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Namoo On The Park @ Publika (Solaris Dutamas)

Welcome to Namoo! 
 A fast-growing cafe that is famous for their Korean dessert , but they also serve main dishes too! scroll down to read more! 

Just a simple walk-in decor.

Korean Dessert Cafe n Bistro.

As I strolled along the wood-lane pathway , I noticed the room is rather empty, but you get to see some decor out of the blue. Very conducive environment and lighting.
Besides that , if you're observant enough you will be able to find a hook under the tables, for the ladies to hang their handbags or what-so-ever plastic bag that the walk-in customers had bought earlier. They deserve an applause for their sensitive consideration. 
*clap clap*

Simple but stylish.

Ribs and Seafood soup with rice. RM22.90

A rather traditional Korean dish comes with rice and sourish-vinegarette refreshing salad.

I had a sample of this ,and I think it was slightly too bland for my taste buds, no doubt, this dish was meant to be plain and light. There's huge chunk of beef and few pieces of seafood(prawns) swimming in the pool of soup too. 

My friend gently scoop the rice and place it into the soup , rather than showering the rice with the soup.
Then I watched her 'fishin' out her venison into her mouth, followed by a mouthful of rice, then the soup, and the cycle repeats.
It's more like a dilute congee,and semi-solid grains instead of the gluey-starchy ones. 

 Tteobokki gi-Mozzare - RM14.90
I love this red-hot-chili-pepper dish , with a generous spread of mozzarella cheese.
The rice cake was superbly delicious, it's soft(very) and cottony when it's piping hot; it's indubitably chewy and elastic when it goes back down to room temperature. The red hot chili pepper sauce is basically my fave sauce named Go-Chu-Jang - I used to put a lot in my bowl of bibimbap, and that gives the entire dish a utterly vibrant appearance!
I love spicy food, so this is definitely my fave.

Look at the pulling cheese. 
My lil brother will certainly bug me to eat Namoo when he sees this. ;P

 Beef & Rice Cake Salad. RM18.90
I was expecting something else at first. Something that has more greens than the incorporated brownish beef and rice cake in the center... Clear as you can see, the portion of greens,  meat and carbs to the ratio are 30-30-40. I would prefer more greens since what I want was 'S.A.L.A.D' .

Apart from that, every element in this dish taste absolutely fantastic. 

Beef was marinated with sweet soy sauce beforehand and then lightly pan-fry it with the gooey-ooey rice cake with onions , lastly sprinkle with a dash of black sesame. It was indeed a mouth-watering dish .
My tongue dance with joy when it gets to taste this savory om nom nom

 Garlic Bulgogi Rice. RM18.90

So if you're not a fan of greens, or you totally don't touch vegetables, then this is your dish. Garlicky bulgogi with rice . What I like about Namoo is because they are genuine with their portion and ingredients they serve in every dish. The tangled-beef is fully-flavored, chewy-soft , very appetizing! Their rice is more compact and dense compared to any other type of rice.

They are just too sublime to be consumed.

 Kimchi Soup with Rice-Chicken -RM16.90

Sorry to say , I am not a fan of kimchi, in short, I hate kimchi! Haha! 
Those who love kimchi can give this a try anyway, and tell me what do you think.

Bibi Rice Burger. RM19.90
I bet you wouldn't get it right if you didn't have the picture what Rice Burger is. It's a fusion style where buns are replaced with rice patty. Cool isn't it? The rice was nicely seasoned with light sesame oil and sesame seed (white and black) - very nutritious!
This is a chicken patty , with no sunrise egg .

Beef Rice Burger. RM23.90
Beef patty with sunrise egg - This is apparently taller and bigger than the 'Bibi' Rice Burger.
The beef patty was moist , close-to-juicy; I prefer the egg yolk to be 'runny' rather than cooked. *pout*
Overall it's a fusion dish so I try to accept that this is how it meant to be done. LOL
The melted cheese was gloriously rice , wasn't sure what type of cheese they uses here, but I kinda like it.

If you find it too hard to eat it in a mouthful, separate the rice and cut them into smaller pieces and...

Devour . 

Or you think you have a gorilla mouth , you can chomp the bibi burger down in one big bite!

