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Restaurant Keng Ping @ Bandar Puteri

Being a chinese , I must admit that I don't (seriously NO!) like chinese cuisine, unless it's a kind of fine-dine or something similar... ;P
But of course, on the other hand, being a food blogger, I mustn't be picky, so today's special chinese cuisine - Lenggong Food. 

Situated in the heart of Puchong - Bandar Puteri, a very humble and rare restaurant that serves Fresh River Fish.

Fish Balls (80pcs) - RM 56

The balls cost 70cents per piece, price are (apparently) on the high side of course; The restaurant owner claimed that all fish balls were made from scratch, they skin the fish, mash and whack them using hand, then add tapioca flour (gao fen -cantonese) to give it a bouncy texture,and lastly mold them by squeezing the minced fish out from the index finger and the thumb , creating a round but not-equally round in shape fish ball.
The fish balls were extraordinarily delish palatable. It has that bouncy texture that I like, following by some fishy taste. 
At first we ordered 40 pcs to share among 10 people, but then we realized it's too delicious and we had another 40pcs. 

Fiery good and  enticing when it goes with the fish balls. 

 Braise egg noodle - RM12

Oh, this is utterly fantastic.
 I love the damped-wet springy eggy noodle that is coated with the 'wok hei' (char flavor), I kept wanting for more, and again, we ordered second serving for this!!
Now you got the idea in how good it is?

Fried Rice- RM12

Claypot Catfish- RM27

The fish was smooth and fresh, the plus point is they're using claypot to serve this dish and that holds the heat a bit more longer ; I prefer this type of fish other than the ones that has a very intense 'fishy' smell..
The gravy gives a hint of sweet white wine flavor , also a mild saltiness from the soy sauce ...

Deep Fried Egg Plant - RM15

Now something unhealthily scrumptious, also my favorite, but I don't dare to eat too much because it's extremely greasy. But indulge once in a while it's okay...
Egg plant was deep fried until the outer part is slightly firm and crispy, charred and brownish, then stir fry with dried shrimp and garlic... uhh.. yummy-licious!

Claypot Kam Heong Chicken - RM 15

The 'Kam Heong' flavor is very potent in this dish, you can easily judge by the color of the soy sauce. I think it is best served with hot steamed rice! 
Homemade Toufu - RM10

The interior of the tofu is super supple, just like babies's butt; then drenched in salty gravy with minced meat . I have no complaints for this.

Kou Yuk (Pork Belly) - RM16

Hah!! How many of you will 'wow' when you see your favourite dish- Kou Yuk??
The fats and the lean meat was neatly arranged side by side , the fats just melt instantly when I took the first bite, heavenly sinful dish. My dad enjoy it till the last drop.

Stir-fry four types of vege (sei dai tin wong) -RM10

The vege is not overly oily and overly ripe and that's what I like it. It's still crunchy and full of plant fiber...

Steamed Chicken - RM25

Simple dish yet not easy to make me fall for it. I don't like steamed white chicken, I prefer roasted one. 

Stir-fry Siu Yuk RM 12

Strips of siu yuk - Pork belly stir fry with intensely dark and sweet soy sauce. 
If you really savor it, you are able to taste some dried chili astringency in it. I like it tho. 

 Stir-fry lotus root with Mushroom - RM12

Crunchy lotus seed with rubbery soft mushroom to give a contrast texture , the oyster sauce can be easily detected by my tongue... 

Although what I had was just some simple dishes, but the companion is what made the entire meal felt more delicious!

Restaurant Keng Ping
Address : 

No. 26, Jalan Puteri 5/2,
Bandar Puteri 
47100, Puchong

Business Hour : 11.00am - 3.00pm ; 5.30pm-10.00pm

Han : 017 889 1697 
Fatt Loi : 017 912 8414

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  1. wahseh..

    now picture also look better d.. pro luu!

  2. Y U NO like chinese food? :P Even the fried rice looks yummy lo!

  3. Eunice, don't worry much about disliking Chinese food. I'm a Chinese myself, but I'm not a big fan of our cuisine either. However, pass me a plate of popiah and I'm up for it. =D

    Back to the post. The steamed chicken looks yummy and the braised egg noodle, I can imagine myself ordering seconds for it. Is it near Giant?

    1. Hahha.. Yay! I have a friend tht dislike chinese food too!;P
      Not, it's not near Giant, but opposite Giant, near to Puteri Mart..;)

  4. yum yum!! fish is my favourite!! =DDD

  5. Fishball-crazyyyy! The steamed chicken n the 'Khaw Yuk' looks delish...hehe =)

    1. Ngek ngek... My mom said that too!! You can be her friend already...hehe

  6. Why don't you like Chinese food? I love oooooooo

  7. like what they said.. y u no like chineseeeee
    hahaha :P:P

  8. I've not yet acquired a liking for fish balls.

  9. I definately want that fish balls & Siu Yuk!!

    1. Hehehe.. It taste really good, come come! I bring u here when you're around my area...;P

  10. Fuwahhh..those fish balls are so tantalizing. I guess must be very bouncy like a ping pong ball.

  11. That would be A LOT of fish balls for one meal! But they look great, very 'natural' :D

  12. I missed a few dishes! Will be returning this long weekend to check out the other dishes with my foodie (none blogging pals).


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