables compared to the ubiquitous restaurant out there, I like it,I love the concept as I don't have to worry how to place my cutlery as there's ample of space for the food that's going to be served. 

Complimentary starter- Baguette with garlic butter. 

I still prefer the baguette that I had in Millesime , the best of the bestest .

Scottish Smoked Salmon Salad . RM27.00

I wanted something light in the afternoon then I was recommended by the friendly staffs there to order this.
It taste typically good, not the heavy dressing like mayonnaise; instead they uses lemon juice to give it a 'sourish kick', and it was indeed more than appetizing. 
Sliced smoked salmon with thin sliced fennel, capers, onions, mixed salad, then topped with some bright-orangey and black caviar as a finishing touch.

Tagliatelle Salmon. RM29.00

Again, bravo. They did it very well, pasta were al-dente, generous portion, not-too-less salmon chunks, creamy and sufficient white sauce. Not to forget the crunchy asparagus and herbs and pepper that pushes this pasta into another higher level. 
Surprisingly it didn't left me with disgust savoring until the end; usually the 'nauseating' feeling with visit me after I had such heavy and sinfully delicious meal. 

Tomato Bruchetta. RM12

I was trying to test their food by ordering the simplest appetizer - Tomato bruchetta.
Evenly diced tomatoes, seasoned with the right amount of pepper, a distinct yet subtle astringency given by the garlic, sitting atop of the lightly-toasted crispy baguette, I think they did it pretty well. 

To sum up my entire dining experience, I would rate them 8/10.
Service - Excellent
Ambiance - Excellent
Food - Close to Excellent
Price - Worth the penny.
       10% Service Charge
         6% Government Tax

Superlicious Restaurant


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  1. ooo i've been there once also nia.. not the restaurant, but Coffee Signature.

    Y no bring me try this! hahahaha :P

    Have an awesome holiday Eunice.


  2. i seldom venture into subang. but if i do, i'll make a stop at this!

  3. Ate there before too, loved the food!

  4. I've only been to First Subang Mall twice and it's to the Coffee Chemistry Signature too! LOL!

  5. Oh this restaurant so spacious!! OK will try this place if I ever go to this mall again haha!

  6. Wah! Classy! So spacious...and so clinically clean!

  7. i think among all the nice food that u posted, i like Tagliatelle Salmon the most! looks yummy with lots of salmon!

  8. I thought it's a Chinese restaurant :P ehh turns out to be western! Never been to First Subang mall yet :s

  9. The places looks very nice, but food quite pricey, well since u said worth the penny, then I shall try it some day.. :)))


  10. saw this long time ago . . . I shall try "Tagliatelle Salmon" :D . . . sigh why la so pricey lol


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