 Namoo Galbi Ribs. RM42.90

I've been yearning to try this for so long after I read an article from the world wide web. 
They normally name this Pat Bing Soo (Korean Shaved Ice) in other country.
Thank goodness I watched my wish came true, not only that, I finally had chance to 'dive in' too!

King Bing Soo (Green Tea)- RM12.90

Surprisingly the red bean paste isn't what you can find at the ubiquitous local 'Ice Kacang' stalls outside, it's mellow and not too sweet, but the shaved ice is!
It would be just nice if they reduce the sugar level of the shaved ice... It melts very quickly too, hence my hypothesis is - not much chemical is used in their ice to sustain the cold temperature. 

Anyway, save the best for last - Namoo's signature Sweet potato cake.

NO, not soft and creamy!
NO, not bitter sweet!

It's literally dense and rich in texture, the yellow sweet potato is very potent, yet slightly sticky and gooey. 
I enjoy sinking my teeth into this heavenly creation. 
The bottom lies a 2cm-thick spongy cake,the center is loaded with tonnes of goodness potato, and crumbly almonds sprinkled atop as garnishing. 

The cake taste astounding on its own - this is really a new dessert to me whereby you can actually 'classify' it as a 'vege cake'. (Potato is under the vegetable group); It taste equally good when you dip it into the semi-melting ice cream too! Ah, what a lovely and complete dinner in Namoo.

There are actually a park outside Namoo , hence it explains the name .

Lovely place to dine-in. 
Reccomended dish- Garlic Bulgogi Rice & Potato Cake. 

Namoo on the Park
Publika, Lot 4A, Level G3
S.Dutamas, No.1, Jalan Dutamas 1, 
50480, Kuala Lumpur.

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  1. i like your picture of the cheese being pulled! i didn't realize there's so much cheese in that recipe, heheh. looks delicious! :D

    1. did you ordered that ?Hmm.. then u should try it.. it's really ohsum!!!

  2. Mana itu pumpkin n tofu cake? :P

    1. I only had the sweet potato cake! And it's goooodd!
      At solaris Dutamas lo?

  3. How was it ??? I have been wanted to go but none of my friends wanna go :(

    1. I think it's nice la, but u must know what to order lo..;P

  4. I havent tried the desserts here yet, maybe bring yr boyfie here ? ;)

    1. That will be great, but, I prefer to have something else before the dessert...;P I wanna try different eateries!

  5. Garlic bulgogi riceeeeeeeeee >.< and the mascot damn cute :D

    1. Yes baby yin!!! That one is my fave la!!! The beef damn good ohh!! HEHEHE...

  6. Ooh when we went to Namoo it was day time so we didn't see the place with lights on..looks like a very cozy restaurant at night! How were the ribs? Next visit I think we have to give that a try..heh

    1. Yeah! Better do.. anyway, I didn't get to try it because my friend was sitting too far away from me, it's bad to purposely go there and have a bite of her ribs..;P
      But according to her, she say it's nice, I even noticed her polished up the dark reddish sauce! ;P

  7. Ohhh I was going to blog about this place! haha..I love their sweet potato cake :D

  8. I'm so far behind with all the new openings at Publika. This place is on my to go list =)

    1. hAHAHA..Nevermind.. As long as you still blog, you're not out-dated. ;P
      Keep it on! Awaiting for your next post.;P

  9. Korean? Pricey...but as long as it's good. Ok to pamper oneself sometimes.

  10. I heard their kimchi soup is quite nice too! Wahh burger rice, something special leh! Wahhhh i wanna try out this place too c:

    1. me no likey Kim Chi daneh.;P Go try ! bring your sweet bf along!

  11. look so nice weih!!! I wanna visit it too!
    A lot of people complimented the sweet potato cake!

    You can read my S.Wine post at Publika in my blog! =D

    1. Yes, sharon, My next visit will be @Publika! ngek ngek!;P

  12. I'm not a fan of Korean food but this eatery is so cute! I wouldn't mind chilling out there.

    1. yah, just order their dessert and chill, that would be enough.;P

  13. I don't really fancy korean food and am not a fan of potato too but this place looks cute :D

    1. HAHA! picky la u! *pats head* ask your lou gong chai cook for u lah!;P chinese cuisine..;P

  14. The place looks amazing.. That last cake is very intriguing too!

  15. rice cake burger looks interesting, can eat rice at the same time lol :X too bad cant eat it like burger style


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